The Broad Sunlit Uplands of Harvey Bainbridge
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Apologies to Mr.Winston Churchill for the title of this piece, but thanks to Jollyhawker for the photos
and to Jus the Desolate Angel Fearless Rock Girl for the written review.  Both are from a gig in
Swansea that had been organised by Jollyhawker, who also accommodated Harvey for the weekend.
Harvey Bainbridge (ex Hawkwind), The Uplands Tavern, Swansea, South Wales
Saturday 29th September 2007

Tonight Harvey Bainbridge, possibly best known for his days with legendary space rockers Hawkwind,
performs solo.

Immediately displaying his own unique works of intellectual synthesizer driven trance, he wastes no time
whatsoever. The start of the set exhibits a vibrant aura and as we're released deeper into the stratosphere,
you'd be forgiven for thinking a strange behaviour has fallen upon your physical surroundings.  Harvey's
unique soundscapes create a spaced out ambience, integrating nicely with his monologue vocal expressions.
In fact it's a match made in heaven, or even space, for those who are willing to respond readily to the
hypnotic haven.

If there's a downside it's most definitely the venue itself. Due to health and safety restrictions there’s no
dimming of the venue lighting, which of course doesn't quite provide the best backdrop for the potentially
stunning customised displays. The effects are marred further by an inattentive sound technician, if not non-
existent for most part, sadly meaning the vocal level does suffer.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. At this moment in time, if music were to form the inspiration
behind such images then the scene right now would definitely be an abstract working of similar status to
Picasso. As the set draws towards the end, there's a tasteful bouncy reggae inspired number which
sets some of those bystanders into quick bursts of action.

In summary it's a sharp, perceptive and sometimes dreamy creation, clearly born out of infinity.

-Jus Forrest                                                             
(seen below with Jollyhawker, left,  & Lisa, right)
As well as providing B&B facilities to the stars, Jollyhawker and his sidekick Jules, being the the
Dastardly and Muttley of Space Rock, offer security services to indigent musos.  To prove it, here are a
couple of pix of Huwie with his minders hiding from the rain at the Elder Stubbs Festival 2007...
And to end on a more visually appealing note...