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The Elves of Silbury Hill 03/05/2013
Thanks to John Chase for this review and photos from the Elves of Silbury Hill gig at Southsea
Wedgewood Rooms on May 3rd, 2013
I had an idea that this would be a good one, when I spoke to Dave Brock at Norwich and he said (with a
crafty grin) that he's be at Portsmouth. Despite looking good on paper, this gig failed to attract a big
crowd, in fact with half an hour to go before curtain up, the auditorium was depressingly empty. The
support act Papa Jones' Moonshine Band were an ideal opener, and it was nice to see a bit of camaraderie
between musicians as Richard and Dead Fred joined in.
By the time the Elves appeared  there was enough of a crowd to create an atmosphere and Steve Bemand
took the stage first to get the machines going. Right from the start this was a gig full of surprises, and the
opener, You Shouldn't Do That, despite not being that rare an addition to the set was never the less very
impressive and delivered with much drama and dynamism including an opening Adjust Me, with Richard
really getting into the part. I won't go through the set in order, but highlights for me were PXR5, Web
Weaver, You Better Believe It, Psi Power and Green Finned Demon.
Steve Bemand was great and played some great lead guitar when needed, not to mention additional
atmospherics. Hope this is not , as billed the last gig that Fred Reeves plays with Hawkwind either. I was
only sorry that the poor turnout didn't raise as much for a good cause as had been hoped, but although it
was a bad night for Sea Shepherd, it was a truly memorable night for those of us who were lucky enough
to be in attendance.

-John Chase
Dave Brock duly appeared half an hour into the set, armed with, wonder of wonders, an acoustic guitar and
I swear I could feel a collective little leap of excitement from the audience as the band played even more
little heard numbers. I shouldn't say this , but it was a refreshing change to hear Mirror of illusion instead of
Hurry on Sundown. Mind Cut sounded great and Steppenwolf was another surprise. I will forgive Dave his
shocking festival trousers, assume they were a last minute choice for the evening as I was told afterwards
that he and Kris had rushed from Devon and returned just as quickly because the dogs didn't like being left.
A 5 hour drive, just so that we could here Green Finned Demon on the acoustic........thanks Dave, even
though you were still wearing your pyjama bottoms!