Frequently Asked Hawkwind Questions

These are all actual questions I've been asked by email or in the guestbook, or ones that often come up
on the Hawkwind email lists...
Q1 : Err, what do Hawkwind sound like?
A1 : Seeing as they've been going for 40+ years they've had a number of different sounds, but this is a
    good approximation: imagine a cosmic-sounding cross between Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath

Q2 : Where can I hear some Hawkwind?
A2 : You can listen online to some sound samples at
Simon King and Hawkwind, Hawk World, and at Fye Music

Q3 : Is it true that Lemmy <or whoever> is back in Hawkwind?
A3 : Not this week.  See my page
Band Members and Solo Projects for current membership

Q4 : Are Warrior on the Edge of Time, Astounding Sounds Amazing Music, Quark Strangeness &
    Charm, Hawklords 25 Years On and PXR5 available on CD?
A4 : See my page
Guide to Hawkwind Albums for availability of all core Hawkwind
    albums - all but WOTEOT are currently (Jan 2010) available thanks on Atomhenge Records

Q5 : WHY aren't they available?  [Or why wheren't they, perhaps...]
A5 : In the public-domain words of the band's former business manager,
"What prevents that is the
    problem of getting permission from all of the people featured on the recordings. If, for example,
    the band were to release an album featuring Nik without first gaining his permission, he could
    take action to get the release stopped; of course that would involve him in costs.

    One also needs to consider the financial aspects; to get CD's pressed costs money, MCPS costs
    money, artwork and printing costs money, distribution to retail outlets costs money and carries
    risk (if they don't sell you have to pay to have them returned to you). This may make it
    somewhat unattractive."

Q6 : Why hasn't the live recording and filming of the 21/10/00 Hawkestra gig ever been released?
A6 : Seems to have been blocked by a disagreement between band members over money.  I asked Nik
    Turner this question, and he answered, in the
Nik Turner Email Interview

Q7 : Where can I buy Hawkwind albums?
A7 : I've bought from all of the following, with good results:  
Voiceprint (but I don't recommend
    them for non-UK buyers),
CD Services, Tower USA,,, Jungle and  All of them have online purchasing.  Tower
   UK should also be worth trying, and also Cherry Red Records and Cranium Records (NZ).
    If you are shopping the old-fashioned way, in London the Oxford Street branches of Virgin
    Megastore and HMV both have good Hawkwind sections.  Sister Ray, in nearby Berwick
    Street is excellent.  If you're in the USA, Borders etc. are useless: you need an independent record

Q8 : Are there any Hawkwind videos / DVD's?
A8 : Yep!  Check out my pages
Hawkwind DVDs, Chaos 1986 and Out Of The Shadows

Q9 : Where can I get Hawkwind T-shirts?
A9 : Mail order from PO Box 28, Honiton, East Devon, EX14 8AP, United Kingdom.  An order form
    and illustration are available on the
Mission Control T-shirt page.  I also have some pages here
    on this site to allow you to print your own, for free:
Make Your Own Hawkwind T-Shirt.

Q10: What is a Hawkwind Passport and how can I get one?
A10: Basically it's an official fan club membership and you can get an application form online at the
Mission Control Hawkwind Passport page

Q11: Which album has song <x> on it, and is that different to the one that appeared on album <y>?
A11: You need the
Hawkwind Codex!

Q12: I've just heard about a new Hawkwind album called <x>, but the track listing is the same as on
     album <y>.  What's the story?
A12: Public service is my middle name :-)  Check out
Bring Me The Head Of...

Q13: Is there an email alert for forthcoming gigs?
A13: No, but latest gig details appear on
Mission Control and it's the *only* authorised source!

Q14: Where can I find Hawkwind tablature?
A14: Right here, on my
Hawkwind Tablature page (and the Bass Tablature page too).  A nearly-
    complete database of Lyrics can also be found on the
Mission Control Lyrics page

Q15: Can anyone tell me who was in the line-up in <whatever year / album / tour>...?
A15: Both the
Golden Void (no longer with us) and D-Rider (which has fatal javascript errors) have
    histories of Hawkwind personnel, gigs, setlists etc.. I have a complete set of Gig Lists which I
    inherited (legitimately!) from The Golden Void in the
Resources section of this site.  This also
    includes a grid called the
History of Guests and Members which might be what you need

Q16: Where can I find a worldwide Hawkwind discography?
A16: Only one place: Andrew Dawson's
Hawkwind Files

Q17: Is there any film footage of the Space Ritual tour available to buy, or other Hawkwind TV
A17: This footage undoubtedly exists, there would seem to be about 30 minutes of black-and-white
     film of the Space Ritual gigs, currently held in EMI's vaults.  However it's definitely not available
     to buy.  Read the following links to email messages on the BOC-L/Hawkwind list on this subject:
Message 1, Message 2, Message 3, Message 4, Message 5, Message 6, Message 7,
     Message 8

Q18: Whatever happened to Stacia?
A18: She left Hawkwind immediately after their appearance at the Reading Festival on 22/8/75 and
     married drummer Roy Dyke (from Ashton, Garner and Dyke).  They subsequently moved to
     Hamburg, Germany and raised a couple of kids, with Stacia doing a bit of modelling along the
     way.  She is now living in Ireland and working as an artist (painting...she's pretty good).

Q19: What is this Hawkwind title I've seen for sale, called "The Complete Set"?
A19: It's a boxed set released in 2003, and comprises the two Michael Butterworth books, Time of the
    Hawklords & Queens of Deliria, plus the live 1976 CD 'Thrilling Hawkwind Adventures'.

Q20: Do you know the guys in the band?
A20: Well let's see, there's, er...that bloke, there's the other one... No, I give up.  More seriously, the
     band seem to have a policy of keeping the fans at arms' length and who can blame them seeing
     as a number of, er,
unusual people follow Hawkwind?!  I'm completely normal, of course.

Q21: Do you want to exchange links?
A21: If you have a site with Hawkwind content, chances are that I've already linked to you.  Anyone
     is welcome to link to me, but my policy is to only provide links to sites that have Hawkwind
     content, or are very closely related.

Q22: Hey Steve, how's it hanging?
A22: Straight down the middle - thank you for asking.
If you have any other questions, or you think the answers I've given are wrong, email me here
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