Hawkwind Chart Positions

This information was first posted on Frank Weil's Golden Void site, which is no more.  It appears here
with Frank's permission
In Search of Space LP
Silver Machine (single)
Doremi Fasol Latido LP
Space Ritual Alive LP
Urban Guerilla (single)
Space Ritual Live LP
Hall of the Mountain Grill LP
Hall of the Mountain Grill LP
Warrior on the Edge of Time LP
Warrior on the Edge of Time LP
Roadhawks compilation LP
Astounding Sounds LP
Quark Strangeness & Charm LP
25 years On (Hawklords LP)
Silver Machine (single reissue)
Shot Down In The Night (single)
Live '79 LP
Levitation LP
Sonic Attack LP
Church of Hawkwind LP
Choose Your Masques LP
Silver Machine (single reissue)
Zones LP
This Is Hawkwind Do Not Panic
Hawkwind (1st) LP reissue
Chronicle of the Black Sword
The Xenon Codex LP
Space Bandits
Electric Tepee
Gimme Shelter (with Sam Fox)
It Is The Business Of The Future
Area S4 EP
Alien 4 LP
Master of the Universe (Pulse
Spirit Of The Age (single)
Take Me To Your Leader
Epoch-Eclipse - Ultimate Best Of
Blood of the Earth
"Below are the chart positions achieved
by Hawkwind albums. The highest for a
single is "Silver Machine" which
reached number 3 on the UK charts in
August, 1972. The highest for an album
is "Space Ritual Alive" which reached
number 9 on the UK charts in June,

"Silver Machine peaked at number 3,
but it debuted at number 18, as seen on
the chart to the left, from July 18th
UK no. 18
UK no. 3
UK no. 14
UK no. 9
UK no. 39
US no. 179
UK no. 16
US no. 110
UK no. 13
US no. 150
UK no. 34
UK no. 33
UK no. 30
UK no. 48
UK no. 34
UK no. 59
UK no. 59
UK no. 15
UK no. 21
UK no. 19
UK no. 26
UK no. 29
UK no. 67
UK no. 45
UK no.101
UK no. 75
UK no. 65
UK no. 79
UK no. 70
UK no. 53
UK no. 23
UK no. 75
UK no.164
UK no.119
UK no. 40

UK no. 79
UK no.142
UK no. 41
UK no.181
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Zones chart position was previously listed as 57: corrected information supplied by Cleopatra
Records.  They also point out that the low chart position of This Is Hawkwind Do Not Panic was
probably caused by a change of distributor 4 days before the release of that album