Hawklords Tour Programme
The Hawklords Tour Programme has always
been one of the strangest pieces of writing or
memorabilia associated with Hawkwind.  For
sheer gibbersish, nothing else touches it except
perhaps the Hawkwind Log, which
accompanied the In Search of Space album.  
And that at least had the excuse of probably
having been written under the influence of LSD.

However, re-reading this strange item now
(with the aid of a magnifying glass, the text is
tiny white writing on a black background, and
looks like a negative of ants racing across a
concrete patio) the text is reminiscent of some
of J.G. Ballard's more experimental pieces (not
like the Eurotrash Murder Mysteries he writes
now) crossed with Alfred Jarry's pataphysics
(as immortalised by Silver Machine).

I would not go so far as to say that I can at last
make sense of it, as that would mean that I have
succumbed to senile dementia.  But here is the
text in a readable format, make up your own
mind.  Was Bob Calvert a visionary or a   
Strong in Hygienic Industry
Founded in 1953, by a dream concurrent with
space flight to the moon, Pan Transcendental
Industries, together with macroscale investment
from the state and corporate capital, found it
possible to embark on a wholesale
megastructural rehabilitation of the globe. A
dream which soon became an enlightened
reality and one from which the majority of the
world's population benefit today.

The Heaven on Earth Syndrome
In 1966, Pan Transcendental Industries began
its historic programme for the industrialisation
of religion. To fuse the popular with the
metaphysical and the commercial with the
sublime. With our policy of the reduction of
culture to commodity, The Transcendental Age
began with London selected as the laboratory.
This oasis, at the same time real and mythical,
where the invention and testing of a messianic
lifestyle and its attendant focussed mysteries
could be pursued as a collective experiment in
which the entire Universe became an incubator
of man made experience. The first
metaphactory was built. Covering an area of
150,000 square acres and straddling the
Thames between Teddington Lock and the
Tower of London on its East-West axis and
from Bromley in the South to Highgate in the
North, it employs nine million people. Today,
PTI is the single largest multi-national corporate
in the world, employing forty five million people
with metaphactories in every capacity. This
success has been achieved completely through
the radical pioneering work of Doctor Griffin
and his hypno-physicist theorem.
(Right: I wasn't around at the time but I am pretty
sure that 1953 did not look like this.  It would not
surprise me to learn that this picture and a couple
of other similar ones had become prized examples
of a certain type of pornography - which seems
completely sexless to most of us)
Doctor Brian Griffin's Theorem, or the elevator
principle as it has become known, postulates that the
greater the distance from Earth and therefore the
more unnatural the location, the closer the
communication with whatever remains e.g. light or
air. (The principle is the ultimate self fulfilling
prophecy. The further one travels upwards, the more
undesirable the circumstances it leaves behind.)  This
simple process, which revolutionised world opinion,
obviously works in reverse ratio. Thus, angels are
attracted from heaven to earth and humans from
earth to heaven, or as Doctor Griffin fundamentally
expresses, the core of his equation:

Given G = Ground, H = Heaven, A = Angels, CD =
Car Door

G + CD = H - A
:: G + CD + A = H
:: G + A = H - CD

Which can be explained simply as 'There are no car
doors in Heaven when angels are on the ground'.

The Angel Angle
Due to an unspecified process of levitation that would
be able to suspend gravity, the involvement of Angels
with the surface of the Earth was tenuous.  They
could assume, at any moment, the status of artificial
planets visiting Earth only occasionally.  The Angels
had no programme, without function they simply
exist. They were supposed to be united with a future
civilisation that deserved them.  At this time, the
Griffin Theorem was successfully applied in the now
famous experiment, and a period of divine
intervention began.  Angels could now become
manifest, lured to Earth and although built without
purpose, they could be used by man for his own
purposes.  Discovering the earth in coma and
bringing with them a system of poetic formulae that
replace traditional quantifiable planning in favour of
metaphysical planning, the Angels exchanged their
cosmic energies and feathered wings for the latest
production car doors.  Facilities for manufacture,
furnishing and trial flights of car doors were set up
and with the huge increase in sales, the first factory
was built.

The Spirit Of The Age
Based on the elevator principle, the factories are built
on a layering of the world's surface.  The structure
supports seven horizonal frames all the size of the
original plot.  Each of these floors or institutes are
modified to become an incubator of ideologies,
devoted to the artificial conception of theoretics,
interpretations, conceptions, proposals and their
infliction on the world.  These ideological
laboratories, equipped to temporarily suspend
unwelcome laws, are created to facilitate and provoke
speculative activities.  Projects developing under ideal
and identical conditions have the right to expand
indefinitely toward heaven.  Together these institutes
form an enormou
s incubator of the World itself.  
They are breeding on the Globe.  Hidden in the clouds
other activities occupy other plots.  A lie becomes a
truth.  A dream from which there is no waking
The Process
Basement. Foundry.
This institute introduces
the Voluntary Prisoners to the factory rituals.  
During this period of adjustment, the fresh
arrivals make the precious metal for the car
doors by alchemical process.

Assembly Rooms. Staffed by car crash victims
whose function is to generate new forms of
social behaviour through the transformation of
private into public fantasies. The institute is
equipped to stimulate fantasies, that once
rehearsed cause a chain reaction by suggesting
further elaborations. The car doors are made up.
Sales. Two towers lean toward each other in
ominous attraction.  All ideological conflicts
generated by the workers' attitudes are finally
re-programmed.  The angels select car door models
and flight programmes in exchange for cosmic
energy rates fixed by the international Hypostatic
Union scale.

Research and Development. An institute of
biological emergencies, where all teaching is
compressed into a four year period, so that
university graduates are no older than 11. This is
achieved by the inmates from asylums, who as a
form of therapy, perform their manias as history

Conference. The entire institute is solid, although
sealed inside, in a descending series of galleries is an
accelerated vision of the history of the world's
philosophies. In a de-materialised form, the Angels
assemble for their car door fittings.
The Ball. A permanent confrontation where the
ideal meets the real. The work force, now
perfected, are allowed to communicate with the
painted angel brides in the cocktail lounges and on
the dance floors.

The Perisphere.  Take Off. Using searchlights,
the Angels descend or ascend the cone of
possibilities to their correct destination, imagining
completely synthetic conditions to realise their
self-contained fantasies.

Reality You Can Rely On
In recent times, Pan Transcendental Industries
Inc. realising the fundamental problems of
twentieth century man, have started to implement
our next 25 year plan. Using our extensive
resources our programme intends to celebrate a
Utopia unprecedented in history. Our true ambition
is to create a heaven totally fabricated by man.  To
live logically inside fantasy.  The responsibilities of
a specifically external existence have increased
correspondingly.  To design a paradise that not
only creates the magic arrangement of human
outlet but also to define ascenario for the
scriptless angels.  Today, on earth techno psychic
batteries are the key to a scale of synthetic
experience representing a free fall in the space of
divine imagination.  Pan Transcendental Industries
represents the border between two states.  Our
work is revolutionist and evolutionist at the same
time.  We have created a successful radical
alternative reality which is as critical of

communism in its ascendency as capitalism in its
decline.  Governments of both East and West are
being advised by us and in a philanthropic gesture,
head of state, military and civic leaders have been
placed in a consultancy basis on our industrial
board.  Despite the adverse publicity by minority
unworthies in some segments, we acknowledge
the absolute authority over the planet that this
power places in our hands.
Above Left: the other Mondo Bondage shot - more
1978, and a timely Devo reference to boot.  (No, the
Hawklords were not ripping off Devo!)
The Hawklords
Bob Calvert: Voice
Dave Brock: Guitar
Harvey Bainbridge: Bass
Steve Swindells: Keyboards
Martin Griffin: Drums

Dance group
Sarah Lee Barber
Lorye Naysmith
Barton Sunya ta

Bob Bromide
Barney Bubbles
Dna Fawcett
Chris Gabrin
Brian Griffin
John Mills
Frances Newman

Management: Doug Smith
Liaison: Caroline Guinness
PA: Rig Hire
Lighting and lighting designer: Jon Smeeton
Road Manager: Les McClure
Clothing: Tony Laumer
Hawkwind Feedback: 15 Great Western Road,
London W9
Left: credits                              Below: Back cover
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them to escape into PTI in an impulsive exodus and
to become its' Voluntary Prisoners.  The elite
experience of ascension democratised through
technology began an emotional and intellectual
adventure profoundly altering the decisions and
destiny of present day society. The metaphactory is
a socio/theosophic condenser and celibate work
machine combined. The lower floors bring the
workers' bodies to a physical peak condition and
rising through the mandatory work time the
worker/gymnasts associate with the angel brides
who are restricted to the lounges of the upper
levels.  Together, athletes and angels attend their
meeting in the Perisphere before an aerial panorama
of the city.
Supertime with Superhealth
Pan Transcendental Industries Inc stands for human and superhuman, for death and immortality, for fall
and resurrection.  It becomes evident that The Process becomes a denial of procreation as a basic condition
for the break with cosmic law, and still more, as a condition for enlightenment, freedom and magic
immortality. With the certainty that there is. indeed, a heaven and that its' inhabitants could be emancipated
through machinery, the collective subconscious of the world's population has been awakened and tempted
lunatic?  Who was Bob Bromide?  Was Dave Brock putting Bromide in Bob's tea?
Computers. In a soft environment of hypnotic suggestions, various athletic facilities are provided to aid
physical voluntary self experimentation. Here Nature, obliterated by the new psycho-technology, returns
from its total eclipse as an unstable series of superimposed and simultaneous activities into egalitarian
flight, scar tissue and immolation.