Hawkwind Tablature
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See also the Hawkwind Guitar Lessons page for a few more graphic examples of how to play this stuff

Thanks to those who have contributed to this page:

Doug Pearson for Song Of The Gremlin I & II, plus corrections to Jack Of Shadows & other numbers
Joe Loehr for Kings Of Speed, Choose Your Masques, Infinity, Alien (I Am) and Make What You Can
Michael Blackman for The Sea King and Love In Space
Miles Walsh for Flying Doctor, Motorway City and Who's Gonna Win The War
Michael Blackman, Mike Holmes and Alan Taylor all helped with the lyrics to "Right To Decide"
Mick Crook for fixing the lyrics to "Digital Nation and "Sunray"

Bass tablature credits:

Thanks to: Denis Regenbrecht for Free Fall and Watching The Grass Grow, Hank Scorpio for Motorhead, Kris
Clayton for Master Of The Universe and Gerry Doyle for Lord Of Light (a joint effort between Gerry and
myself actually :-)
Please note: Up to about 1977 Hawkwind often *seemed* to play and even record detuned half a step from
standard tuning. The reason for this was the presence of Nik Turner in the band - the natural key for his alto
sax was E flat (Eb)  I have transcribed the songs in a key convenient for the guitar, e.g Assault and Battery
main riff is E - G -F# - A, not D# - F# - F - Ab.
Part 1 (1970-1975) contains:

Hurry On Sundown
Mirror of Illusion
You Shouldn't Do That
Master of the Universe
Children of the Sun
You Know You're Only
We Took The Wrong Step
Years Ago
Space Is Deep
Lord of Light
Time We Left
The Watcher
Silver Machine
Born To Go
Down Through The Night
Seven by Seven
Upside Down
Orgone Accumulator
Urban Guerrilla
Brainbox Pollution
Make What You Can
Psychedelic Warlords
Web Weaver
You'd Better Believe It
Hall of the Mountain Grill
Lost Johnny
It's So Easy
Aerospaceage Inferno
The Right Stuff
Song of the Gremlin, Part I
Song of the Gremlin, Part II
Assault & Battery
Golden Void
The Demented Man
Dying Seas
Kings of Speed
Part 2 (1976-1980) contains:

Reefer Madness
Kerb Crawler
Kadu Flyer
Back on the Streets
Where Are They Now
Spirit of the Age
Damnation Alley
Fable of a Failed Race
Quark, Strangeness & Charm
Days of the Underground
Psi Power
Free Fall
25 Years
Flying Doctor
The Only Ones
Only The Dead Dreams
Age of the Micro-Man
Valium Ten
Death Trap
Jack of Shadows
Uncle Sam's On Mars
High Rise
Shot Down In The Night
Motorway City
Who's Gonna Win The War
Fifth Second of Forever
Dust of Time
Part 3 (1981-1997) contains:

Rocky Paths
Angels of Death
Living on a Knife Edge
Coded Languages
Streets of Fear
Lost Chances
Transdimensional Man
Nuclear Drive
Looking in the Future
Damage of Life
Choose Your Masks
Arrival In Utopia
Solitary Mind Games
Waiting for Tomorrow
Fahrenheit 451
Dangerous Vision
Social Alliance
Sweet Obsession
Damned by the Curse of Man
Night of the Hawks
Dragons & Fables
Green Finned Demon
Songs of the Swords
Sea King
Elric The Enchanter (part 1)
Elric The Enchanter (part 2)
Needle Gun
Sleep of a Thousand Tears
Horn of Destiny
The War I Survived
Wastelands of Sleep
Neon Skyline
Sword of the East
Back in the Box
Out of the Shadows
Secret Agent
Mask of the Morning
Sadness Runs Deep
Right to Decide
Alien (I Am)
Beam Me Up
Sputnik Stan
Love In Space
Part 4 (2005 onwards) contains:

Greenback Massacre
To Love a Machine
Digital Nation
Angela Android
Inner Visions
Comfy Chair
The Hills Have Ears
Mind Cut
The Prophecy
Computer Cowards
(untitled track)
Bass tablature contains:

Hurry on Sundown
Paranoia (Part 2)
Mirror of Illusion
Master of the Universe
Lord of Light
Down Through the Night
Assault & Battery
Golden Void
High Rise
Free Fall
Green Finned Demon
Mask of the Morning
Sputnik Stan
Love In Space
Tablature is an overstatement, really.  What we have here is lyrics and guitar chords for most Hawkwind songs that are
actually playable on the guitar.  These are my interpretations, not official versions.  They appear in chronological order.

This page now provides access to all the Hawkwind songs for which I've worked out lyrics + guitar chords (plus a few bass
tablature pieces).  Because of developments in technology, the scrolling text fields in which this content was placed on the old
pages no longer work very well.

Instead, I've provided links to allow you to download the text files containing the lyrics / chords / tablature.  If for any reason
the text file content does not render in a fixed space font, reformat it to be in Courier 10pt or similar.
The Only Ones
Swong of the Swords (guitar)
Songs of the Swords (bass)
High Rise
Psychedelic Warlords
Motorway City
Jack of Shadows
Reefer Madness
Hall of the Mountain Grill
Down Through The Night
The Scan
5th Second of Forever intro
Space is Deep
Last but by no means least, REAL tablature, courtesy of Uncle Des: