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'But I've already got this album!' and Other Hawkwind Rip-Offs
There are a number of poor quality live Hawkwind albums from the early 70's out there.  Bring Me The Head
of Yuri Gagarin, Space Ritual Vol.2 and The Text of Festival were the original titles, but they are continually
re-released under different names. Arguments rage over who is responsible, and the truth appears to be much
more complex than most of the bald allegations would indicate.  So this page is an attempt to identify the
offending albums and not to delve into the murky business of who is responsible for their existence.

These albums are listed below by the names under which they were first released.  Each of these entries has
a tracklist and then a list of reissues (under different names) of each album.  Use this listing to see if some
new exciting-looking CD you've spotted is in fact a pile of poo.  Album covers are included for easy
Having said all that, each of the 3 main albums does have something to recommend it to hardcore fans:

- Space Ritual 2 has fairly good sound quality and a few of the tracks on it equal or even surpass the versions
found on Space Ritual Alive (which is the *real* Space Ritual album)

- Text of Festival has bootleggy sound quality which does not wholly obscure some great performances

- Bring Me The Head of Yuri Gagarin is the worst Hawkwind album in existence, with appalling sound
quality, but it does contain 3 Calvert spoken word pieces (Gaga, In The Egg and Wage War) which are
not available elsewhere

No doubt this is why various record companies get away with continually re-releasing these horrors, but
there is no excuse for the way they are doubled up and renamed to con people into buying the same
substandard material twice or three times over.  If Hawkfans don't buy the things, there'll be no market for
them.  It really is a case of "ignore them and they'll go away" - and if we can get that to happen maybe
Hawkwind will find it easier to sign with a major, as opposed to independent, record label, and be able to get
better distribution for new material.
Compiling this cross-reference would not have been possible without the excellent work of Andy Dawson,
Hawkwind Files worldwide discography is simply indispensible: and Mike Holmes and Jill Strobridge,
who created the
Hawkwind Codex which I am proud to host here on this site.  Thanks also go to Alan
Linsley for correcting some factual errors and supplying additional information.
Space Ritual 2

First issued May 1985.  Recorded at Brixton Sundown, 30/12/72
Tracklist: Space / Orgone Accumulator / Upside Down / Sonic Attack / Time We Left /
             10 Seconds of Forever / Brainstorm / Seven By Seven / Master of the Universe /
             Welcome To The Future


November 1985.  (2nd half of Space Ritual 2 only)
Welcome To The Future (Disc 3)

February 1998
The Masters

May 1998
The Entire and Infinite Universe of Hawkwind (Disc 3)

March 1999
Year 2000: Codename Hawkwind (Disc 1)

September 1999
The Legends Collection / The Hawkwind Collection (Disc 2)

July 2001
Space Ritual Sundown V2

September 2002.  Beware the similarity to the legitimate Space
Ritual Alive album.  Also released in April 2008 on Plastic Head
Records [PHRL005CD] with a bonus CD reissue of Early Daze
(see below)
Cosmic Overdrive (Disc 1)

October 2002
Bring Me The Head of Yuri Gagarin

First issued January 1985.  Recorded at the Wembley Pool, May 1973
Tracklist: Gaga / In The Egg / Orgone Accumulator / Wage War /
             Urban Guerilla / Master of the Universe / Welcome To The
             Future / Sonic Attack / Silver Machine

Welcome To The Future (Disc 2)

February 1998
The Entire and Infinite Universe of Hawkwind (Disc 2)

March 1999
Year 2000: Codename Hawkwind (Disc 2)

September 1999

March 2000, on a label called 'Brilliant'.  AKA 'Hawkwind Live'
Silver Machine - Live!

March 2001
The Legends Collection / The Hawkwind Collection (Disc 1)

July 2001
Cosmic Overdrive (Disc 3)

October 2002
The Text of Festival

First issued July 1983.  Recorded at various BBC sessions 1970-71 (Disc 1) and at
Colchester Technical College, 19 February 1971 (Disc 2)
Tracklist: Master of the Universe / Dreaming / Shouldn't Do That / Hurry On A
            Sundown / Paranoia / See It As You Really Are / I Do It / Come Home (listed
            on sleeve, but not on album) / Sound..Shouldn't..Improvise / Improvise..
            Compromise..Reprise (on Text of Festival vinyl only, not on any CD)
In The Beginning

July 1985.  (Omits Sound..Shouldn't..Improvise)

This reissue has itself been reissued as:
Masters of the Universe

July 1992.
Welcome To The Future (Disc 1)

February 1998.
Welcome To The Future (Disc 4)

February 1998.  Yes, it appears *twice* on this reissue!
The Entire and Infinite Universe of
Hawkwind (Disc 1)

March 1999
The Entire and Infinite Universe of Hawkwind (Disc 4)

March 1999.  And it appears *twice* on this reissue too!
Live 1970 1972

August 1999
Cosmic Overdrive (Disc 2)

October 2002
Early Daze

November 1987

A compilation of live cuts from 1972-3 (Wembley Arena and Brixton Sundown)

Silver Machine

Live 70-73

July 1985

A compilation of various dodgy live recordings

Year 2000: Codename Hawkwind Volume 2: Alive From
The Darkside

September 2000
Welcome To The Future


A Belgian release
Live & Rare - Onward Flies The Bird

March 1997

Contains nothing live or rare.  Well, certainly nothing rare, anyway...
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May 2003

A compilation of live recordings from 1971-72, all of which have appeared previously
and are currently available on better albums than this one.  Taking the tracklisting in no
particular order, Space, Orgone Accumulator, Brainstorm, Master of the Universe,
Sonic Attack and Seven By Seven are from the 30/12/72 gig at the Brixton Sundown; in
other words they're the same versions as you would find on Space Ritual Volume 2.  
Hurry On Sundown and Paranoia are from the Cambridge Corn Exchange, and so are
the same versions as appear on the Text of Festival.
On Sundown

March 2005
Codename Hawkwind

March 2005
Space Ritual Sundown

October 2005
Urban Guerilla

March 2006
Bring Me the Head of Yuri Gagarin -Live At the Empire
Pool 1976
(sic) (Disc 1)

2000 - German release on Falcon
Bring Me the Head of Yuri Gagarin -Live
At the Empire Pool 1976
(sic) (Disc 2)

2000 - German release on Falcon.  Omits
        'Master Of The Universe'

1988 - released on the German Imtrat label (CD 100.075) and
referred to in the Hawkwind Codex as 'Hawkwind Live
Les Genies Du Rock

December 2006
Hawkwind Live

March 2007, released on the German "Laserlight" label with a
catalogue number of 32 905.  This one is Space Ritual Volume
2 plus the 'Anthology' version of Urban Guerilla and the Yuri
Gagarin version of Silver Machine
Silver Machine

Also 1994, on the German "Cosmus" label
Space Ritual Sundown V2

April 2008 on Plastic Head Records [PHRL005CD] - bonus CD
only.  This 2nd CD was meant to be a revisit of the July 1992
"Master of the Universe" release (i.e. the first two sides of Text
of Festival) and is listed as such on the CD packaging.  However what has been
put onto the second CD is in fact the Demi-Monde compilation previously issued as
Early Daze. However even this is not straightforward as, for some reason, the last
two tracks have been swapped around with Silver Machine preceding Sonic Attack.
Bring Me The Head Of Yuri Gagarin

April 2008, Plastic Head Records (PHRL003CD).  This has a
bonus track of, er, Yuri Gagarin speaking!