A Hero's Welcome

Ordinarily I would have chucked a flyer like this onto one of my memorabilia pages but it has some
interesting notes on the back, the relevant portions of which I have retyped below.  It's amusing to think
that a piece of writing that was intended to be ephemeral has survived nearly 30 years
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ROADHAWKS: The return of the mighty Hawkwind to FA has been *long* overdue but now at last they
are back.  FA was in fact one of the first gigs that Hawkwind ever did, this being on February 23rd 1970
back at the original Phase One gig in Malton Street.  I remember they turned up with a very primitive
oscillator mounted on a small structure made of Meccano.  They played very quietly that night due to lack
of gear but even so the gig was something of a revelation to a somewhat unprepared audience.

Hawkwind's second and most recent Aylesbury gig was on 22nd April 1972 when they played a devastating
gig at FA Phase 2 which many still remember with great nostalgic reverence.  This gig was at the time of
their legendary 'In Search Of Space' album which was the album that gave them the enormous cult
following which they still have even though Lemmy (now in Motorhead) left the band last year.  Despite
their enormous worldwide popularity Hawkwind still seem to have retained their 'band of the people' image
and manage to retain their vast following with very little hype or help from the music press which is a
considerable and very notable achievement.  Ever since that 1972 gig we have been trying to get Hawkwind
back but soon after that gig they became far too big to play the old BAH venue and anyway they preferred
Dunstable Civic Hall with its science fiction star-ship design, which is understandable.  December 7th 1976
is the first time since 1972 that we have had a venue capable of taking them, and they have been in a
position to do the gig.  Incidentally last summer someone dropped a fairly long petition in requesting that
Hawkwind should appear.  If the organiser of this excellent document rings 84568 he can score free
tickets.  Interest in this gig is phenomenal so advance tickets are very strongly advised.  Four and a half
years is a long time to wait but there is no doubt that when Hawkwind take the stage on Tuesday December
7th they can be sure of a hero's welcome.

Apologies for the high ticket price but it was a case of either putting Hawkwind on at £1.95 or not putting
on Hawkwind.  We chose the former (with reservations).  We hope to have a chance to explain how ticket
prices are determined in the near future...
FA (Friars Aylesbury) Prepares for the Aubergine That Ate Rangoon and a
Hero's Welcome on December 7th
Nearly two quid to see a band with enormous worldwide popularity!  Scandalous!!