HawkFest Fan Pics II - 8th-11th August 2003
Will you get that f***ing camera out of my face?
Below: Ben explains the loss of
Connex South East's franchise
Right: Yadnala!
Some HawkFest scenes: tents (above), bogs (below left) and the running order for the Tent Stage on
Saturday (bottom right)
Above: Stephe
Right: a Lost Druid and his
long suffering Druidess
Below: Alien Dream's scandalously underpaid road
crew. Lads, didn't you know the union demands all
stage hands get a brand new mountain bike for each
gig they set up?
Below: Matthew Byrne & fans
Above:.Ben desperately trying to get his underpants
on before I can take another photo like last year's
Left: Time We Left: Ali packing up the tent...
L-R; Andrea, Alan, Steve (me), Stephe, Alan, Nick and Dave.  Photo taken by Alan Taylor - thanks!
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