Dave Brock Email Interview

Dave Brock kindly answered a few questions by email today (16/04/2002) despite being in the throes of
recording a new album.  No word on me jamming with Hawkwind at their next gig, however :-)
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Q1:  Your guitar sound has changed over the years, the trend seems to be towards a harder, brighter
sound.  Did you have to try a lot of different guitars, amps etc to get what you wanted, or have you just
used whatever was at hand and made it work for you?  (Would you mind specifying what model of
Roland amp you currently use?)

A1:  Used what's at hand and made it work. My guitar is an old Westone which I have had for about 18
years and I use a Roland Jazz Chorus 120. Also I use a Boss footpedal. (refer to memos and demos, there
is a list of all my gear on it)

(Note: can't find this list of equipment on Memos and Demos, but there is one on Spacebrock, which
gives lots of details about synths etc but not much about guitar-related stuff.)

Q2:  What are the differences, in artistic terms, between recording solo albums as opposed to Hawkwind

A2:  Solo albums, you can do what you like, Hawkwind albums you play with other people allowing
artistic integrity

Q3:  Hawkwind have always been a community-minded band supporting good causes, yet it is an
economic necessity to run the band as a commercial operation.  Do you think this has caused the band to
fall between two stools sometimes?

A3:  Yes

(Well, it serves me right for asking what could have been an interesting question in a way that allowed a
Yes/No answer!  What I was getting at was whether Hawkwind's need to exist as a commercial entity had
diminished their ability to assist good causes...the fact that the good causes have detracted from the
amount of money that the band could have made is well-known...)

Q4:  Are the fans a pain in the arse sometimes?  (I saw you in a clothes stall before HW's set at
Canterbury, didn't come over because I thought you might not want to be bothered)  What would suit
you in terms of interaction with Hawkfans?

A4:  I have quite a bit of interaction with fans. We are all human beings and there are bound to be good
days and bad days.

Q5:  Is living in the countryside beneficial to creativity?

A5:  Yes

Q6:  I have heard that D. Brock esq. taught Eric Clapton how to fingerpick.  Do you have any ongoing
contact with EC, or people like the Floyd?

A6:  We used to sit on the riverbank in Richmond, Surrey practicing the guitar (sharing my guitar).  
When Eric did get a guitar we got tipsy drinking cider and he fell over backwards and sat on his guitar
and broke it. In fact I have a few old photos of me and Eric outside Eel Pie Island playing together.

Q7:  Are advances in musical technology a help or a hindrance to creativity?

A7:  They are a hindrance when it comes to the computer. Sometimes it is quicker to play the piece of
music again than it is to fathom out how to operate the computer properly.

Q8:  Is Science Fiction still an influence?

A8:  Yes

(Well, duh, the Destruction of the Death Generator...what a waste of a question!)

Q9:  What are your views on psychoactive drugs?

A9:  Some are good and some are bad

Q10:  What are your views on MP3 files being made available for free on the internet?

A10:  The artist who creates the work gets nothing for the time, effort and creativity. (And a lot of this is
hard work) A lot of bands spend their own money working on projects only to find that it is all copied for

(Definitive word: Hawkwind MP3's are *not* condoned.   I've responded to this by removing the link I
had to the site that was offering them.)

Q11:  What would you do differently if you had to do it all again?

A11:  Leave Nik Turner as a roadie!

Starfarer: Well that's all, thank you for your indulgence...  Looking forward to the Devon fest even if it is
costing me $2,400 in air fare and car hire.  Worth every penny!!!!!!

DB: Well I hope it will be a worthwhile trip for you and may the sun shine,

Yours, Dave