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are going to be playing on the main stage at twelve o'clock!".  And that of course was who it really was.  I
made a point of not going to see them, since I still think they really did say Motorhead the first time, to try and
con people into going.

In fact I saw no bands at all on the Sunday, until late on, because the big event of the day was Dave & Kris's
wedding, in the barn (Stangeness stage) at 2pm, I think it was.  Having missed the Hawkwind Q&A session
through not being together enough, I made sure I was in the offing for this one, and placed myself in the bar
just beyond the door into the barn, wedged in amongst an increasing plethora of costumed fans.  Someone
asked me why I wasn't in costume and I replied that the ridiculous get-up I had been sporting all weekend was
in itself a costume.  I mean, I'd really rather have short hair and wear a suit and tie, but being a Hawkwind fan
and in a band myself, I have to play it differently.  But some people were actually dressed that way, being bona
fide wedding guests as opposed to mere fans such as we.  They were all ushered into the barn, and then about
Hawkfest 2007 - Part 3
But that (T.O.S.H.'s set) was still some hours away when
Sunday rolled around, with the promise of better weather
to dry things out.  The morning passed with innumerable
cups of tea under the gazebo, though there was one brief
exciting moment when I could have sworn I heard
something that was in the event probably only what I
wanted to hear.  A car with a tannoy system seemed to
be being driven around the camp site.  I never saw it, but
I thought I heard an announcement that went "Attention!  
Motorhead are going to be playing on the main stage at
twelve o'clock!"  There had of course been plenty of
rumours that Lemmy was going to put in an appearance
at some time over the weekend, rumours which weren't
entirely scotched by the announcement of his
illness-related cancellation.  So this seemed to be possible,
if too much to hope for.  So we all listened for it to be
repeated, and it subsequently came across as "Attention!
100 fans were allowed in to stand at the back and watch
what was going on, if they could.  I was one of the lucky
few and couldn't see much of the actual ceremony,
though all of us could hear it perfectly.  It was a pretty
traditional registry office service, albeit the only one I've
ever seen with a lightshow going throughout.  Best man
duties were performed by Danny Faulkner and Martin
Griffin, and before long the newly wedded couple were
filing out through the barn and the bar, into the courtyard
beyond, where they were essentially mobbed by the
curious assemblage of humanity that is the Hawkwind
fanbase.  (Interspersed with some more normal people
who were presumably friends and family.)
Hawkwind hadn't been the night before: relaxed, informal, with a fluid line-up of guests coming and going.  And
so it turned out.  One particular treat was that it started off with a short acoustic set from Huw Lloyd Langton -
not joined by Dave, contrary to rumour, and Huwie's first appearance at the festival, despite the fact that he's
been on site since the Saturday afternoon.  Quite touching it was that Marion had to go on and tell him to start.
A trad jazz group, who I think were the Ken Colyer
Legacy Band, were rolling away as everyone took photos,
cheered Mr & Mrs Brock and chatted amiably.  This all
seemed to go on for a couple of hours, though I think the
actual wedding party and guests had a private area to
which they retired for a slightly more conventional
reception.  Still, there was cake and champagne, and
various persons milling around, such as Matthew Wright
entertaining the bridesmaids, and Mr.Dibs in jovial spirits
(I chatted with him...first time ever!) - all in all, a very
cheerful mood prevailed, helped by the fact that it stayed
dry.  Hooray!

Must have been too much, er, champagne...yeah, that's
right...that sent me back to my tent for a couple of
hours.  I did go and watch some ghastly band for a while,
but was really only interested in seeing the Technicians
Of Spaceship Hawkwind as this promised to be what
As T.O.S.H. proper got going, Dave was centre-stage
almost throughout, leading from the front, and so it felt
more like Hawkwind than T.O.S.H.  I think the entire
Hawkwind line-up was on stage - Richard was manning a
bank of electronics, though I can't swear that Jason was
there.  Mr.Dibs certainly was, with drum tech Billy
Fleming behind the kit and a couple of blokes I didn't
the hour, Hawklord Of Shields, who had even
(scandalously!) rewritten some of the lyrics specially.  I
did wonder if he was subbing for the by-now absent
Matthew Wright, who'd had to depart some hours earlier
because it was all too much fun, I was told!

So the details are sketchy because it was a good-time
performance and almost the end of the fest, which I
wanted to enjoy and not worry about remembering for
posterity.  After the close of T.O.S.H.'s two hour set, I
wandered over to the barn to see Tarantism, the last act of
the weekend to play.  They did their festie / folkie psych
thing, and I stayed with it for about 25 minutes before
deciding, excellent though they were, that my feet had had
it and that I needed to crawl into my sleeping bag.
them this time around.  Maybe I should have kept a note of everyone, but I didn't and won't start spieling off
names in case I forget someone and inadvertently offend them.  It was so nearly a brilliant occasion but I keep
coming back to the weather as the reason why it was merely good and not great.  The fact that it wasn't a
disaster must be down to all those who pitched in and volunteered their time and efforts.  My heartfelt thanks to
all of them even though I don't know the names of more than a handful of the people responsible (I did hear
they numbered 400!).  And of course thanks to Hawkwind, their crew, and to Kris for making it happen.  I'll be
at the next one, but no doubt some Aussie or Kiwi will be too, ensuring I still don't win the prize for furthest
Did you say Motorhead?
Left: this is very nearly where Dave & Kris got
married!  The actual venue was the Strangeness
stage barn, above, and this is how much of a view
there was at the back ot it!   Below: outside in the
courtyard immediately afterward
brilliant with Spacehead on the Friday evening, and did
the business again here: he's really an excellent guitarist,
with a more straight-ahead rock style than most of the
musicians who'd played throughout the weekend: such as
Dumpy, who came on and guested with T.O.S.H.,
perhaps on Brainstorm, which was a surprise to hear
played..  We even had a new go-go dancer in the shapely
form of Marion Lloyd-Langton  :-)  Later on a guest bass player and a Joey Ramone-lookalike guitarist came on
too, but to be honest (sorry chaps) I didn't hear anything that they added to the proceedings and didn't know
who they were.  I also didn't keep track of the set list, though as far as I can recall it was made up entirely of
Hawkwind numbers.  The only one I can quote for sure was Ten Seconds Of Forever narrated by the hero of
Left: T.O.S.H. featuring (L-R) Mr. Dibs, Dumpy, Dave
Below: Dave and the mystery guest bassist
All good things come to an end and on Monday morning,
still-soggy tents were being rolled up and stuffed in car
boots everywhere.  When not doing likewise, we were
saying goodbye to all those we met, and there were a lot of
recognize on synths, keyboards or whatever.  Keef Barton also played a prominent part in proceedings.  He'd been