Dave and Huw at Donington, 22/08/1982
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Above left: the crowd during Hawkwind's set at Donington, 22nd August 1982.  Above right: happier times
two months earlier at Stonehenge

Thanks once again to Dave Law who provided me with the tape from which I transcribed these two pieces.
1. Dave Brock at Donington 22/8/1982 (duration 4:45)

…one of the mainstays of festivals throughout the 70's, and although Dave Brock of Hawkwind admitted that
today wasn't exactly a major success for them.

DB: "Not too bad.  I was a bit deafened, though, unfortunately, by the monitors."

Yeah - a little bit too loud for you, were they?

DB: "Yeah, too loud.  All I could hear was vocals and synthesizer, you know.  It was like being, it was like
fighting a lost cause, know what I mean?  One side of the stage, you're on one side, just doing your one bit,
and you're sort of pounding away there, you know, and you just can't hear what else is going on, but there
you go.  I'm sure out front it probably sounded all right anyway."

What do you think it was like, though?  Do think that it's just the fact that it's hard on a gig of this size to get
everything right?

DB: "Yeah, well, mainly.  I mean, you see, the other thing is, normally, if you've got really big stacks and
crew behind you, we've only got, sort of, just 100 watt stacks.  I mean, you could sort of have about three
or four hundred watt stacks, and you've got the volume to put out.  So they've got the monitor system up to
that equivalent, you know?  And because we didn't have such big gear, that's probably the reason for it, I
think.  But still, there you go, such is life in rock'n'roll.  It wasn't like this at Stonehenge, you know!  We
didn't have any problems there like this!"

(Laughing) Right, we'll have a chat about that in a moment.¦  Now, we've not heard a great deal from the
band lately - have you been lying low when it comes to the press side?

DB: "Well, we always seem to be lying low when it comes to the press side, to tell you the truth.  I mean, it's
unbelievable.  We never seem to get any press, it's very strange.  Do you know, we've actually had - we've
had sixteen albums in the charts since we've been going, you know that.  The press never seem to pick up on
anything, I think we're sort of dismissed by them, actually, it's the only thing I can think of.  Very weird, isn't

Strange, isn't it?

DB: "I dunno, I think it's because of our, um, they can't actually fit us into any category, that's why."

I was going to say, do you think it's really the fact that Hawkwind aren't really a heavy metal band?  I mean,
looking at the bag of bands we've got today, you are more or less the odd one out.¦

DB: "Well, we were playing heavy metal before anybody, you know, decided that it was called heavy metal,
you see, that's probably the difference.  I mean, heavy metal is really just a lot of people posing.  You know,
you see these bands, I tell you, you know, backstage, man...¦ If only the audience realised what they do...
They have their hair permed!  You know, like there they are standing preening in front of mirrors, perming
their hair, you know, getting their trousers creased, trying to look, you know, real groovy to go out on stage.  
And like, the audience they're playing to, you see...¦do you know what I mean?  It's very difficult to explain
this when the audience don't see what goes on backstage, which is quite...¦a real shame in a sense, because I
think that, unfortunately, a lot of the bands that do all this business are completely out of touch with their
audience, you know.  And maybe the audience like that, I don't know.  But, er,¦we're not."

That's not for Hawkwind...¦

DB: "Afraid not.  We like to be involved in what's happening, you know...¦"

Right.   I see we've got one of the ladies that you've got with you.  Why dancing ladies on the show?

DB: "We though it would make a change, you know."  (Laughs).  "We're a festival band, and this is what
festivals are about, aren't they, having a good time and having loony scenes...get away!"

Let's go back to the Stonehenge side if we can, then, the festivals in the early 70's.  You always did extremely
well at them.  Why were they better?  From what you're saying it seems to imply that you enjoyed them more
in the old days.

DB: "Yeah...¦well, it was different.  It was a very different situation.  I think, well, it's what I was saying
about, sort of, bands losing touch with audiences.  That's really what it's about.  I think, then, the bands were
a lot more into their audiences, and associating with their audience a lot more than they do [now].  And I
mean, there's a lot... doing lots of free gigs, you wouldn't get any of these bands like Saxon...¦Saxon wouldn't
go and play a free gig, you know, I mean, they wouldn't dream of it.  It's crazy, when you think, you know,
like every year, you know, we do maybe about two or three.  We do a few sort of small gigs that nobody
knows about, CND, things like this, you know, you get about two or three thousand people.  It's not
advertised in the press.  But we do 'em.  And like, that's what they should be doing, because, like, they take a
lot, you know, but they don't give much.  I mean it's all geared up to big publicity, 'here's our latest album
coming out everybody, I want you to buy this', you know...¦  And like, things like that which is, I think, poor

How about the music of Hawkwind - do you think it's fair to say that it's stayed the same style since the early
70's, and possibly a little before - 'Masters of The Universe' time...¦  Now, is that something you've
consciously tried to do?

DB: "Yeah, I always...¦ We're a spacey band, we're sort of more of a space-rock... We play just heavy space-
rock music, you know.  And that's really all we've ever done.  We've played the same, pretty much the same
thing, but for a long time, now.  We never sort of pretty much changed to get in with certain sort of things
that usually happen in the music business, you know what I mean...¦"

(Laughs)  I do indeed.  Let's change the situation on the press, then, and give you a chance to say what's
going to happen to the band.  Because I've heard rumours of a tour, is that coming up soon?

DB: "Yeah, we're doing a tour in October, tour of England - and Scotland and Wales, of course.  And we've
got a new album coming out.  But we've got, we're getting a new light show together at the moment, we've
sort of got to work on our new stage show, because every year, you know, we sort of get some sort of
wonderful stage show together." (Sighs and then laughs)

All right, to finish off: which song did you prefer playing today, which one went down the best from your

DB: "I don't know... ¦oh dear!"  (Laughs)  "I honestly don't,¦I couldn't tell you, I really couldn't tell you, man,
you know.  It's very weird.  It's like - ¦if you were satisfied with something, then it's a bad scene, you know
what I mean."


DB: "You've always got to sort of - ¦whatever you do, you've always got to do better, at any rate."

All right, let's have a personal favourite, then.

DB: "Personal favourite?  I don't know, I haven't got really any personal favourites...¦  You see, all the
numbers that we've done now, we're not going to do any more, you see.  This is completely the last of last
year's tour, this is the last thing.  What we're going to do next is completely new, so like we're stopping now
and actually getting all new things together."
This page comprises transcribed excerpts from radio interviews with Dave Brock and Huw Lloyd Langton,
apparently recorded the same day as their appearance at the inaugural Monsters Of Rock at Donington 1982.  
I think the two of them are craftily doing a bit spin doctoring, because they don't exactly let on that they were
more or less booed / bottled off by the metalhead audience!
2. Huw Lloyd Langton at Donington 22/8/1982 (duration 2:49 or similar)

...how you went down?

HLL: "We went down very well, I thought...¦you know...¦  I mean, it's, er...¦I think everybody enjoyed
themselves, I mean, all stuck there in a field all day, doing their best to enjoy themselves, getting drenched and
all the rest, you know.  We enjoyed ourselves and hopefully they enjoyed themselves.  I think you'd have to
go out there and ask them -personally- if they enjoyed themselves.  But from the reaction, you know, it really
would seem they did."

You played some new material and some old material. Is there a product in the can for Hawkwind?

HLL: "There is.  In fact we're doing an anniversary - we *have* done an anniversary recording of the old
'Silver Machine' thing, which will be released any day now."

Is it a re-recording of the single, or is it the old...¦?

HLL: "It's a re-recording, yeah.  It's actually recorded in the studio rather than a live recording.  Hopefully it's
as exciting, and it's got a few studio touches as well, you know, so it's, you know, totally down to the fan's
reaction, you know."

How do you react to some of the people in the crowd that are only there to see their own particular band, and
when the other bands are on are, shall we say, not very receptive to the other bands that are on?

HLL: "Well, it's not so much how we react to them, it's how they react to us.  We play to the best of our
ability all the time and go out to enjoy ourselves and put on a good show, and if those people don't appreciate
it, then really there's nothing you can do.  But you go out there to play to the people who will appreciate it and
do appreciate it, and hope that those that aren't actually into your particular style of playing or whatever do
appreciate it.  You just hope, you know.  And if they don't like it there's nothing you can do about it, you

When does the Hawkwind tour of...concert halls...¦ actually start?

HLL: "About two weeks into October, I believe.  From the last reports I've seen, of the actual tour lists, about
two weeks into October.  I'm not sure of the first date...¦"

I think it's about October 19th for the Glasgow date.

HLL: "You probably know better than I do - most people do!"  (Laughs)

And what about recording material apart from the single, is there an album to be released fairly soon?

HLL: "Yeah, we've finished an album which has been cut over the last couple of days, which will be released
to coincide with the tour happening, you know.  Which will be within the first two weeks of October also,
depending on the record company, and when they get it all printed up - that's totally up to them, it's all out of
our hands now."

That's a good note to end on.  Huw, thanks very much for taking the time to talk to us and we look forward
to seeing you at the Apollo in Glasgow fairly soon...¦

HLL: "Yes"

...¦and look forward to the new material from Hawkwind.  Cheers...¦

HLL: "We look forward to seeing you."