Hawks Write Home

These letters from members of Hawkwind appeared in the 1988 tour programme, as did the photos of
the band in their younger days.  I've typed up the text as well as including scans, for readability
Hi All,

Well, Kris has just
put pen and paper
in front of me to
write ya all a
message.  But
'cause I'm
illiterate I won't
write much 'cause
Harvey will only
mark it all
wrong.  (He used
to be a school
teacher ya see!)
Hello Everybody - Communique 1988

Free Festivals

Where the law of Trespass, National Trust, British
Heritage etc., is against us, don't give up, keep trying.  
If enough of us keep trying to put them on we will
succeed.  Also I sent most of Spring and Summer in
my van.  It's very difficult to to find lay-bys to park in
due to Councils dumping road chippings and rubble,
etc..  Write to your M.P. complaining of them
breaking the law under the "Highways and Byways"

Anyway apart from numerous other greivances I
have, stop!  Hope you'll enjoy the show.  I'm working
on the next one, "The Ledge of Darkness", at the
moment.  Should be the ultimate (a parody of
Hawkwind) maybe featuring - Nik Turner, Bob
Calvert and Lemmy.  So long for now.

Yours, Dave Brock
Keep Hawkwing!  (I mean Hawkwinding)
As ya can probably tell by now I'm no Shakespeare
with a pen. Bassically if it hasn't got 4 strings or 4
wheels I ain't got a clue.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing ya all on the
tour in April, hope ya enjoy it and see ya on the
Ledge of Darkness

Your Hawkfully

Alan Davey
Right: this I take to
be the young
Harvey Bainbridge,
from whom no
letter to the fans
appeared in the tour
A shocking state
of affairs if you
ask me. C-
Howdy Gang,

Another year,
another tour.

Hopefully this show
has something for
everybody, if not,
too bad (just try and
find my address)

Seriously (may the
blessing of the
spectrum lurk in the
brown towel!), I
hope you can
appreciate what we
are trying to
offer,'cos without
(and I mean this
most sincerely folks)
Funny ole life, in't.  Back on the road again,
the wind in our face, sun beating down, all
problems and trouble behind us (that'll be the

Still mucho gratitudio to all you stalwart
enthusiasts, without whom I'm sure
'Hawkwind' would be mere 'Hawkweed',
a-blowin' in the wind.

My (our) sympathy & regrets to any of you
who've forked out hard-earned cash to
purchase any inferior products (albums,
records, if that's what they deserve to be
titled) that have been released by highly
suspect companies.  Rest assured that we,
personally, haven't received a penny of that
cash and are not responsible for the release of
such garbage.

Can only advise one and all to insist on hearing
a disc before buying it, unless the object is
obviously an official piece (it would seem that
it's hard to tell much of the time).

Anyway, hoping for many good ones in the

Bless Y'all

we'd all be without a living, and nowadays just living is a

Anyway, without getting too serious, let's all enjoy
ourselves and I hope you can put up with the drums
sounding like like a pile of suitcases falling down the

Where would we be without music and just to finish on
a philosophical note and to give everyone a good laugh,

Until the next time,

Danny Thompson
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