Your Captain Is Speaking

On 8th November 2001 Dave Brock came onto the IRC chat channel and said some
interesting things about the (then) current Autumn tour.  (Go to the Mission Control website for more
details on IRC and how to connect to it.)
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This transcript has been edited
for clarity and some of the less
interesting bits (like me
disconnecting accidentally)
have been cut out.  Dave
Brock does not announce
himself when he comes onto
the IRC channel, but read this
and it's obvious that it was
him.  (I didn't take up Gwion's
offer of 1 guess just in case,
*** Guest36582 has joined
<<guest36582 hereafter referred to as Dave Brock>>

     gwion: hi guest
Dave Brock: Hi there
puff_n_stuff: hello
     gwion: how's it going?
Dave Brock: Okay

Dave Brock: Have you made any gigs this tour?
     gwion: I will be going to Manchester
     gwion: How are the gigs going up to now?
     gwion: the last one I saw was Canterbury
Dave Brock: Very well, good full houses, sold out Swindon and almost
            at Notts
     gwion: I was due to go to Nottingham, but an unpredictable job
            put paid to that
     gwion: I hear that Swindon went down very well
Dave Brock: Yes, it was good
     gwion: I'm taking my sons to Manchester
     gwion: One of them did HW for a schools project
Dave Brock: What did he do?
     gwion: He made a concert programme, featuring lyrics, photos,
     gwion: other kids did blur, etc
     gwion: The teacher described it as "an interesting and unusual
Dave Brock: I'll bet Laughs Out Loud
Dave Brock: Was it a good programme?
     gwion: it was excellent, though I say so myself
     gwion: it stood out
     gwion: The clone poem caused a stir
Dave Brock: Yeah, that would be good
Dave Brock: Like to see it
     gwion: well, I should send it on
     gwion: what address should I use?
Dave Brock: PO box 28
     gwion: ok
Dave Brock: Thanks
     gwion: They were amazed at Canterbury
     gwion: They expected anything their dad recommended to be crap
Dave Brock: Bit wet and cold though
     gwion: well, I suppose that's part of the ambience - we had some
            hot pizza
Dave Brock: How old are they?
     gwion: 13 & 12
     gwion: THe elder one is a mean drummer
     gwion: I have to hide in another part of the house when he's
Dave Brock: Does he play in a band?
     gwion: No, he's only been at it about 6 months - but he's very
     gwion: his school have asked him to play in concerts
     gwion: He's having lessons - the other is doing the guitar
Dave Brock: Could be worse, he could play violin
     gwion: lol
     gwion: I did that
     gwion: now I don't have the catguts for it (ouch)
Dave Brock: Laughs Out Loud

*** mooongluum has joined

     gwion: hello steve
mooongluum: hi tom
mooongluum: hi guest
Dave Brock: Hi Steve
mooongluum: do we know each other, guest?
     gwion: I think you do
mooongluum: oh groan, i have to guess do i?
     gwion: you get 1 guess
mooongluum: guest: - my new HW
            site.  if you have any dull moments that need filling :-)
Dave Brock: We will have a look :-)
puff_n_stuff: its a good site
mooongluum: thanks hope you approve!
mooongluum: i'm hoping summer 2002 tour comes off...
Dave Brock: It should do

     gwion: So you've a night off
Dave Brock: Sort of, back to sort out some things, early start
     gwion: I see there's been a lot of discussion about the sets
     gwion: Quite an imaginative choice
     gwion: I mean the songs
Dave Brock: Yeah, we saw that
Dave Brock: There will be some new stuff soon
     gwion: I look forward to it
     gwion: guest, I'm delighted you're producing some new stuff
Dave Brock: Yeah, its a good strong line up
     gwion: It is a pristine lineup
     gwion: This is the Time of the Hawklords inspired stuff?
Dave Brock: Yeah, and some other stuff, I think Huw has some things
            tucked away
     gwion: I remember meeting Michael Butterworth in 77 at the
            palace theatre manchester
Dave Brock: Michael mailed us and I believe he is getting involved
            with the project
     gwion: is he still writing?
Dave Brock: He has offered to write some stuff
     gwion: I remember the palace concert - I think its the one (or
            one) where Mr Calvert got handy with the mike stand
mooongluum: "and fall off the stage on top of you with two
            hundredweight of iron in my hand"
     gwion: I bought that series when it came out. What's he writing,
mooongluum: hope the lyrics are better than the books
Dave Brock: Yes I think so, he only just mailed and we havn't had
            time to discuss it properly with him yet
     gwion: I remember him telling me he used to write for space 1999
Dave Brock: Dont know, Trevs more in touch with him than us
     gwion: I see the Yule Ritual went down well
Dave Brock: Must go to bed in a minute, worn out! and early start
     gwion: well - I look forward to Manchester
Dave Brock: Are you going to any others?
     gwion: remind me of the itinerary left
Dave Brock: Liv, Glasgow, Edin, Newcastle, Cardiff,
Dave Brock: Hitchin, Poole, Salisbury, Torquay, Brighton
Dave Brock: Walthamstow, Dublin
     gwion: possible Liverpool - I live in Cheshire
     gwion: if I can escape the wife - taking the kids is the price
     gwion: Poss. Cardiff - I used to live there and have a soft
            spot for the place
     gwion: THanks guest - Dublin - it's a date
mooongluum: i'd go to all of em if i could :-(
mooongluum: say you're taking the kids, then lock them in the boot
            of the car
mooongluum: like dave brock did to a health and safety inspector who
            wanted to stop a HW gig years ago :)
Dave Brock: That was a cupboard!
mooongluum: yes it was a cupboard wasn't it.  (can I come out now?)
     gwion: a cupboard - it's always nice to hear an apocryphal tale
Dave Brock: He wouldnt alow the lasers :-)
Dave Brock: He came in the afternoon and okayed them, then turned up
            just before the show was about to start and changed his
            mind so.............
mooongluum: what he deserved
     gwion: did he declare the cupboard safe?
Dave Brock: Laughs Out Loud
Dave Brock: It was too loud for him to declare anything much :-)
mooongluum: lol
     gwion: lol, myself

mooongluum: guest, do the band stay in hotels when on the tour, or
            return to base between gigs?
Dave Brock: In hotels unless easy travelling distance from base
mooongluum: must make it bloody expensive
Dave Brock: Yes it is
Dave Brock: The crew coach costs nearly £400 a day
mooongluum: sheesh
mooongluum: well here's hoping for full houses all the way
Dave Brock: Well, its been a good start, so fingers crossed
mooongluum: it would be even better if gwion could be bothered to go
            to more than 1 gig lol
Dave Brock: hahaha
     gwion: Are you doing your own management now?
Dave Brock: Me and Marion.....thats why we are so knackered!
     gwion: That's a lot to worry about in a day - esp if you are
Dave Brock: Jim Lascko is joining tour at Manchester
     gwion: oh yes?
Dave Brock: Joining his light show to ours
     gwion: so Manchester seems a good one to go to
Dave Brock: He is doing all the rest of tour, so should be up and
            running properly by Liverpool
     gwion: well, perhaps I'll do Liverpool then - I'll bring a
            spare set of hubcaps
Dave Brock: Must go to bed now.....night all :-) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
     gwion: night
mooongluum: goodnight guest good luck
     gwion: good luck with the tour
Dave Brock: Thanks

*** Guest36582 has left