Cosmic Stuff

This curio was in the centre pages of the programme for the London Rainbow gig on 13th August
1972.  As the scanned image is a little hard to read if you happen to going blind for whatever reason, I
have also transcribed the text below.
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1. "Now behold", said the King to his maiden, "Lo, I shall journey two leagues this evening, for it is that a
wise man has foretold of good vibrations in the North."

2. But the maiden refused him saying "Master, leavest thou not me this night."  (Though previously, she
had urged him to go).

3. But the King hardened his heart and bathed his children & blessed them: but his dog he kicked.

4. Then he climbed into his chariot and soon came to a Castle called Townhall, which is in the Kingdom of

5. And behold, the King went to a small gate in the rear of the Castle and God ordained that a large chariot
should stop beside him.

6. And Lo, a Warrior climbed out of the chariot and the King said, "Is Brock, thy master within?" and the
Warrior answered "Yeah."

7. Then the King said "Tell him that he is under arrest" and the Warrior paled and was sore afraid, but
Brock came forth and laughed mightily, and behold he embraced the King and the King's heart went out to

8. For the King loved this man exceedingly.

9. Then the Brock said, "Behold, my woman (whom all men covet) has foretold me of your holiness'
possible coming, and I have prepared a place for you."  And he took him to the stage door and they passed
within.  (And Lo, no money was paid by the King that time and he was exceeding glad for poverty was
within his Kingdom at that time).

10. Lo, within the Castle a band played and the people applauded but they desired another band in their

11. And the band they desired was Hawkwind.

12. Now, in the dressing room were Angels from Hell to the number of four.  And many Hawkwind
warriors were there.

13. And behold, a maiden dissolved and a warrior painted her body and there was a strange fragrance in
the air.

14. Yet the King and the Brock noted not these things at all.  And they talked and laughed and praised the
Brock woman (who was with child).

15. And the Brock said "This woman shall bear me many more children, for such is my desire."

16. And the King complimented him, yet he thought "I wonder if the woman of the Brock will have
anything to say in the matter?"  Nevertheless he urged him on saying:

17. "If a man has many children, then in his dotage he will be well-fed and cared for.  For Lo, it is so."

18. And the Brock was amazed at the wisdom of this philosophy.

19. Also, they talked of sickness and age and death and laughed heartily so that these fears fled from them
for ever.

20. Thus, they spent much time.

21. Now it came to pass that the King sat on the stage, incognito, behind the band.

22. And a great sound as of rushing wind came from Hawkwind and a strobe played on the dancing lady.  
Also another small maiden danced in the light in curious clothes.

23. But the music uplifted the King.  (For many woes had been his).  And his soul soared and his spirit
heard and he saw that it was good.

24. Now, the multitude pressed forward and there was all manner of strange things coming to pass in their

25. And Lo, beside the King two maidens danced and one removed her upper raiment, but while the other
still struggled with her robe an Angel of Hell arose.

26. For in his brutish mind a naked maiden was only for fornication and lustful things

27. And the maiden was sore vexed when the Angel spoke to her of his desires.

28. And she sat again and robed herself.

29. But in the whole evening this was the only discordant thing.

30. For the music aroused the Spirits of the Heavens and they cried out saying:

31. "More, More, More."

32. Now it was time to come down and the King embraced the Brock and they parted.

33. And he returned to his castle uplifted and behold he heard from friends that they too had attended and
had been likewise uplifted.

34. For Hawkwind does uplift those that care to accept them.

35. Now, the Brock went his way also and his raiment was splendid.  And his body was in London but his
spirit was in Devon .....

36. ..... At a place where he made a mighty digging, so that the earth was shaken and the hearts of the field
had fled.

37. But the King who hears not so much of this music remained uplifted.

38. And he praised God and Lo, the King said to himself "Behold, I must write all this down, for the sake
of future generations."

39. And he did so.  And the writing was set in the Temple.

40. But a copy was also made, and it was sent to Sylvie, the woman of Brock.  For thus it was in those

The Watford Town Hall gig referred to was on 13th March 1972.  Though this might appear at first to
describe Simon King's first gig with the band (as their sole drummer), that was actually at Watford
Technical College a month earlier.  Besides which, Simon was a friend of Lemmy's rather than Brock's.  
So I've no idea who the King is, but at least the writing has been set in the Temple, for the sake of future