1976 Unofficial Tour Programme
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from the 1976 Astounding Sounds UK tour, sold along
with other unauthorised merchandise outside the venue
both before and after the gig.  Those were the days!
As well as scanning the content, I've retyped it for those with tired old peepers.  It reads to me like an
American press release, rehashed in the UK...


The English seven piece rock band HAWKWIND, who were the prime innovators of 'space rock', are the
subjects of a major new sci-fi novel directed by MICHAEL MOORCOCK, titled TIME OF THE
HAWKLORDS, published this week by Aidan Ellis.  The book deals with the destruction of London and the
ensuing of a bunch of freaks amongst the HAWKWIND.  The band, led by Captain Calvert (the group's
lead singer) and jetting around on 'Silver Machines' entertain what's left of humanity.  HAWKWIND are the
first group to be the subject of a novel!

The book was published in hardback by Aidan Ellis on Thursday 1st July and is priced at £3.80.  TIME
OF THE HAWKLORDS will be published in paperback by Star Books 1 September and later on it will
appear in the States courtesy of Warner Books.

HAWKWIND have officially signed with Charisma Records after some months without a record company.  
HAWKWIND's lead singer, Bob Calvert, had this to say about the deal: "Signing with Charisma will give us
new artistic freedom which will undoubtledly lead to a new phase in HAWKWIND's career."  Charisma
release a new single titled Kerb Crawler on July 16th, with an album to follow shortly afterwards.  Kerb
Crawler marks something of a departure from the normal HAWKWIND 'sound'.  Calvert explains "Kerb
Crawler features a radically different approach.  It is basically fifties rock with seventies sound effects.  
The single also makes use of a horn section and back-up singers, something that HAWKWIND have not
previously used on record."
Numerous drummers came and went until the arrival of Simon King from Opal Butterfly.  He was later
joined on drums by Alan Powell, ex-Chicken Shack, Vinegar Joe,  Pacific Gas and Del Shannon.  Alan was
enlisted after a football accident put King temporarily out of action.

Violinist and keyboard player Simon House is also a fairly recent addition to the ranks of HAWKWIND.  
He had previously seen service with High Tide, whom he joined in 1968, and the Third Ear Band.  Simon
was trained as a classical musician and also studied mathematics and psychology at university.  Bassist
Paul Rudolph, ex-Pink Fairies and Deviants, joined HAWKWIND as Lemmy's replacement.  Lemmy left
midway through an American tour in 1975 to form Motorhead, and Rudolph, who had jammed with the
band in numerous occasions, was the obvious replacement.

To date HAWKWIND have released six albums, In Search Of Space being a a Top 20 album in the Music
Week charts in September '72.  In Search Of Space was released in 1972 at a time when the group were
filling venues like Wembley Empire Pool and Liverpool Stadium.  Despite their massive success,
HAWKWIND continued to gig constantly and play various benefit concerts, which accounts for the
incredibly strong grass roots following that the group have.  Warriors On The Edge Of Time was
HAWKWIND's best selling album in the States.

HAWKWIND are a unique group, both in terms of sound and light (the latter being provided by Jonathon
'Liquid Len' Smeeton).  Despite recent upheavals within the group, HAWKWIND continue to consolidate
their position as one of Britain's truly 'progressive' acts.

HAWKWIND's journey has only just begun!

Cosmic rockers HAWKWIND enter a new era!  Always way ahead of their rivals in the field of
experimentation, they are once more rocking where no band has been before.  HAWKWIND are with a
new record company, new agency and a new manager, Tony Howard, and once again 'levitating people's
minds in a nice way'.  A single titled kerb Crawler and an album of entirely new material have been
recorded.  United Adrtists have released a compilation album titled Roadhawks, featuring tracks like Hurry
On Sundown, Paranoia, Space Is Deep and Wind Of Change.  HAWKWIND's million-selling chart topper
Silver Machine (number 1-NME charts, 1972) was re-released and once again proved very successful.  
The famous lightshow is better than ever, the involvement with science-fiction writer Michael Moorcock
continues after last year's Deep Fix LP on which the band played with Moorcock contributing the narrative,
and plans for a major tour are getting under way.

Bob Calvert, poet and vocalist, has rejoined the group after a short solo career.  Calvert, who once
performed with a group called Oliver Twist and the Lower Third, found that he could not survive
artistically without HAWKWIND.  "I felt as though I was in a limbo just writing and recording.  I need to
perform.  HAWKWIND is my band!"

Calvert joins founder members Nik Turner (saxophone) and Dave Brock (guitar), who formed
HAWKWIND round a nucleus of freaks in Notting Hill Gate in 1969.  Turner and Brock met up in Holland
in the mid-sixties.  Nik was involved with a rock'n'roll circus, aptly named Circus 67, and Dave was
playing with the Famous Cure.  They found that they had things in common, started jamming together, and
the basis of HAWKWIND was formed.  Although this was Nik's first serious band, he had previously
played with several jazz and blues groups in the Canterbury area, amongst them Virgin and the Tailgaters.

SINGLES: Hurry On Sundown            UA 1970
       Silver Machine              UA 1972
       Urban Guerilla              UA 1973 (withdrawn the week of release at 39 in
       Psychedelic Warlords        UA 1974  the charts)
       Kings Of Speed              UA 1975
       Silver Machine              UA 1976 (re-released)

ALBUMS:  Hawkwind                    UA 1970
       In Search Of Space          UA 1971
       Greasy Truckers Party       UA 1972 (one side, special limited edition)
       Revelation Album           (very rare, from Glastonbury Festival)
       Doremi Fasol Latido         UA 1972
       Space Ritual Live           UA 1973 (double)
       Hall of the Mountain Grill  UA 1974
       Warrior on the Edge of Time UA 1975
       Hawkwind                    UA (Sunset) 1975 (Budget re-release)
       Roadhawks                   UA 1976
This was in the programme.  It's obviously from the same roll of film as the very similar pics on Photo
Gallery 82 and Photo Gallery 141.  There are others of individual band members in the official 1976
tour programme which were also snapped during the same photo session.
I'm not exactly
certain of the
provenance of this
item (left).  My best
guess is that the
publication from
which this material
was drawn was an