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H**kl**ds at Farmer Phil's 14/08/2010
Thanks to Justin Redgrave for this review and photos of...Nik Turner's Hawklords
The Festival was some 75 miles from home and I'd read that The Hawklords were't due on stage till 23:45 (!).  
Left home around 19:00.  The journey from the outskirts of Shrewsbury to the site was fraught - the satnav took
me down 6 miles of continuous country lanes, just about wide enough for a car and I was relieved to finally
come across the site at the bottom of a valley.  There had been numerous downpours through the day and the site
was soft and muddy.  Paid the £25 entrance and got a wristband.  Walking through the site access, the stage
was immediately on my left - it looked like some kind of corrugated semi-circular shed.  Had a wander round,
some stalls, toilets etc (a kid's mini funfair on the way in).  Attendance wise, difficult to tell - 1500 but that's only
a guess.  Hazel O'Conner was playing and I checked what time the Hawklords would be on - things were running
a little late so it could be midnight.
The Irish Band got the crowd going before the Hawklords came to the stage to set up.  The first excellent news
was Adrian Shaw was indeed there.  The rest of the band being Jerry Richards, Nik Turner, Ron Tree, Harvey
Bainbridge, Alan Davey and Steve Swindells.  Close to midnight the MC introduced the band.  The setlist was : 10
Seconds Of Forever; Brainstorm; Aerospaceage Inferno; Hassan-i-Sahba; The Gremlin; High Rise; Quark,
Strangeness and Charm; Robot; Sonic Attack; Shouldn't Do That; Addicted To You (Seeing It As You Really
Are); Opa Loka; Silver Machine.

Alan started on bass before Adrian took over from Hassan-i-Sahba to Robot, then Alan back for the rest of the
gig, with Adrian also playing on Silver Machine.  Highlight for me was Opa Loka - fabulous, hypnotic, great
drumming and lead guitar from Jerry before Nik joined in on flute.  The band were pretty loose but seemed to be
enjoying themselves - those who braved the front of the stage were standing in 3-4 inches of sloppy mud and the
smoke machine kept completely obscuring the stage.  The MC was running around at the start of Opa Loka as it
was curfew time (01:15) saying they'd only got a couple of minutes left but when it had finished he relented and
said they could play one more short number. Nik introduced everyone and we then got Silver Machine before the
close at 01:30.  Drive home was slightly better but I didn't get back till gone 03:00!