Hawkwind Family Trees

Not to be confused with the CD called Hawkwind Family Tree, this page provides access to diagrammatic
Hawkwind Family Trees which cover the period from the band's inception in 1969 to the present (August
2003 at the time of writing), showing all the various line-ups of the band over the years.
Starfarer's Hawkwind Family Tree 1993-Now
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1.  Pete Frame's original 1969-1979
Pete Frame invented the whole idea of Rock Family Trees, and has published a book with that title.  The
Hawkwind entry is one of only perhaps 2 instances where an one band has an entire tree dedicated to
them.  And his only goes up to 1979!

It has also appeared as a free insert in the original PXR5 vinyl release...on the inside back cover of the
1979 'Masters of the Universe' tour programme...and in issue 21 of Brian Tawn's Hawkfan fanzine.  It is
the lattermost of these that can be seen
2.  Keith Kniveton's Hawkwind Family Tree 1979-1984
Keith picked up the gauntlet where Pete Frame had thrown it down, and in some ways improved on
Pete's design, while staying true to the general concept.  His work is split into two parts, of which this is
the first.

It was first published in Hawkfan 21, and can be seen
3.  Keith Kniveton's Hawkwind Family Tree 1984-1993
The second half of Keith's Tree, also first seen in Hawkfan 21, is here
4. Hawkwind Family Tree 1993 onwards
Well, a poor doggerel thing this is, seeing as I put it together myself in imitation of those more talented
than I.  However, as far as I know this is the only Hawkwind Family Tree to go beyond 1993, so for
what it's worth, here it is in PDF format...which requires you to have Adobe Acrobat installed.  (If you
don't have Adobe Acrobat you can download it for free at
http://www.adobe.com )

When you click on the link below, Adobe Acrobat will start (you will see its' splash screen) and then the
document will open into the browser window.  If you want to print, or search for a particular term, use
the icons provided in the Adobe Acrobat toolbar, not the ones provided by the browser, since these won't
work on PDF files.

Click on the "Back" button to return to this page afterwards.  (The same applies with the links to the
other Hawkwind Family Trees, above)
Thanks to Dave at the Hawkwind Museum for hosting the images to which I've linked, below