Hawkwind Galactic Tarot

This comes from issue 117 of the UK underground newpaper "IT", in (I think) November 1971.  I also
think I can detect the hand of Bob Calvert at work - "semantic co-ordination", indeed...
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To get your own reading:
Paste this page down onto a stiff sheet of cardboard. Wait till it's dry. Then cut out each card until you have
a pack of 21. Shuffle and deal into three rows of seven. Read the image / word combinations thus formed.
The Galactic Tarot does not speak of the future or the past, for all galactic time is contained in the present.
A message:

"Great feelings of true love,
earthlings. Welcome to this long
playing event / happening /
participation. A coming together of
the people. The pop Apocalypse is
coming. Hours of processing /
collecting / performing information
in an underground ecstasy message.
The message is the mystery. The
mystery is the rock form divine.  
The medium is dance, music, film,
lights, jelly babies, mime, poetry,
3D events, playing together,
reacting to situations together,
worshipping the God Rock of your
choice together.
emotion, the sacrament is a Marshall laser beam deep inside your belly, the rite is the Yoruba audio comic.

Flying Saucer
Long-pink cadillac with two T-birds along on its side. Prepare in advance for a long journey.  Radiate
pranic energy. Re-awakwn the Forces of Light. The time is at hand. We the future want none of your
borders and manufactured hatreds. The future is out of your hands and in our minds.

All is possible. A time of trial. We shall overcome.  The cosmic renaissance is beyond the powers of grey
world authority. Hold your breath. Great changes are coming. Dark and light are building to a climax.

The Alien
New friends.  Pleasure is the first and easiest.  Pain is next, Hate is third, Illusion the fourth, Truth the fifth,
Love is sixth and Peace must be learnt at the end.

The Time Card
The road that leads to many houses and the truth that leads into the desert, the street that grows red
flowers, the ascent into high places and the descent into dark depths, the path of ever wandering and the
way of sitting still.  Our time awaits us.

The Silver Machine
Sombre, mysterious, lofty ancient pile.  Enigma of remotest history.  Who set thee here beside the Nile,
Eternal watch to keep?

The Sun
The law of unity gives minerals a geometric shape, the world's a fixed form, groups world in motion and in
dense matter a group of single molecules around a center of affinity also forms the system's blood and
bones, of man and animals according to the same model as plants and trees.

The Winged Hero
Tertiary invaders.  He penetrated in the mysteries of every sanctuary; nothing was hidden from him.  He
covered with a veil everything he had seen.

The Galaxy.
All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Out of the East-light.  The hawk that hovers on the winds of time.  Initiation beings at night, terminates
with the arrival of dawn.

You must learn to tap solar and magnetic energies, you must discover the natural cosmic laws and internal
contact with life.  You will then become agents for the powers that swing the stars through their courses.

The Aquarian Age
Welcome to the future.  The Golden Age No. 11.  The man who bears the pitcher will walk forth across an
arc of heaven; the sign and signet of the Son of Man will stand forth in the eastern sky.  The wise will lift
their heads and know redemption of the earth is near.

You may visit some places of interest:

12a Mars
Energy leads to deeds.  The fight against evil bestows on us honesty and integrity to defend our insight and
beliefs against forces of darkness and falsehood.

12b Jupiter
The righteous.  Keep the faith under all circumstances.  All mankind will become brothers where all gentle
wings may meet.

12c Saturn
The Watcher on the threshold takes us into solitude where the Voice of Silence may be heard.  This is the
friend of those who seek themselves.

12d Venus
Be inspired by love.  Human skin vibrations.  Take me in your arms, put me in your bed, eagle rock me
baby till my face turns cherry red.

12f Pluto
You must enter the sphere.  This sphere can be approached only by going beyond electro-dynamics, occult
affinities and the master of manifested worlds.

12f Mercury
The universal matrix or great depth.  The source of all that exists, contains within itself the origin of every
thought and action.

All good things must come to an end.  Like makes like conscious.
The Total Rock Reality Live Fantasy is a Onederland Production in ESP fifth dimension
stereo.  "Put all these things together and it's pretty man - real pretty."
Nik Turner - Blown mind, bent ears

Dave Brock - slow alchemic anatomy

Boris - Universal cymbal

Del Dettmar - Poor Sisters of St.Frances, seraph of adoration
Dikmik - Barnes Bridge bingo hall Theatre
of Satanism

Bob Calvert - semantic co-ordination

Lemmy - cor blimey Jeff
Divinatory meanings of Hawkwind Galactic Tarot Card Readings by

A million year narration. Prepare for upheaval. Lord Chaos is coming.
And Warlord Disorder.  Followed by disaster unless something is
down NOW to prevent it.  Scent of magnolia, sweet and fresh,
dashed from our nostrils by the smell of burning flesh.

A breakthrough in the grey room.  You should go back into the poet
to look for the hidden wisdoms you have lost.  The key to the future
is hidden under an ancient stone.  The starship is the experience box.

Atlantis Rising
As it was in the beginning, so shall it be at the end.  Go beyond the
words, the music, expose your soul, feel the electric wail, vibrate to
the owl hoot.  England rocks.  The message is clear - frenzy,
Custom moulded by Dr.Feelgood for you, we present the Total Rock Reality Live Fantasy."