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Guilfest 17/07/2010
Thanks to Justin Redgrave for this review and photos from Hawkwind's headlining appearance at the 2010 Guilfest
Saw the Hawks at Guilfest on Saturday thanks to Rob Dreamworker who kindly gave me his ticket.  I got to the
location early afternoon and exchanged ticket for wristband - such a shame they don't let you keep the ticket as it
was a very nice design - took a quick photo of the ticket with my mobile phone. Enjoyed Arthur Browns set very
much. Wandered around, grabbed a beer, a well run festival - lots of stalls, tents with music, plenty happening.
Remember listening to Mungo Jerry and saw the end of Kid Creole and the Coconuts on the main stage. Bumped
into Tommy (hello Tommy) during Alvin Stardust (!) and we chatted until the Hawks came on after Hazel
O'Conner (!!).
Hawks billed from 22:00 - 23:00 on the Good Time Guide Stage - an inflatable stage where Arthur had played
earlier. Line up - the usual + Jon Sevink on violin - excellent. Most of the band were milling around during set up.
Around 22:00 we had the opening number Angels of Death w/Jon. Dave mentioned a shortened set, we then got
Sentinel, Dibs explaining the meaning of the song at the end. Could have been Lord of Light next followed by
Green Machine - I can't remember the exact order. Also Wraith - here Dibs broke a string and the mid section
went on forever whilst he and his roadie tried to string another - they ended up failing and Dibs asked Niall if he
could borrow his bass to finish the song which they did. Prometheus had a very Arabic intro from Tim and the
songs meaning was again explained by Dibs at its conclusion as was the fact that it was a new number off their
new album. Dibs recited Warriors and Jon was back out for Magnu / Brainbox Pollution - great violin work, what
a difference. Then Tim played Tide of The Century (w/ Jon who was too low in the mix here) before the final of
Hassan I Sahba / jam / Hassan I Sahba (w/Jon coming out stage front for the intro).
Two dancers were good and looked exhausted after the rave workout during Hassan. The band finished around
23.15, no encore. Getting out of the car park was a free for all and I ended up back home at 02:30 and that
was going some! A good gig made better by Jon Sevink.