HawkFest 2003 - Part 2
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Hawkwind were billed as being on at 9pm, with Harvey Bainbridge preceding them at 8.15pm, so we were in
the tent ready for that at the appointed time.  Harvey's set didn't actually begin until 8.40pm but we were right
at the front, and had a fantastic view.  He opened the set with Coded Languages, and to our joy several guests
joined Harvey onstage, notably Martin Griffin on drums and Huw Lloyd Langton on guitar.  Huw was walking
with a stick and had to be helped onstage - he looked incredibly frail and played seated, with a little Roland
Cube amp mic'd up on a chair next to him.  We could hear him well in the quieter passages, though he did tend
to get drowned out at times.  The good news was that Huwie's playing was excellent, much better than last
year, and he got a great reception from the fans.  He, Harvey, Martin Griffin and Mr.Dibs ran through a long
version of Waiting For Tomorrow.  Various other members of Hawkwind, Dave Brock and Alan Davey among
them, guested during Harvey's set, which ended with Free Fall.  This was ruined by Mr.Dibs, who hammered
out the main riff far too fast, and was evidently listening to nobody but himself.  The rest of the band were
presumably keeping time with Harvey's samples, and I saw Mr.Bainbridge looking at Dibs and shaking his head
in disbelief...
***Please see the footnote at the bottom of this page***
Finally Hawkwind proper came back on, Harvey (who
was not very audible, or visible, being huddled away at
the back throughout) and Huw joining them for almost
the entire set, as did Keith Kniveton on EMS synthi to
stage right, with Mr.Dibs and Keith Barton from
Spacehead guesting on some numbers, and Arthur
Brown singing on a handful of numbers, too.  Guests
aside, Hawkwind consisted of Dave Brock, Richard
Chadwick, Alan Davey (who we did not see enough of â
€“ and on some numbers he only sang, while Dibs
played bass), and Simon House, who was sublimely
audible throughout.

They kicked off with a fabulous version of Arrival In
Utopia, swiftly followed by Arthur joining them on stage
for Time Captives.  He made a grand entrance in a silver
lamé jacket illuminated with fairy lights, opening and
closing a collapsible plastic sphere.  The sound was
excellent and this was one of the tightest performances
I've seen from Hawkwind, despite the fluid line-up with
guests coming onstage and going off again.  The set list
was similar to that for the May 2003 tour, with the 3rd
number being The Watcher, which has now been
developed to such a point that you feel the way that the
band are currently playing it live is the definitive
version.  It bears some similarities to the live 1974
version heard on the 1999 Party - Live In Chicago
album, but is better than that,
Alan Davey of course
starring on bass and vocals.  More Alan, less Dibs!
Above: Huw (L) and Harvey (R)   Right: Martin Griffin
Below: Keith Kniveton
I certainly enjoyed the contribution that Keith Barton made on the guitar, but I came to see Hawkwind, not
Spacehead, and my personal view is that Mr.Dibs should not be allowed anywhere near the stage when
Hawkwind are playing.  To be fair, he did play much better for Hawkwind than he had for Harvey Bainbridge,
and made no mistakes that I was aware of.  But still.
Right: Alan Davey
Matters continued with Magnu, followed by
Chronoglide Skyway, which featured an effective rave
breakbeat integrated into the song.  It was great to hear
this played live, and Simon's violin was awesome (as
usual!) but we needed some lead guitar to really round
this off.  The Right Stuff was next up and this was
incredibly powerful, the best version of this song ever.  
Following which, a surprise: Wings, from the 1990
Space Bandits album, again with Alan Davey to the
fore.  After that was Hurry On Sundown, and then the
number which I thought represented the highpoint of
the entire set, Brainbox Pollution.
Spirit of the Age came after that, and Matthew Wright
did not appear on stage to sing it. For which I was
grateful, wanting this to be as pure a Hawkwind
experience as possible.  Green Finned Demon then
segued into 'In The Trees' and then another surprise
inclusion, Abducted.  Arthur came out for this one (I
think) wearing an excellent Alien costume.  At some
point during the main part of the set, Tone and Kris ,
whose brainchild the HawkFest was and is, came on
with Keith Barton, which was great to see and hear. Finally we got one
of the new numbers, Angela Android, which featured a
not-altogether-successful appearance by a dancer suitably attired.  I
also thought I had heard what must be Take Me To Your Leader
somewhere along the way (it wasn't something I recognised) but this
may just have been a jamming segment of something else.   I was told
they had not played Sun Ray, which was the other new number to
have featured on the May 2003 tour.  The main part of the set finished
up with Assault & Battery and The Golden Void, and then a thumping
version of Where Are They Now, the band filing offstage to
tumultuous applause...

We were exhorted to cheer louder if we wanted an encore, and they
came back for the obligatory Hassan-i-Sahba, followed by Master of
the Universe, for which everyone was back on stage.  As far as I
recall, Hassan did not include the 'Space Is Their Palestine'
mid-section, and MOTU was a fitting finale to what had been a
stage at Dave Brock's prompting,
to take a very well-deserved bow.  
Dave was more visible than
normal, coming out from his
behind synths to drive the set
along with slabs of blanga guitar,
and even doing some two-guitars
Left: Simon House
fantastic gig.  Everyone was cheered off, but Harvey and Huw in particular were given a very rousing send-
off, both of them shaking hands with a few members of the audience as they went, Huw using his cane to
help him along.  All good things come to an end, and that was the last thing to happen in the Tent for
Saturday.  Richard Chadwick’s techno project, 'Little Big Men' were on in the barn afterwards, but only
played a half hour due to technical problems, I understand.  Waiting for them to come on, the stuff the DJ
was playing was enough to drive us away, and to be honest anything after Hawkwind would have been a let-
down, so we left it at that....

*** Footnote:

Mr.Dibs has contacted me to say this:  "To be fair, it was MG's relentless drumming that made Free Fall
difficult, and that was what Harvey was shaking his head at, not me.  I was personally invited by all
concerned to take the stage, and we all had great fun, which is what it was all about."  Now, considering my
criticisms could be considered somewhat intemperate, that's a very calm & reasoned response from Mr.Dibs.  
Which is good when you consider how large he is :-)
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