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As you know, Hawkwind intend to release a
newly recorded version of 'Spirit Of The Age'
as a single.  The latest information that we have
is that a mid-February 2005 release date is
expected.  The band would like the single to do
as well as possible, and to this end we want to
hear from everyone who would be willing to
co-ordinate their purchase of the single in order
to help it attain a UK chart placing.  It's been
over 32 years since Hawkwind were on Top Of
The Pops and we think it's high time they had
the opportunity to get there again!

At this point credit needs to be given to Dave,
curator of
The Hawkwind Museum, whose
brainchild this is. Dave is really the main man in
this venture and will no doubt get all the credit
when Hawkwind topple Westlife from the
Number 1 spot next Feb!  Dave also came up
with the title of the project and the graphic
(left), so now you know who's to blame :-)   
The entire scheme is fully explained over at the
Hawkwind Museum, so I'll do this Museum
style and suggest that you check out the details
Still with me?  What we have in mind is for those willing to particpate to buy their copies of the single from
nominated outlets, and for this to be done on a specified date.  Some of these outlets will be online UK
retailers, which will allow overseas Hawkfans to help in the campaign.  Alternatively, we may be able to put
overseas fans in touch with UK-based fans who would be willing to buy a copy of the new single on their
behalf (with suitable emailed authentication from the overseas fan) - which hereafter is called the Buddy

Please note: we're trying to co-ordinate genuine purchases.  We are *not* attempting to get extra copies
bought for the purpose of affecting the charts.  The
rules governing the UK singles charts can be viewed
on the Official UK Charts website and we intend to stick absolutely by these rules.

There is a lot of work and co-ordination needed for this to happen, and as a first step, we need to hear from
fans who are willing to give this a shot.  At the low end of the scale, all you need to do is make sure you buy
your copy of the new single from a UK source (we already know which outlets, actually) at the prescribed
time.  Or for those willing to do more, we need lobbying of radio stations, while for the REALLY dedicated,
Dave is looking for volunteers to put in a little effort at Hawkwind dates on the December 2004 UK tour...

So if you're willing to help, please email us using the links below.  (I'm the "overseas co-ordinator" while Dave
is handling emails from the UK and Europe.)  We will be getting back in touch to ask a couple more questions
(where you're located, etc..) and will take it from there...
UK / Europe-based Hawkfans: email Dave at the Hawkwind Museum by CLICKING HERE


Non-UK / Europe fans: Email me
10th July 2005 - Update

The confirmed release date for the single is 30th August 2005 and thanks to Dave of the Hawkwind
Museum website we also have a first look at the single cover design, which is in two different flavours:
The covers for the full version of the single (above) and the Radio Edit (below).  Thanks to Rik of Mission
for these updated images.There really are going to be 2 different versions of the single on sale and some
fans (like me) are going to want to buy both, which I suppose should help the Chart Trek campaign!
Despite the *apparent* lack of activity on the Chart Trek front, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes
over the last few weeks.  Both between myself and Dave, and also on the part of Hawkwind and the record
company who are releasing the single, plans are flying hither and yon.  It's too soon to know how much of
what's been mooted will actually transpire, but I'm very confident that the single is going to come out on the
planned date and that there is going to be at least some degree of marketing push behind it!
18th July 2005 update: The original designs by John
Chase are now not going to be used for the single and
so I've replaced them with those seen above.  But
check out the wallpaper pages...

Right: Hawkwind's UK singles chart form to date!
Larger-size versions of these flyers can be obtained from the Hawkwind Museum's Album and Single
Flyers page.  You should also check out the Museum's Single Versions page too.  It says there, just like it
says everywhere else, that the single release date is August 30th 2005.  However I notice the single flyer
shown above left says Monday August 29th 2005 is the release date - the reason for this is that official
single release dates are normally given as the Monday of the week in which it happens, but in this case that
particular Monday is a Bank Holiday.  So Tuesday 30th August 2005 remains as the de facto release date!

Meanwhile, the pre-order sales on have been going brilliantly.  Hawkwind occupy the top 2
places in the
Amazon Hot Pre-Release CD Singles chart, and the top spot in the Amazon Hot 25
Pre-Release Albums chart for the special edition of Take Me To Your Leader, which includes a free
DVD.  (This page is not about promoting the album but make sure you check that out - only the first 2,000
copies include the free DVD!)

Back To Chart Trek, and there have been plenty of questions on the email lists about the new single
release(s) and so, subject to the limitations of my knowledge, here are answers to some Chart Trek FAQ's:

Q1: Where will I buy able to buy the single?
A1: Definitely at and at HMV online.  These two are the preferred outlets!  The single will
    probably also be at other online outlets such as
Tower Records UK, Woolworths Online,,,, and

Q2: Will I be able to buy the single at bricks and mortar record shops?
A2: You can *order* it from a record shop but it's unlikely that any high street outlets are going to stock it in
    any appreciable quantities.

Q3: I'm outside the UK.  Will my purchase from an online outlet count towards UK chart placings?
A3: If you order from, NO, it won't!  The reason is that Amazon exclude from their UK
    Chart returns any orders that shipped to an address outside the UK.  Non-UK buyers should purchase
HMV Online .  And the other online outlets listed above in A1: are all known to contribute their
    sales figures to the UK Chart company and don't, as far as I know, exclude orders shipped outside of
    the UK.

Q4: Are the singles actually different versions or just covers?
A4: Different tracklists, different versions of the A-side, and different covers.  You can't get any more
    different than that!  What it means, of course, is that you need *both versions* :-)

Q5: I'd like to pre-order my copies rather than wait for them to go on sale on 30th August.  Can I do that?
A5: Yes - see the "Preorder on Amazon" and "Preorder on HMV"  links alongside the single covers above.
    But don't forget, if you're outside the UK, purchases made from don't count towards the
    UK charts: you need to purchase from
HMV Online instead.

Q6: I'm outside of the UK and want my purchase to count towards a UK chart placing.  But I also don't
    want to miss out on what may be limited quantities of either version of the single.  What should I do?
A6: Do what I've done.  If you had already hedged your bets by pre-ordering from, cancel
    that order and place a new order with
HMV Online.   They too are allowing pre-orders, which we think
   *will* be counted towards UK chart placings, irrespective of .shipping destination.

Q7: If I buy from CD Services, will my purchase count towards the UK Chart placings?
A7: No, it won't.  It pains me to say this, because CD Services have been great friends to Hawkwind fans,
    but it is better if you buy your copies of the single elsewhere, since CD Services do not make returns to
    the UK Chart company.  May I suggest buying your copy of the new album, Take Me To Your Leader,
    from CD Services instead!
Full Version Release
(added 27th July 2005)

Catalogue Number:


Spirit Of The Age (Live
- featuring Matthew
Paradox 2005 (studio)

UK residents: Preorder

Non-UK residents:
Preorder on HMV
Radio Edit Version
Release Information
(added 27th July 2005)

Catalogue Number:


Spirit Of The Age
(Radio Edit)
Angela Android (live)
Assassins of Allah (live)

UK Residents:
Preorder on Amazon

Non-UK Residents:
Preorder on HMV
27th July 2005 update: Gradually, out of Chaos comes Order, and while I don't claim to know everything about
what is going on with this single release, I have added further release information above, in cyan, alongside each
of the single images. And thanks to Dave over at the
Hawkwind Museum, we can also see the flyers for the
forthcoming single (below left) and album (below right).
25th August 2005 - Update

Told you there was furious activity behind the scenes!  The band and the record company have been  
working on radio promotion and the following appearances have been confirmed.  Please note the best info
we have right now is that the times given are the actual broadcast times of Hawkwind's promotional
appearances on these stations.

Date & Time: Wednesday 24/08/2005, 1.00 - 4.00 pm
Station & Frequency: BBC Radio Humberside, 95.9FM, 1485AM
Presenter: Paul Hartley
Locality: Hull & Grimsby
Listen online:

Date & Time: Sunday 28/08/2005, 10.20 am
Station & Frequency: BCR-fm, 107.4FM
Presenter: Mark Painter
Locality: Bridgwater (Somerset)
Listen online:

Date & Time: Tuesday 30/08/2005, 10.00am
Station & Frequency: Radio Verulam, 88.8FM
Presenter: Phil Richards
Locality: St. Albans, West Hertfordshire
Listen online:

Date & Time: Tuesday 30/08/2005, 10.40am
Station & Frequency: Apple FM, Sky Network (Channel 913 on your Sky  digibox)
Presenter: Chris Collis
Locality: Exeter

Date & Time: Wednesday 31/08/2005, 8.30pm
Station: Carillion Radio
Presenter: John Sketchley

Date & Time: Friday 02/09/2005, 6.00 pm
Station & Frequency: Delta FM, 97.1FM, 101.6FM, 101.8FM, 102FM
Presenter: Telephone interview with James Sloan
Locality: East Hampshire, Southwest Surrey, Northwest Sussex
Listen online:

Date & Time: Friday 02/09/2005, 9.30pm
Station & Frequency: CRMK, 89.8FM
Presenter: Mike Barry
Locality: Milton Keynes

Date & Time: Monday 05/09/2005, 8.00pm
Station & Frequency: Maximum FM
Presenter: Graham Clark
August 26th 2005 Update

***Win Tickets to Hawkwind's Launch Party for the Spirit Of The Age single***

Thanks to the kindness of Hawkwind management and Voiceprint Records, Starfarer's Hawkwind Page has
20 launch party invites to give away to, err, 20 lucky Hairy-Arsed Hawkwind Fans.  The party takes place
at a Central London location between 12 noon & 3pm on Thursday September 1st 2005 and
competition is only open to those who can actually attend*
.  (That rules me out, then...)

To enter the competition all you have to do is answer one question, which is given below.  But before you
answer the question, let's go through the rules and constraints that apply.  Make sure you read all of this.

1.  Similar competitions are also being run at the
Mission Control, the Hawkwind Museum and The
  WrightStuff Fans websites: *please do not enter more than one of these competitions* since doing so
   might rob other fans of the chance to attend this event.

2.  Transportation to and from Central London is not provided: it will be up to you to get there and back if
   you win.

3.  The launch party is a private function and there will be no admittance without an official invitation

4.  Hawkwind will not be performing at the launch party (though they will be attending!)

5.  The launch party takes place between 12 noon and 3pm on Thursday 1st September.  
*If you can't
   attend at this time please do not enter the competition*

6.  The first 10 entrants with correct answers will be offered a maximum of 2 invitations.  If any winner
   only needs 1 invitation, the spare will be offered to the next entrant with a correct answer.

7.  For your entry to the competition to be considered, you must provide your name and address, and
   specify whether you need 1 or 2 invitations.  Failure to observe this will render your entry invalid!

8.  You must get your answer in to me by 6pm UK time, Sunday 28th August 2005.

9.  My decision on all matters relating to this competition will be final and no correspondence will be
  entered into.

10. By submitting an email entry to the competition, you confirm your acceptance of these rules and

OK, here's the question:  "The Chart Trek campaign is a fan-based initiative to help
get Hawkwind's new single into the UK charts.  Which well-known Hawkwind
website was it that first launched the campaign?"

         <30/08/05: Sorry, the competition has now have been notified by email...>