Hairy-Arsed Hawkwind Fans
Might be slow to load, please be patient...
A Rogue's Gallery for your amusement.  Anonymity has been more or less preserved...
"Those arses being hairy, that is a cool place!"
LEFT: Gwion

Unknown at
Canterbury.  I
finally talked to
this bloke at the
2nd Hawkfest
and his name's
LEFT: Linuxchaos. A seagull
has just shat in the eye of the
bloke behind him
ABOVE: Keef (the one with the guilty
grin) 10/10/2001.  On the merchandise
stand at the Royal Festival Hall.
Arin  (above) & Rich (right)
A Doctor, on his way to  
involuntary early retirement
Mr. Happy, Eminem-lookalike
Above: Steven Tate
ABOVE: Albus Dumbledore
LEFT: The Bacofoil Astronaut
LEFT: Rob,
last Tuesday
Alien Dreamer
Above: Muchos Nachos

Below: Stephe, in his
best Trout-Tickler's Hat
More fan pics can be seen on the Camping at Canterbury and HawkFest Pics (Fans) pages.
Angry Young Man with
Above: Yadnala

Right: Dave (left) and
Simon (right) -
co-curators of the
Museum.  Some
other bloke in the
Right: Colm
It's simply not true that women don't like Hawkwind.
Here's HawkMum in a blur of action in, er, the
kitchen.  And if I hear any sexist stereotyping from
you, young man, you'll be going straight to your room
with a double helping of Lentil Casserole.
Below: Here's
EarthSeeker in a rather
unconvincing looking
T-shirt.  He did not get
this from my T-shirt
pages.  Are those sweat
stains around the
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Above: Alfred, desperately trying to remain vertical
infamous Nils, Rock
Man of Norway
Above: the Hawkwind Museum's very own Web
Below: Andy, a Kylie Minogue fan
Right: Brian Tawn (left) and Terry Hawke (right)
Above: Andy and Alfred once again, seen here in
Amsterdam with Kylie.  Amazingly enough, you
can see where everyone's hands are!
Above: Hawklord of Shields, a noted contributor to these
pages, seen here at the Belfast gig in May 2004 with Alan

Right: Hervé, also a friend of this website, & mad
enough to have sent in this photo of himself with his
girlfriend Aurélie, who presumably knows nothing about
her inclusion here...
Above: despite hailing almost literally from opposite ends of the Earth, there are some alarming
similarities between Bill (Australia, left) and Alan (Scotland, right).  There's the crazed, weaselish look
about the eyes, the presumed furry posteriors, and the suspicious, not to mention
conveniently-out-of-frame positioning of their hands.  I believe they are urinating on Foghat albums.
Below: the splendidly bibulous Jollyhawker
Right: on the left, Jules the Roadmeister, better
knows as Jollyhawker's partner in slime, being
forcibly restrained by Mr.Lemmy
Above: the scary Aussie Bill person - backpackers
beware! (Still wearing the Hawkfest pendant BTW!)
And this is me, as Mike Yarwood used to say just before becoming totally anonymous.  The one of the left
is about a month old, and the one on the right (not quite finished, but you may recognise it...) was about
12 hours old when the photo was taken this morning.  An interesting fact about tattoos: not all inks are the
same.  The blue does not take very easily, so it hurt more, took a long time and bled a fair bit compared to
the other colours.  And me being such a pathetic wimp, too...  Thanks to Harrison at Ray's Desert Ink,
Las Vegas for the work!!
Below: Paul, aka Bloke from Gloucester, had this
done on the 27th of August 2007.  Madman!
Graeme & Trevor (above)        Forensic Hawkwind
Discographer Marky C (above right)
Right: Big Dave Williams
Above: Harry Thomson the fragrant Carol Smillie
on Scottish TV's "Postcode Challenge". That's not
Del Dettmar in the back row, by the way

Right: Graeme with Richard Chadwick and Bridget
Wishart, in a shop in Leeds in 1990
Hairy arse cropped out of photo -Tommy (above)
and Andy (left)