Burg Herzberg 2004

Many, many thanks to Alfred Koessl, Bernhard Pospiech and Pierre of Dutchwind for this page.  The first
review is by Bernhard, and all the photos, except where noted, are from Alfred.  Pierre wrote the 2nd
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Left: "Gimme yer wallet or else."  Fortunately,
Alan's bodyguard (above left) had other ideas,
hence the broad smile on Alan's face!
I managed to get to the 1st Hawkwind gig in Germany for 8 years.  And it was a great one!!  I met lot
of folks from the lists: Mike Holmes, Keith Henderson, Nick Lee, Alfred  Koessl, Rainer Wangler,
Andreas Stuewe, Dietrich Pless, Christos.  Had a great time...
I had the chance to chat with The Captain for
about 20 minutes and of course Richard, Alan
and Keith Barton were not far away.  No new
t-shirt, poster or CD.  Just the familiar stuff.

Hawkwind hit the stage at 23:59h (after all hell
was let loose with massive black clouds and
heavy lightning, and it pissed down for about 30
minutes) and they played a blinding 90-minute set.
Here is the track listing: Intro; Assault & Battery; Golden Void; Where Are They Now; Out Here We
Are; Sword Of The East; Right Stuff; Paranoia; Angels Of Death; Brainstorm; Psychedelic Warlords;
Wings; Watcher; Spirit Of The Age; Hassan-i-Sahba; Space Is Their; Hassan-i-Sahba; Brainbox Pollution

It was pissing down for the most part, but no-one cared.  The band had fun.  And we had fun as well
!!  Only Dave, Alan and Richard were on stage but we all had the feeling that there were more.  It was
one of the heaviest sets Hawkwind have ever played.  I don't know what happened to Dave but I have
NEVER heard him play so many (and excellent) guitar solos !!!!!
Thanks to Bernhard for this photo
The highlights were without doubts:  'The Watcher' (Dave played a guitar solo throughout the song);
'Brainstorm' (again, lots of guitar here); and 'Spirit of the Age'.  'Space Is Their (Palestine)' was very
interesting, too.  There were lots of stereo effect during the songs.  The 2 songs I could live without
were 'Wings' and 'Out Here We Are'.

Cheers, Bernhard
It must have been one of those days for the band
to get hassled.  Eventually Dave gives in and
mimes the keyboard parts to Time We Left, as
Above: We are looking in on you now...but (left)
only until the zoom stopped working...bugger it!!!
Shots of the band playing.  Dave, left, is once again on the Les
Paul after having used the Westone at Ruisrock a week earlier.  
Above, Dave is on the right of the shot, silhouetted
The crowd.  Shame the setlist didn't include 'Heads'
The festival setting.  A whole lotta Marlboro being
smoked (or food being cooked, I suppose)
Below & right: more views of the festival setting.  And a Coffee Shop, eh?!
Right: snap-happy Harald
Below: Nick Lee and his mate Ian.
Alfred with Andi (above) & Harald (left).
Right: (L-R) Alfred, Rainer, Andi
Above: (L-R) Alfred, Rainer & Harald
Dutchwind goes to Germany

After Hawkfest 2002 we were so thrilled we decided that we would do the Hawkfest every year! So it was
a major disappointment when we noticed in Spring 2004 that there was no Hawkfest planned for this
summer. Instead of driving to England we decided that we would go to the Burg Herzberg Festival in
Germany this summer. For us (Frank, Frank, Pierre and Anne) it took us a 6 hour drive from Holland and
we arrived at the festival on Friday at 9 PM. Jasper and Laura had already arrived (on Thursday) and we
met them at the campsite. We were lucky to find enough space for all of us just inside the gate of the
festival site! We could hear Birth Control playing but we had to set up our trailer tent first...

We are also into Krautrock, so this would also be a nice opportunity to see (and hear of course!) the
legendary Guru Guru. I have some of their albums including 'Der Electroluch' and 'Hinten'. I thought they
played 'Der LSD-March', but most songs I didn't recognize. They weren't as freaky as I thought they
would be, but it was quite a good gig. A David Gilmour 1987 look-a-like was playing flute and guitars... By
the way, Mr Quimby's Beard was excellent! They played a lot of new songs and the new drummer played
very, very tight. No lead guitar player any more, but this new line-up is much more compact, and I think it
is an improvement.

Maybe we will write a longer review of Guru Guru and Mr Quimby's Beard another time, but first of all:
the energy left from this weekend we will spend for writing about the Hawkwind gig, the main reason
Dutchwind went to Germany (besides the excellent German Beer of course, haha!)

Saturday started out being sunny. Later in the afternoon we met and spoke with Mr. Dibs and Keef at the
campsite. They also were enjoying the festival but right then they were in a hurry because another rain
shower was coming. Dibs, (DJ Satan) and Keef: we hope to see you later this year at the 'Space is the
Place Festival' in Holland!  During the Caravan set we met Andreas, Peter and his son, and a lot of their
friends from Germany. The Dutchwind meeting point worked: we thought we were smart having a party
tent set up at the festival site, but because we had forgotten the roof sail it would not help that much later
the evening. But anyway, it is always super to meet Andreas and Peter and have a nice chat with them.
Wir haben viele Spass gemacht!  The beer-drinking tempo went faster and faster and several joints were
smoked: the spirit was super!  It went even more super but fuzzier by the time Peter brought in a bottle of
Ballantine's Whiskey!  
(So it would appear - Ed.)
During the Anekdoten set the sky became dark. Not only because night had fallen, there were a lot of dark
clouds above the festival site and the stage.  The wind started to blow, it wasn't a hawkwind any more but
a real HAWKWIND!  Within a few minutes it was thundering and raining like hell!  After our party tent
was blown away I ran to the camping site to rescue our trailer tent and my girlfriend who was sleeping in
it. Fortunately she was OK and nothing was really damaged. It was raining and blowing so hard, I thought
Hawkwind wouldn't set up their gear at all... But when we came back to the festival site I saw Mr. Dibs,
Keef Barton, Richard Chadwick and Alan Davey setting up the equipment.  That was a relief!  We had lost
Andreas and Peter during the storm, but we hadn't lost the bottle of whiskey! The party went on...

We went forward to the stage and enjoyed the sound-check by the guys. I always love this moment.  
Especially at both Hawkfests, it was great and it seemed to me that it took several hours... I guess one
hour after scheduled, the Captain himself went on the stage to fine-tune the settings of his equipment.
Special work, only for the Captain! Alan came on, searching for the right patches on his workstation and
computer.  He was playing a Korg 01RW workstation, probably Brock's old one. Alan hadn't brought his
Wavestation EX with him. All the equipment was linked into a computer, probably a Mac. It was for us
the first time to see him playing with a computer.  Fantastic, it still looks like rock'n'roll, even with that flat
monitor on stage!  Another new thing for us was seeing Brock playing the Gibson Les Paul.  I also noticed
that Brock was using a new guitar effect: the red Line 6 POD - it was situated above his gear.  I've been
wanting to buy this effect myself for a long time, now I definitely will: what a great sound!  Combined
with the Les Paul it was a hard, warm and full guitar sound the captain presented us!   Brock had brought
with him fewer electronic devices than he used to.  He only used one or two modules and I guess an
Alesis MMT8 sequencer.  He also used a Pioneer CD mixer - this last one he used for sure for the
Brainstorm-intro.  When we saw this setup we thought this would be a more rocky evening instead of a
spacey one. But that was completely wrong!  During the concert, I wasn't sober at all anymore, but the
music spaced me out completely. The bass sound was also hard, maybe it was too distorted. But for me it
was not irritating, I love Alan's bass playing and his bass sound.
Slowly Hawkwind took over the wind and as if the gods were playing with it, the rain stopped. Only a few
drops were teasing us during the concert. The intro started and the opening song of the set was Assault
and Battery followed by the Golden Void and Where Are They Now.  Then a new song was played, Out
Here We Are, we presume.  After this one I went to the bar as fast as I could to buy some fresh beer for
everybody.  I couldn't taste the whiskey any more... I could hear very clearly the opening of Sword of the
East, and I noticed that the Captain was playing short solos in between the chords. When I came back to
the front of the stage with the beers we had to drink fast because it was time to jump about: the Right
Stuff. The Paranoia theme and Angels of Death followed. Afterwards the 'The Captain Speaks’ intro
from Mission Control started for the Brainstorm intro, without the speech of the Captain himself. I think it
came from the CD mixer. Followed of course by a storming version of Brainstorm with some new
arrangements in the middle part. Psychedelic Warlords, always stunning!  Next song was for me one of
the highlights of the concert: Wings.  Normally a slower, relaxing song, but this time it worked very well!  
Followed by another highlight: the Watcher... Spirit of the Age sounded somewhat different to me, but as
usual a singalong.  I knew the end of the concert was drawing close when they started to play Hassan-i-
Sahba, as it is always played at the end of the set.  Space is their Palestine was in between.

When they finished the regular set the crowd were screaming for more. They had to come back, and yes
they did!  Brainbox Pollution was the encore. Then they left for good. Despite all the screaming and yellingâ
€¦ Mr. Dibs packed the equipment away for Alan Davey and Keef was handling the stuff for the Captain.
Richard had to do all the packing for the drums by himself. We went to a bar to discuss the concert. We
all were very excited and we were more talking and screaming to each other more than we were listening
to each other! Too much smoking, too many drinks, but never too much Hawkwind... The next day we
had to drive back to Holland. During that drive, we were very tired, so all the more reason to finally listen
to each other. We came the the conclusion that the set list was as follows:

intro / assault and battery / golden void / where are they now / out here we are  / sword of the east /
right stuff / paranoia / angels of death / intro to brainstorm / brainstorm / psychedelic warlords / wings /
the watcher / spirit of the age / Hassan-i-Sahba / space is their / Hassan-i-Sahba / brainbox pollution

We're waiting for the next album, Take Me To Your Leader...

Greetings From Dutchwind:

Franky 'Fast Forward Into The Future'
Frank 'The Sea Captain'
Jasper and Laura
Pierre and Annemarie
Two more live photos, courtesy of Alfred.  Dave
and Richard silhouetted, above, and a "motion shot"
on the right, proving that the lightshow did consist
of more than a white light!
Are you sure you're feeling OK?
Below: the 4 following pictures were taken by Ian
Brazewell (aka Nick Lee's mate Ian, see mugshot
above) and appear here by his kind permission
Left: Nick, having one of those 'cool' moments
Above & Below: same bloke with Dave & Kris
Left: (L-R) Lucy, Mike, Nick and someone wearing a
baseball cap backwards, as is the way of these
modern day kids.  In my day we wore our clothes the
right way round, but you can't tell these teenagers
anything.  Bring back National Service!