HawkFest Fan Pics I - 8th-11th August 2003
Left: Ali                              Above: Ben

Below: Arin & Rich
Left: the crowd go
wild during Alien
Dream's set in the
Barn Stage

Below Left: Jill

Below Right: Dave
Right: Mike, ready to hammer any hairy sassenachs
who might cross his path, and (below), Ali, who
took the appropriate action
Right: Bev, Fiona & Gary in the barn on Sunday
night, just before Tarantism played. Cheers Bev!
Right: This must have
been taken on the
Sunday morning, when
it rained....from left to
right; Rich, Arin, Neil,
Marie, Nick, Alan

Neil and Marie are of
course Hawkwind's
lighting supremos i.e.
Chaos Illumination

Thanks to Alan Taylor
for this photo
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