Jane the Snail's Ritual, 11/02/2012

Space Ritual, at The Fibbers Club, York 11.02.12...¦review by (and thank-you to) Jane the Snail, who
also provided the pics and captions.
It was a much reduced version of Space Ritual that played The Fibbers at York on 11 February.  The last
time I saw them, at The Garage in Highbury, London, the previous November, they had been about 8
strong but this was a five piece band for the most part.  The pre gig advertising had said Jerry Richards
was to be on guitar and I was disappointed not to see him.  Instead there was a very young guy called
Stevie Jones, who was very proficient for his years.  The other members of the band comprised Nik
Turner (of course), Gary Smart on bass, Meurig Griffiths on drums and Chris Purdon (on
"wibbly-wobbly noises", according to Nik ); later guested by Nigel Ward also playing synths.  Angel
provided gyrations.
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Old Nik proving he can be angelic too
Below: Nik on flute              Above right: Angel takes over the synths, proving she's not just a pretty face
Below: Gary, Angel and Nigel
straight into Watching the Grass Grow which got the audience up and dancing straight away.  I had never
been to Fibbers before and it seemed a bit grim from the outside but the atmosphere was good and it
wasn't overly crowded so that meant those who wanted to dance properly (myself included) had room to
do so and not just mosh.  Nik introduced the next song as one written by Mike Moorcock with music by
Space Ritual and launched into  Ritual of the Ravaged Earth.   The next track was Born to Go, which I
think is a vastly underrated track but this version wasn't the best I'd heard as neither Gary Smart's bass or
Meurig Griffiths' drumming gave it the backbeat it needed and it seemed to meander a bit in the middle.  I
prefer the Hawklords' current version.  Next was the ever haunting Otherworld followed by a rendition of
The Grand Old Duke of York, which Nik explained was about experimental drug taking!  Next came
Urban Guerrilla which is a song Nik should stay well clear of; he can't do the vocals justice and sadly
forgot a lot of the lyrics or got them in the wrong order.  Sonic Savages was much better and then
followed by a good version of Sonic Attack. I also liked the version of Hurry on Sundown and Seven by
Seven was great as Nik chose to recite rather than sing the lyrics.  As he is going quite deaf these days
sometimes his voice is a bit off. There was a stonking version of Orgone Accumulator which got
everyone who'd thought about dancing but hadn't been brave enough 'til now out on the dance floor.  The
version of Steppenwolf was one of the funkiest I've ever heard and everyone seemed to like it, but sadly
Children of the Sun, which, despite being one of Nik's own compositions, he is unable to do justice to
anymore. Walking Backwards was good but unfortunately they'd already overrun their allotted time so
Brainstorm was the last number, bringing down the house.  If there had have been time for an encore,
they couldn't have topped it.
Right:  Chris Purdon in the spotlight
Nik kicked off with what now seems to be
traditional, Welcome to the Future and then went
Above: Chris and Stevie