Band Chat 25th April 2002

The band paid a pre-announced visit to the IRC chat channel on this date.  (Go to the
Mission Control website for more details on IRC and how to connect to it.)  A more literal transcript appears
on Mission Control.  The one below has been edited to provide information from the band on different
subjects.  Some unanswered questions and generally inconsequential stuff have been removed.
Hawkwind at
Croydon, 25th
March 2001

Simon (left); Dave

This photo used to
be on the
Canterbury Sound
Festival website
(which is where I
got it from) but
has now been
taken down.  I
strongly suspect
the photo was
taken by Rik,
webmaster of
Mission Control.
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1. Good Evening

HAWKPEOPLE            Hello everybody, sorry about the delay
^HAWKBOT^             Hawkpeople had a few problems connecting......
<gwion>               the NME used to say that
^HAWKBOT^             Hawkpeople ... are you ready for some
HAWKPEOPLE            Yes....questions please
^HAWKBOT^             Who is there at the moment Hawkpeople?
HAWKPEOPLE            Simon, Richard, Ali and Dave
<ArinK>               Hello folks....I've just put the channel into
                    moderated mode
<ArinK>               we'll be giving people voice one by one.
<ArinK>               Keef, you are up

2. New Studio Album

<Keef>                How's the new album coming on?
HAWKPEOPLE            Album coming along nicely thankyou
<Keef>                Lots of new stuff then?
HAWKPEOPLE            Yes all new numbers
HAWKPEOPLE            Exciting, dynamic, restless, pushing the
   envelope, wonderful words, prodding the
<magnu2000de>         When will be the new CD released ?
HAWKPEOPLE            Release of new cd when we finish making it!
^HAWKBOT^             NOTE: There is a tracklist of the new
  on MC
<gwion>               Is the new album based on the Frendz series /
      Time of the Hawklords books?
HAWKPEOPLE            Loosely based and we are in collaboration with
     Mike Moorcock and Butterworth
<`Alisa>              did you find a proper record label for new
HAWKPEOPLE            Not yet but EMI are interested

3. Tour Plans

<ArinK>               Elric -- you are up
<Elric_Of_Melnibone>  Are the rumours correct that a trip was made to
       Australia recently to scout for venues and how
          did it go??
HAWKPEOPLE            Yes rumours true
HAWKPEOPLE            We want to come in UK winter
<`Alisa>              do you plan to make a European tour... and when?
HAWKPEOPLE            Yes
HAWKPEOPLE            As soon as we can arrange it and it is
      practical, we are working on it now
<magnu2000de>         Any gigs in Germany this year ??
HAWKPEOPLE            Gigs in Germany planned
<Hawkwindfish>        Hi Simon Richard, Ali and Dave - Does 2002
      still look good for an Australian tour?
HAWKPEOPLE            Australia still looks good
<turban-guerilla>     will you be playing bradford we havent seen you
    there for 11 years and are there any plans on
       releasing the hawkestra video yet?
<katweezel>           will you play a set based on the destruction of
        the death generator at the festival in july?
 and can we still get tickets?
HAWKPEOPLE            Yes to the other questions
<magnu2000de>         Any chance to hear DAMNATION ALLEY live this
HAWKPEOPLE            Possibly D Alley

4. Recording Equipment

<MAHKNO>              What are you using as the main recorder for the
       new material?
HAWKPEOPLE            PC Logic Audio
<Elric_Of_Melnibone>  Re; Logic Audio. Is that Emagic L.A.? -
       Platinum perhaps? How long have you been
         using it? I record with the Gold version and
         think its great....
HAWKPEOPLE            Ours is the diamond version (customised)

5. Questions for Simon

HAWKPEOPLE            Simon needs to go in a minute, so any questions
        for him?
<gwion>               Simon - what solo projects are you doing?
<kitthehammer>        Any projects with tony hill at all...high tide?
<Elric_Of_Melnibone>  Simon, What are you doing as far as solo work
HAWKPEOPLE            New solo album and no not with Tony Hill
<gwion>               simon - what's the best keyboard you've used?
HAWKPEOPLE            A Steinway Grand

6. Collaboration

<ferg>                Any work being done with William Orbit ? Any
         news on the old BBC footage? any news on the
         bbc Documentary ? playing anymore summer shows
HAWKPEOPLE            Yes planning summer shows and bbc doc is still
<linuxchaos>          Will Lemmy feature in the new/current project
HAWKPEOPLE            No
HAWKPEOPLE            He is too expensive
<Elric_Of_Melnibone>  How much input has Mike Moorcock contributed
        towards the new album so far? How much of the
          new material do you think you will perform at
            the Devon festival?
<linuxchaos>          So will Mike M. be reading onstage/on the album?
HAWKPEOPLE            Mike M will be reading on album, but dont know
      about live as he has bad health

7. Devon Festival

<kitthehammer>        any chance of dreadzone, tony mcphee and blue
        aeroplanes playing festy, what happened to
        graham coxon at xmas gig?
HAWKPEOPLE            Band lineup for festie not confirmed yet
HAWKPEOPLE            He had to go to Scandinavia due to illness
<Keef>                What bout other things apart from bands?
HAWKPEOPLE            workshops, drumming, art, food kids area jazz,
<Keef>                sounds fun
<m1cans>              any chance of live poetry at festival - John
       Cooper Clarke etc. ?
HAWKPEOPLE            Maybe poetry
<Keef>                Will there be a Wickerman full of ozit CDs?
HAWKPEOPLE            Wickerman full of ozit!
<katweezel>           will you play a set from the death generator
       at the festival?
HAWKPEOPLE            Odd tracks from DG
<katweezel>           are there tickets left for festival?
<turban-guerilla>     if i apply for my passport next week is there
      still time to get a ticket
HAWKPEOPLE            Still time for passports
<gwion>               I'm bringing my kids to the fest - it seems to
       be a family event - my son's a keen drummer -
         will he be able to have a go?
HAWKPEOPLE            Yes at Richards drum workshop
HAWKPEOPLE            Richard is also doing a fashion show at festie
HAWKPEOPLE            And a DJ set
<fixnekep>            Will successful passport holders be notified
       about the festival individually by e-mail?
HAWKPEOPLE            passport holders will be informed about tickets

8. Nik Turner

<turban-guerilla>     will you be playing bradford we havent seen you
     there for 11 years and are there any plans on
            relesing the hawkestra video yet? Who's filming
         the leeds irish centre gig last nov?
HAWKPEOPLE            Nik Turner will not allow release of Hawkestra
        tapes because he played so badly on it
<katweezel>           do you really hate nik turner?
HAWKPEOPLE            No, but he hates us
<turban-guerilla>     why does nik hate you? and what has happened to
      ron and jerry then ?
HAWKPEOPLE            We think he is jealous of us for some reason, he
       cannot seem to do anything on his own merit. He
         should concentrate on playing under his own name
             with his own band instead of using the name
           Hawkwind and so deceiving fans with bad material
<turban-guerilla>     why dont u give nik a beating till he gives in
      and lets u release hawkestra
<m1cans>              release it anyway, he uses HW name all the time

9. CD Reissues

<linuxchaos>          Is there any chance you can rerelease Hawklords
     on CD and the first two solo albums?
HAWKPEOPLE            Possibly Hawklords
<kitthehammer>        hawklords impossible to find on cd
<Hawkwindfish>        Any chance of 70's material being released on CD
       again? Would like to see QS&C re released
HAWKPEOPLE            QS&C may be released soon

10. Ebay

<kitthehammer>        do you know the ridiculous money pxr5, hawklords
        and warrior are going for on ebay?
HAWKPEOPLE            How much are they going for on ebay?
^HAWKBOT^             Â£Â£Â£Â£Â£Â£Â£Â£Â£Â£Â£Â£Â£Â£'s !
<FoFP>                I saw PXR5 go for 35 Dollars
<FoFP>                and that's just the CD
<cosmicdolphin>       Warrior is going for 50 quid
<cosmicdolphin>       Quark 25-40 pounds
<Elric_Of_Melnibone>  I've bid on Warrior and it went as hi as $150 US
<Elric_Of_Melnibone>  so I quit
<linuxchaos>          Agents/Earthed CD is $90
<fixnekep>            Spanish Silver Machine from 1972 going for £60
       in record Collector!
<FoFP>                I got that Sonic Attack poster, the one from

                     the Ritual tour with the bloke with broken
<FoFP>                I was chuffed bout that
<turban-guerilla>     i got daves 1st 2 solo albums on ebay for 12
      note for em both

11. Questions for & about Ali

HAWKPEOPLE            Band must leave soon so anymore questions.....5
HAWKPEOPLE            Just Ali and Dave here now
<katweezel>           dave- is ali the best bass player you've played
        with, or lemmy?
HAWKPEOPLE            Ali is best bass player
<Elric_Of_Melnibone>  Ali's Bass playing kicks ass man - Hawkestra
      really blew me away - powerful
<turban-guerilla>     especially on sputnik stan at hawkestra
      mean bass ali
<gwion>               Ali - what future plans with Bedouin?
HAWKPEOPLE            Beduin plans depend upon Hawkwind plans

12. Miscellaneous Other Questions

<ferg>                got any news you want to share, that you
       havent told us yet ?
HAWKPEOPLE            No news we can think of
<magnu2000de>         Where are the tracks from the 1990 live CD
      from ??
HAWKPEOPLE            Rock city Nottingham
^HAWKBOT^             and the other venue?
HAWKPEOPLE            Don't know, ask Rob Ayling at Voiceprint
<cosmicdolphin>       Whatever Happened to Andy Dunkley? + Dave would
     you ever do straight acoustic tour maybe with
      Huw and Simon?
HAWKPEOPLE            If we stayed in good hotels and were paid
       properly then yes we would
<linuxchaos>          Have you read David Icke? A lot of the subject
      matter of his books seems to reflect
        Hawkwind lyrics
HAWKPEOPLE            We are aware of him
<cosmicdolphin>       Dave can you remember, did you ever record
        anything on 16th March 1970?
HAWKPEOPLE            No idea
<ProfColin>           What are the "tapes of old material" that you
       have found? Are they live recordings?
HAWKPEOPLE            Ahh, you mean the secret tapes
HAWKPEOPLE            Yes they are live
<FoFP>                Is there an album planned from the last tour?
HAWKPEOPLE            No album planned from last tour
<fixnekep>            Dave, do you ever still go busking or are
        tempted to? Or how about an unplugged album?
HAWKPEOPLE            no unplugged album
<magnu2000de>         Any plans to release more live stuff ??
HAWKPEOPLE            no more live releases planned at the mo

13. Time We Left

HAWKPEOPLE            Must go now, any further questions will be
       answered later if you email us
<Elric_Of_Melnibone>  where do we email for direct contact?
^HAWKBOT^             There will be a q&A link on Mission Control
<`Alisa>              great idea, Rik!
<Elric_Of_Melnibone>  groovy man
<`Alisa>              thank you HW