Hippy Hippy Quake

This irritatingly written interview with Alan Davey comes from a 1988 issue of Kerrang!
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But, uh-oh, where's your head at and don't hassle me man I'm trippin' - no-one's left the Zell a handy
dandy  flash-it-at-anyone backstage pass!  So, the 'jobsworth'  ruthlessly guardin' the side-door
makes me wait out in the cold until he finds someone relevant.  This took 35 minutes!  And when I
do get to see one of Hawkwind's 'management' types I'm asked, "What, have you just come down to
slag 'em off?"

Who, what, where?  Suddenly it unfolds this Brock geezer doesn't think too fondly of kuddly,
inoffensive, wouldn't-hurt-a-fly Kerrang!, and that recent Hawky (or Lordy) mentions have been far
from flatterin'.  Not to mention that four people from K! evidently had their names on the guest-list
for the previous night and none of 'em (thanx guys!) turned up!

And unwittin', oblivious cute li'l ol' yours truly had to take all the flack.  Believe me, clog dancin' in a
very busy mine-field suddenly seemed a healthier proposition!

Anyways, I'm all smiles (my teeth are still achin') an' diplomacy, an' I put forward the fact that I
don't have any personal grudges against Hawkwind and that seein' as how they've got their new 'The
Xenon Codex' elpee on the go, a K! feature surely wasn't gonna hurt too much.

Thus, in a nutshell (a nutshell?  I couldn't fill a bottomless barrel with one of my 'brief'
explanations!) I take a lot more stick, apologise for bein' the lowest scum in the cosmos, realise ol'
Baron 'Sonic Assassin' Brock is not gonna grant me an audience, and settle for an interview with
bassist Alan
'GWR! GWR! GWR!' Davey.

Luckily I seemed to 'quite' hit it off with Al, as I mentioned I was the low-life miscreant K!
kartoonist responsible for the artwork on Dumpy's 'Out On The Road' album which actually features
Mr. Davey among its multitude of characters.

We search for a spare room, and eventually happen upon an empty dressin' room. Down goes the
tape-button, and out spill the kind of unique, thought-provokin', new-school-of-rock-journalist
questions that are the Zell trade-mark!

So, er, how's the tour been goin' then?

"Considerin' the album isn't out, it's goin' really well", says the ginger one with polite sarcasm. "The
album was s'posed to come out about March 31, and as the tour started on April 4, it would have
been a good time for its release.  But our record label GWR bein' what they are - four weeks later it's
still not out!  They've been sayin' it'll be out next week for the past month!"  {Presumably it's
available by now - Unsure Ed.)

I hear you've been usin' lasers; I didn't think bands could use them these days.

"Nah, we 'ave a council inspector come round every night, an' we ain't 'ad any trouble so far.  We
just show 'em simple little things - then when the show goes on - they go berserk!  It's too late for
'em to do anythin' then.  We've also got these psychedelic slides that project onto big white

Yeah. Dumpy was tellin' me earlier in rather graphic detail.  Ol' Dumpers got up with ya yesterday
didn't he?  But what 'appened to Lemmy?

"I phoned Lemmy, but he was too f**ked. He just sounded really tired, probably from 'is recent
tour, so he couldn't come last night.  Probably recoverin'...you know the sorta stuff he gets up to..."

No. Tell me...

"Well, ahem, yeah - I wouldn't know either, y'know...!"  (Lorra laffs!)

So, how about 'The Xenon Codex' album?

"We did it in two weeks.  Ha ha, we literally recorded 'n' mixed it in two weeks.  Which wasn't
enough time, but what we got out of it was really good.  Dave's very wary of it, he says it could be
a lot better.  And it could be.  But we were told, 'You must rush an' get the album finished - so it can
be out in time for the tour'!  (More lorra laffs!)  Well produced, well recorded, but just...a little bit
rough at the edges. But I don't think that's a bad thing with Hawkwind."

What about the elaborate 'origami'-style sleeve? It musta cost more to make that than the actual

"It did. Although I hadn't seen the cover till last night.  We 'ad no say in it at all."

Wha...but isn't it a carefully planned and designed conceptual masterpiece?!

"...No..."  (Even more lorra laffs!)

D'ya wanna talk about this anti-Kerrang! stuff?

"Will they print it?"


"Well perhaps the guy who wrote the bit about us being 'dustbin men' in View From The Bar oughtta
print his name, or come an' say it to our faces.  If he doesn't like us - he can say he doesn't like us;
if he doesn't like the album - he can say he doesn't like the album.  But to personally insult
somebody... It was printed under a really naff picture.  I don't know where they got it... I think
GWR probably sent it."  (Lotsa even more lorra laffs!)

Howdja explain yer audience?  Already loiterin' out front I noticed dirty 'orrible little grebo tikes,
blatant hippies and a bloke with a Whitesnake T-shirt!

"They change every year."  (Well ... it must save on laundry bills...!)  "I've met 12 to 16 year-old
Hawkwind fans. Basically, anybody who does drugs'll come to see us, 'cos they know they're gonna
get a good head-f**k."

So worrabout Brock's 'Agents Of Chaos' business on Flicknife, is there (as we say...) any truth in
the rumour that this could in fact be bye-bye Hawkwind, hello 'Agents...'?

Alan's eyebrows dip.  "He hasn't told me if it is.  Well, we've got another project for the next tour an'
album and it's all in the pipeline. So...!

"It's gonna be called 'The Ledge Of Darkness' and what it's all to do with is, there's two books out:
'The Time Of The Hawklords', and there's part two.  And now there's a third bein' written by Mike
Butterworth who actually co-wrote with Michael Moorcock in the early days. The book is about the
whole thing, the whole Hawkwind history.  So there'll be the album, the book, the comic-book, the
video - the whole package. There's even been talk of an hour-long cartoon as well.  That'll all be for
the 20th anniversary tour" (so who's countin'?).  "And on some of the gigs we'll try an' get Nik
Turner, Bob Calvert an' Lemmy to have a mad frenzied party on stage.

"And then...look forward to the next 20 years..."
RAY ZELL swaps his figure-hugging electric blue
Spandex strides for a saffron scoop-necked wrist-flared
kaftan and, armed with such deeply penetrating
questions as "How's the tour been going, man?", gets
his head together for a heavy rap with semi-legendary
Hawkwind bassist Alan Davey (who?)
"Never trust a hippy."  Dat's wot me wise old Uncle
Malcy told me back in me credulous teens.  So it was
with obvious caution that I approached this 'Hawkwind
feature' with "Why me?  I thought I was mighty K!'s
resident faggot-pusher" resoundin' in me brain.

I took a puff on a straight (while I was gettin' my head
together, natch), an' before you could mutter with a
heavy bottom lip, 'peace, love, dove, brown rice, temple
bells', there I was!  Good ol' Hammy Odeon!  The
second night of the recent stint from the Hawks (or is it
'The Lords'?), and I'm dead on time (for once!) for my
4pm interview with this Dave Brock individual.