Band Chat 25th June 2001

The band paid an unannounced visit to the IRC chat channel on this date.  (Go to
the Mission Control website for more details on IRC and how to connect to it.)  It appears that Dave
Brock was behind the HAWKPEOPLE nick for most, if not all of the session.

This transcript has been edited for clarity.
Stonehenge Decoded
Nik! Simon! Lem!  Everyone!  I've just figured it out!
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<Electronic_no1> aha
<Mooongluum> ali i shall now heed your advice
<Electronic_no1> it's advisable
<`Alice> Hello Kris! (if I'm right)
<Jazzmeister> nope
<ormuzd> good evening HAWKPEOPLE
<Electronic_no1> hi Hawkpeople
<Mooongluum> hi hawkpeople

<Jazzmeister> it probably wont have been the 1st time someone hew'd during a gig
<Mooongluum> i nearly puked when i saw china crisis but only out of boredom
<dreamworker_uk> Not surprising really

<Mooongluum> hawkpeople, how was donington?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Great weather, shame about curfew and low flying aircraft
<Jazzmeister> did the mighty 'Wind' rock a fat one
<HAWKPEOPLE> Got a bit weird towards end of set, had to rush, too much smoke, too many people on
                         side of stage

<dreamworker_uk> How long did HW play for?
<HAWKPEOPLE> 1½ hours
<dreamworker_uk> ... and what was the set like?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Set was good, MC will put up setlist soon
<Mooongluum> similar set to spring tour?... because THAT was great!

<Electronic_no1> did you get a good reception?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Yes, lots of Hawkfans there :-)

<dreamworker_uk> Were there any numbers played that we didn't get at Croydon or Aldershot?
<dreamworker_uk> I'm not sure I want you to tell me what I missed !!
<HAWKPEOPLE> Moonglum, Rocky Paths
<dreamworker_uk> Aaargh
<Mooongluum> moonglum! my nick...
<dreamworker_uk> I love Moonglum (not you, Steve)
<Mooongluum> cheers rob so much for the dirty weekend in amsterdam you promised me
<`Alice> moonglum is great :)
<Mooongluum> ah thank you alisa!

<`Alice> Huw was playing with you?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Yes Huw played
<`Alice> any new songs played?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Yes, a few

<HAWKPEOPLE> Dave here any quick questions?
<Mooongluum> hi dave do you still have coloursound phaser u used on quark tour, i'll give you £100 for it
<HAWKPEOPLE> It doesn't work but £100 would be ok
<Mooongluum> thanks...send chq to Hawkwind merchandising address?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Yes, colour sound thing still working
<Mooongluum> i'll send cash for coloursound thank you very much

<Electronic_no1> when's the next concert Dave?
<dreamworker_uk> Lots of people would love you to come back to Camberley ....
<HAWKPEOPLE> Maybe Sun in East, but they are playing silly games with us and we have given them
                         Wed deadline to confirm, if not, Canturbury
<Electronic_no1> cool, i should make Canterbury
<Jazzmeister> any possible concerts in manchester
<HAWKPEOPLE> Maybe Manchester 12th Nov
<Jazzmeister> cooool
<HAWKPEOPLE> Actually, think Manchester is 10th
<Jazzmeister> where in manchester, acadamy
<HAWKPEOPLE> No university

<Electronic_no1> is the psychedelia weekend going ahead?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Royal F Hall? As far as we know
<Jazzmeister> when
<HAWKPEOPLE> Ok Dave will search it out now!
<Electronic_no1> is that the same weekend as Gong and Acid Mothers etc?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Could be the following w'end
<Electronic_no1> ok, i thought it might be part of the same festival
<Jazzmeister> gong are on with the orb, altogether would be pretty awesome
<ormuzd> Yeah Gong with the Orb is a night not to be missed

<ormuzd> Dave what do you listen to these days?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Various music

<Mooongluum> dave, gtr question...which pickup do you use on yr westone?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Humbucker
<`Alice> Dave, what synth do you use on concerts?
<HAWKPEOPLE> ems synth
<`Alice> ems... the expensive thing I guess...
<`Alice> what synth can you advice for beginning for a space psychedelic band?
<HAWKPEOPLE> audio generators with an echo unit
<Electronic_no1> are they cheap to buy/build?
<HAWKPEOPLE> They are cheap to buy, should be able to get them in Russia easily
<`Alice> oh, I also wanted to ask the same question :_
<`Alice> Dave, I hope... will look for them, thank you!
<Mooongluum> dave, what amp do you use? your tone is unique...amp sounds like a Dumble on full crunch
<Jazzmeister> a question for dave, is it a working farm he owns/runs
<HAWKPEOPLE> A lot of hard work farm, horses, chickens and dogs, nothing that is killed and eaten!
<Jazzmeister> no trouble with the devil ass foot & mouth i hope

<`Alice> Dave, you said there will be your new solo album, Memos and Demos, so when it will be

<HAWKPEOPLE> In September I hope
<`Alice> good!
<HAWKPEOPLE> I am waiting for the artwork to be finished
<Electronic_no1> is it along the same lines of Weird #7 by any chance?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Bit different
<Mooongluum> or strange trips & pipe dreams, which i really like?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Yes similar to stapd
<`Alice> Will your solo album be released on Voiceprint?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Most probably

<`Alice> article about Hawkwind is finished and soon will be published in a magazine

<HAWKPEOPLE> Do we type faster than everyone else then?
<Mooongluum> Hawkwind type faster than all other bands
<`Alice> really :)
<HAWKPEOPLE> Dave has a doppelanger typing for him or else he is really slow!
<ormuzd> oh dear... the truth is out! :-)
<Mooongluum> he's being pestered by 5 of us simultaneously

<Jazzmeister> what about new 'Wind' material, do you have a deal
<HAWKPEOPLE> Have material, no good deal as yet

<`Alice> is there any chance for a a re-release of Warrior on the edge of time?
<HAWKPEOPLE> Warrior question answered in chat the other day
<Electronic_no1> I have a ten thousand questions normally

<Jazzmeister> how do you feel about the unofficial releases
<HAWKPEOPLE> Rather sad because the artist is usually paying to play
<Mooongluum> i think we should set up a voluntary royalty scheme

<ormuzd> Dave I would like to say that i really enjoyed Hawkestra even though I know you were

disappointed by it in some ways. Not a question, just wanted to say that.
<Mooongluum> ditto, fantastic atmosphere!
<Mooongluum> spring tour gigs were also out of this world. (sorry, i skinned up on the stage at aldershot)

<Jazzmeister> would you advise people to boycott the cheap unofficial releases then
<HAWKPEOPLE> I would say so
<ormuzd> personally i hate going to the hawkwind section in the shop and wading through all these tacky
              unofficial compilations and rehashes

<Jazzmeister> i still have yet to send off my passport application, are you still sorting them
<HAWKPEOPLE> Yes passport applications still being accepted

<HAWKPEOPLE> We have to go now,
<Jazzmeister> cheers, take it easy !!
<Mooongluum> thanks for talking to us captain
<ormuzd> goodnight, take care
<Electronic_no1> bye Dave
<`Alice> thank you for talking with us, good night!
<Electronic_no1> I'll write my questions down for next time you come in
<Electronic_no1> when I remember them
<Jazzmeister> you have the same er problem as me, i think
<Electronic_no1> some of mine would be hard to answer I think because the answer would change over
                        the years
<Jazzmeister> this is my second time on, what timing
<Electronic_no1> lol.....yeah, that wasn't bad Jazz

*** Quits: HAWKPEOPLE (Quit: Space Is Deep.. håWK§©®ïþt)

<Mooongluum> there, he was watching us!
<ormuzd> like a hawk!
<`Alice> internet is a weird and wonderful thing for such happenings... though I hate it
<Electronic_no1> my phone bill is justified