A Hawkwind Ghost Story
Ever heard a Hawkwind Ghost Story before?  How about a Ghost Story from Russia?  How about a
Hawkwind Ghost Story from Russia??

The story is narrated by Alisa Coral of the space-rock band
Space Mirrors - thanks Alisa!
How I bought my first copy of Quark,
Strangeness and Charm

It was the year 1996 and there was a big open air
CD-market in Moscow, called Gorbushka Market.  
Here you could find almost anything which ever
was released all over the world.  Original CD's,
pirate CD's, vinyl...everything.  Except Hawkwind.  
For some reason Hawkwind CD's were only in a
few shops here and there and not at the CD market.  
By that time I already had about almost all the
official discography except Calvert-era albums.  I
got "Hawklords" on vinyl though, and the "25 Years
Above: CD stall at Gorbushka Market
Left: Whassat?  Uriah Heep?
On" box set where I could listen to some songs
from that period.  But I had to record "Hawklords"
on tape because I hadn't a turntable. So one day I
was at Gorbushka again looking for some new
releases and rare CD's, hoping to find some
Hawkwind concert or an original compilation.  It
was a rainy day as I remember, but I looked again
through all the possible places where such CD's
could be found and saw only the same old "Yuri
Gagarin"s and "Masters of..."  So I decided to head
home and went through all the market rows to leave
by the Gorbushka entrance.  But...just by the
entrance, outside of the market proper, I noticed a
small table with CD's on it.  For some reason I came
closer and decided to look at what was being sold there... Can you imagine my amazement when I
discovered about ten Hawkwind CD's there?  And one of them was the Virgin CD reissue of Quark,
Strangeness and Charm!  All the others I already had (but Warrior was there too, I'm sure).  I asked the
vendor how much and bought QS&C.  He said it was a great choice, that Hawkwind are an excellent and
unusual band and nowadays metalheads don't understand anything about this music (Gorbushka market
was mostly known for its' heavy rock and metal), and how good it was that there are young people who
know this band and like them...
Right: another Gorbushka stall
Below: "Hawkwind?  No Hawkwind.  You like Def
Leppard maybe?"
I thanked him and got away back home.  But the most curious thing which first brought my attention to
this table was - the vendor.  He looked just like Dave Brock from the early 90's album photos.  I swear he
looked *completely* like him, he even had a hat similar to Dave's.  That was so strange... I went back
numerous times to Gorbushka until it was closed at the end of 2000 - but I never saw that table with those
CD's again.  And as for the seller, I never saw him again, either!
I reckon this must be the bloke!
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