Alan Davey interview, January 1985

This page was transcribed from an audio cassette (kindly provided by Dave Law) containing a
recording of Alan Davey on 'The Headbanger's Ball'  on 19th January 1985.  NB This is not the heavy
metal video segment that aired on MTV on the 80's and got revived on MTV2 in 2003, but was I
guess a local radio show based somewhere in or near Alan's old stamping ground of Suffolk...
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Alan Davey is with me.  Alan, welcome to the Headbanger's Ball¦

AD: Oh, hello there

And could I congratulate you, first of all, on joining Hawkwind full-time?

AD:  Yes,¦thanks!

Always been your favourite band, haven' they?

AD: Yeah, yeah that's right, yeah¦since I was a little toddler

It's an old cliche, but it must have been a dream come true for you.

AD: Well yeah, I've heard that so many times, but it is, yeah.

I'm sure you have.  How has it been with them?

AD: Um, very good.  Very exciting, lots of fun.

What about the recent tour which included a date in Ipswich?

AD: Yeah, Lots of good fun on that, yeah.  Plenty of, erm, you know!  (Laughs)

The mind boggles!  Well, as far as Hawkwind are concerned you're pretty busy.  But on your own, you're
now forming a band with Huw

AD:  Yeah, well I really like the way Huwie plays, you know.  He's the only guitarist I like and he really
likes the way I play.  So, um, we're going to actually get it together and the Lloyd Langton band will
consist of Huw Lloyd Langton, Danny Thompson and myself.

Just a three-piece?

AD: Yeah.

Is that how you prefer it?

AD: Yeah, we can work off each other a bit better like that, yeah.

Hawkwind have been known to include a number of people in their line-up, haven't they?  A number of

AD: Yeah: up to nine at one stage, I think.

Do you think that's too many?

AD:  Um¦well, it depends on what the band's doing.  Like the Space Ritual, the classic line-up was eight I
think, but that was really good, you know.  It depends on if they all fit together, really.

Give us some information about Tuesday's gig in Ipswich.  
[NB This would be the performance at
Ipswich Cinderella's on 22nd January 1985.  The line-up was Alan Davey, Danny Thompson and Huw
Lloyd Langton]

AD: Um, it's only £1.50 to get in, the doors open about eight-thirty.  I think Nigel's band go on at about
nine and we go on about ten-thirty but best to get there early, get a few booze in, you know?

Yes indeed.  You m
entioned Nigel, that's Nigel Potter and his band 'Merchants Of Sorrow'.

AD: Yeah, that
's right.

You have links with them, don
't you?

AD: Yeah, well Nigel
's actually my cousin, yeah

So it
's a nice family affair!

AD: Yeah, a little family get-together

Have you had a chance to listen to any of your cousin
's music?

AD: Yes, it
's very good actually.  It's just a matter of getting a good production on it, you know.  But, er,
's stuff he's writing at the moment, what I've heard is very good, you know.  It's quite melodic

Your band will be called Snorkwind.  What sort of material will you be playing?

AD: Um, well, hard rock.  It
's very hard rock, actually, yeah.

Will it be like Hawkwind?

AD: No, it
's¦ Huw's stuff tends to be a bit more just sort of straight rock.  He's got a lot of numbers that
't suit Hawkwind.  So instead of just letting them go to waste he gets his own little band together,
which is a good idea.

Of which you are now a part!

AD: Yeah, more than likely, yeah

Good.  Well, let
's hope the gig goes well.  Just to recap on the details, it's Tuesday evening in Ipswich, at
's.  Admission is £1.50, doors open at half past eight.  Let's hope it goes well, Alan, hope to see
you there, and all the very best for the future.

AD: OK, cheers.

Thank you.

The 1985 Gig & Set Lists page on my site gives a different line-up for the Snorkwind gig, but I think is
incorrect.  For a bit of corroboration, have a look at this
interview with Nigel Potter, mentioned in the
interview above, on Dave Law
's Hawkwind Museum website
The guilty men, Huw Lloyd Langton
(left), Alan Davey (above) and Danny
Thompson (above right), who played the gig mentioned in the text of the
interview below as 'Snorkwind' - a name which had been used previously for the impromptu jam featuring
Jenny Chapman at Stonehenge on 22/6/1984, and which got dusted off again for a gig in October 1999 in
support of Alan's band 'Bedouin'...