1.  Mission Control - the only official Hawkwind site, where all the content is approved by the band.

2.  Hawkeye on Hawkwind - Age Parr's great site, new URL and lots of new updates as of 21/04/03

3.  Voiceprint - reviews of recently released Hawkwind material.  You can buy online too.

4.  CD Services - a Space Rock specialist mail order house and a great place to buy Hawkwind CD's.

5.  Cherry Red Records' Hawkwind offerings

6.  BOC-L/Hawkwind mailing list - content via a web interface.  You can join the list or post to it from here.

7.  Phil Franks aka Philm Freax, took the cover photos on In Search Of Space, and he has some great stuff.

8.  The Hawkwind Files is a worldwide discography which has every release there is.  Essential.

9.  Golden Void - has gone to the great, er, void - see
Where Are They Now?

10. The Hawkwind Blanga Guide, written by J.Eric Smith and hosted by Steve Pond of ICU.

11. NikTurner.com is the portal to all Nik's sites: see his links

12. Smiler's Hawkwind Resources had the May 2002 Record Collector Hawkwind article.  It's gone, but I've
put it
here on my site

13. Yahoo! Hawkwind Group - a mailing list similar to BOC-L.  There are some files there too.

14. D-Rider was once the best site for Hawkwind line-ups but died from being duffed by Javascript errors

15. Hawkwind Daze - Japanese site in English with tons of graphics.

16. Simon King and Hawkwind - was an excellent site for both of the aforenamed.
**archived here**

17. Jon's Attic - Hawkwind press clippings from yesteryear...now gone but an archived copy lives on...

18. Jorgen Angel's Photographs- pics of Stacia nekkid!  And some of Hawkwind (fortunately not nekkid).

19. Dreamworker - our sister site, run by my great friend and mad Hawkwind fan Rob.  Some of my stuff
first appeared on his site, even if he's since chucked it away.  Actrually he's thrown all the Hawkwind stuff

20. Mike's Wind of Change had a Hawkwind theme and special adult only Stacia pages!!  
**archived here**

21. Hawkwind Windows theme...originally from a site called Scatter's Lost Reality, which vanished in 1999 or
so.  Gone for good, it seems.

22. Nils, Rock Man of Norway! says "Hello men!  You can coming here for Hawkwind.  It will be getting best
soon for fun!"  Nils ws a perpetually stoned Norwegian loon, with only the vaguest grip on reality (or
Hawkwind), and his stie's gone now...but it's
**archived here**.

23. http://makemyday.free.fr/hawkwind.htm - history of Hawkwind with a great HOTMG animated GIF

24. Electric Tepee was a fan site with Guitar Tab run by an Aussie bloke called, er, Elric.  Finito.

25. Brighawk were a Hawkwind tribute band from Central Scotland, but are no more, I would assume

26. http://punkcast.com/2/index.html
*used to have* photos and streaming audio from the 1997 UK tour - the
content was taken down on May 28th 2006 at the band's request...

27. Boogie with Calvert... Well, he's shuffled off this mortal coil and so has this site.

28. Gnod's Music Map of Hawkwind is another clever animation

29. Visionary used to sell Hawkwind DVD's and videos online.  But other people do now.

30, Liverpool Stadium - where (some of) Space Ritual was recorded, has some nice Hawkwind photos.

31. Hawkwind at the Isle of Wight festival 1970, in their own words!  Also on the same site:

32. Windsor Free Festival in 1973.  Several pics of Hawkwind including Calvert in "Man from C&A" guise.

33. The Weird CD covers - by Mark Wilkinson, the artist who created them. (New URL 18/9/04)

34. JVK's Hawkwind Page - when are we going to see these press clippings, John?!

35. WWWhatsup Pinstand - check out the Hawkwind pins (badges)

36. Hawk US / Time and Space fanzine - by the founder of the Yahoo! email group.   
**archived here**

37. Hawkwind Chuckhole - Hawkwind as the soundtrack to an American Road Trip

38. Hawkwind Pages are bizarrely now Goffen's Motorhead Page...??!  But here is
an archived copy of what
they once were

39. Hawkwind Photos from Dusseldorf 1972 - gone!  But
archived!  (Phew!)

40. Space Mirrors - Alisa Coral's superb space rock

41. Finnwind - the official Finnish Hawkwind Appreciation Society.  Some of it is in English.

42. The Gibraltar Encyclopaedia of Progressive Rock has a Hawkwind entry which is worth reading

43. Big In Uzbekistan? - another progressive rock website with favourable Hawkwind reviews

44. Progressive World also has Hawkwind album reviews.  Scroll down a bit to find them.

45. Ground & Sky - search for Hawkwind in the artist name box for 3 album reviews

46. Space Rock UK - long gone, but
**archived here**

47. Sonic Curiousity - Hawkwind album reviews

48. CD Reviews by Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS, whatever that is.
**archived here**

49. The Grateful Deaf - loudest rock bands of all time.  Our heroes are there :-)  Well, they *were*...

50. The Vermont Review - ah, New England - white picket fences, autumnal splendour, cranberries, Mom's
Apple Pie and a discourse on Hawkwind and Gong
(new entries in red)
51. Hawkwind Internet Radio - Forget it, he's changed formats to British heavy metal

52. George Starostin's Reviews of the classic 1970's Hawkwind albums...are back! (Sept 2005)

53. Frédéric Loridant's Hawkestra Photographs - colour and black & white.

54. Photos from Donington - June 2001.  Long gone, but
**archived here**

55. Vince Gillard's Hawkfest 2002 photographs are archived here, fotunately

56. NovaDrive's photos of the Hastings gig (18/07/02) and the 2002 HawkFest are sadly lost

57. Strange Trips - the best North American space rock website

58. Silver Machine - were a Hawkwind tribute band based in London, with a now inactive website

59. Huw Lloyd-Langton - Hawkwind photos, 1970 - 2000

60. Live pics from Sweden - taken in 1975 & 1991.  
**archived here**

61. Robert Calvert - Ramblings At Dawn - radio interviews with the aforesaid mad genius.

62. Stonehenge Free Festivals 1972-85 - part of my misspent youth.

63. Craig Mitchell used to have more free festival photos....not any more...

64. Michael Moorcock's collaborations with Hawkwind - told from the perspective of MM

65. Cyberfaery.co.uk - oh, she's flown away.  
**Archived copy is here**

66. A Hawkwind biography - hosted but not necessarily endorsed by the BBC.

67 This is another BBC-hosted Hawkwind biography, from a pretty official source

68. Hawkwind's Electric Library has some nicee Hawkwind content, with racial slurs elsewhere on the site.
The Hawkwind page to which I've linked is clean.

69. David's Hawkwind Page is "the ultimate Southern website on the psychedelic space-rockers"

70. Hawk World had some *.wav files and press clippings.  
**An archived copy is here**

71. Spirit of the Age Tour page had a 1995 interview.  **archived here**

72. Satan Stole My Teddybear - and he also reviewed some Hawkwind albums.

73. The Cosmic Brotherhood of Ra were a New Jersey-based cosmic jazz-rock band.  **
Archived here **

74. The Mountain Grill had Hawkwind covers and the TOTP Silver Machine video.  
**archived here**

75. Screenedge Music- streaming video of Hawkwind playing live.  You will need Real Player installed for this.

76. Planet Loanhead - has Hawkwind screensaver, with and without sound - gone but **
archived here **

77. Zeitgeist has lots of HW content including Dave Brock Q&A sessions.  Search for "Hawkwind" to find it

78. Roadburn's  Hawkwind content is unfindable now

79. Adrift in the Ether - a critical look at Hawkwind's career down to 1996-gone now.

80. Newcastle Opera House 14/11/2001 gig review - gone, but **
archived here **

81. Music Street Journal - review of various Hawkwind albums, including some Weird CD's.  See link 194 too

82. Enterzone - review of 1995 gig by "Nik Turner's Space Ritual"

83. Vintage Prog - reviews of Hawkwind albums.  See link 320 below, as well

84. TonyM's Hawkwind in Oz Page - "see what happens when you let an old hippy loose on a computer"

85. Norwegian Hawkdreams - seems to have bitten the dust.  
**Content archived here and here**

86. Julian Cope's Head Heritage - Hawkwind album reviews.  (New link 26/11/02)

87. New Horizons has more album reviews.  Well, it did....they're **
archived here **

88. Hawkwind MIDI files - I have no idea where these went, or if they were of any use

89. The New Musical Express has some decent Hawkwind stuff here - and they were respectful!

90. The Evil Sherriff's Hawkwind Backstage Polaroids are GONE AGAIN!

91. An article in The Guardian - dating from October 2001.  Lots more from the Grauniad is here

92. Harvey Bainbridge interview - copied from the old Welcome To The Future site, but gone now

93. Lemmy interview - also copied from the old Welcome To The Future site (reinstated 23/03/04)

94. Aural Innovations - plenty of Hawkwind content, along with space rock radio and tons on other bands

95. Hawkwind video stills that you may not have seen before

96. Sonic Space - science website hailing the Masters of Space Rock...
**archived here**... and

97.See this page on the same site, also
**archived here**

98. The Sound of Ladbroke Grove - punk historian pays homage

99. Hawkwind by Slainte - biography & discography...which has now disappeared.  
**Archived copy is here**

100. Hawkwind page on Greenslade site (!)  interwined history and discography

101.The Hawkwind Singles Gallery - images of picture discs/sleeves, no longer to be found

102.Rolling Stone magazine has a Hawkwind profile

103.Allmusic (search for artist = Hawkwind) for a long and detailed profile

104.The Illustrated Collector's Guide to Hawkwind - is long out of print and now the web page is gone too...

105.Spaced Out - had a 1993 interview with Dave Brock & Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet (they were
presumably interviewed separately).  Gone now.

106.Pure Cardiff - gig review from Friday 23/11/01, which is **
archived here **

107.NorthNights - review of Gig at Leeds Irish Centre, April 2001 **
archived here **

108.Destroy All Monsters' review of the Chronicle of the Black Sword DVD **
archived here **

109.The Famous Cure - Dutch site (in English!) with history and photographs **
archived here **

110.Frances Shefl's brief Hawkwind history with lyrics, including some rarely seen Calvert pieces

111.Mott The Dog's review of Alien4 can now be accessed from link 409 below...

112....and so can this general Hawkwind overview by Mott The Dog

113.The Zone's Top Ten Space Rock albums - includes a review of Chronicle of the Black Sword

114.Epinions - Reviews of Hawkwind albums now require subscription...

115.Softshoe - detailed discography with current availabilty

116.F/i's account of Stange Daze 97...gone...

117.Real Festival Music's HawkFest 2002 page has photos, words and video, and far too much of Stephe
Lindas!  This is a seriously good page.

118.Tim Blake Interview on ccnewz.org.uk **
archived here **

119.Assassins of Silence are a new Hawkwind tribute band, details of forthcoming gigs appear on their site

120.ArtWWWeb had a review of a 1997 Swindon gig which is *
archived here *.  Scroll 10% of the way down

121.The Litmus website is well worth a visit.  Buy their album!

122.The Super Seventies Rocksite has a 1972 review of In Search of Space

123.Wikipedia has a Hawkwind profile and album listing, to which anyone can make submissions

124.Addicted to Sound's review & pics from the 1997 Halloween gig at Shepherds Bush Empire is **

125.The MENSA Rock Special Interest Group newsletter carried a review of Live 1990.  Once!

126.Metal Roots - biography / album listing citing Hawkwind as pioneers of Heavy Metal.  
**Archived here**

127.Collector Cafe has a brief article on the retail value of rare Hawkwind vinyl

128.UK Music Awards sells facsimiles of Platinum, Gold and Silver albums awarded to Hawkwind for UK
record sales.  I don't think they're remotely official

129.The Pink Floyd Encyclopaedia Page had a section devoted to the accompanying free Hawkwind CD, which
is **
archived here **

130.Signed Hawkwind memorabilia. Watch out, hardcore porn elsewhere on this site.

131.Spacehawk includes a review of the 23/12/77 Sonic Assassins gig.

132.Garden City - press cuttings, photos, the Autumn 2001 tour press releases, etc..  **
archived here **

133.Pop Culture Press has an interview with Adrian Shaw

134.Hawkwind Family Tree from 1967 - 1992

135.The Trouser Press has this history/biography, which is maybe 10 years out of date but still a decent read

136.Forced Exposure - gritty album reviews

137.Pooter's Psychedelic Shack has some Hawkwind album reviews and a lot of interesting, non-HW, content

138.Planet Mellotron reviews several Hawkwind albums for their use of that instrument

139.The Collections
- gone! - see Where Are They Now?

140.Headsmith had these pics from the Hawkfest - once upon a time

141.DPRP CD Reviews has a few critiques - scroll halfway down

142.Crud magazine has disappeared.  Crud!  
**But an archived copy is here**

143.The Tapestry of Delights has come unravelled

144.E-prog contains a brief page of musings about Hawkwind.  Are they prog?  (I hope the answer is "no"...)

145.Another Newcastle Opera House gig review: gone but not forgotten -
**an archived copy is here**

146.Earthseeker, who developed the Winamp Skins and Hawkwind screen saver here on my site, also has a
Robert Calvert tribute which is well worth checking out!

147.Moorcock's Miscellany is worth checking out - search for Hawkwind to get to the content...

148.PopNews247 - Hawkwind news via SMS text message?  Of course it no longer exists, if ever it did

149.Ebay (USA) always has Hawkwind items for sale.  So does Ebay (UK)

150.Lemmy The Terrible - 1975 interview

151.Mike Dean's Homage To Hawkwind - I think this is an old site brought back to life recently

152.Rock Grotto's Hawkwind photographs - Edinburgh, Autumn 2001 (New URL 18/09/04)

153.Gullbuy's Review of In Search of Space (New URL 18/09/04)

154.Gig Review of 14/3/78 concert in Belleville, Illinois, USA - gone, but **
archived here **

155.Brushwood Folklore Center's pics of Strange Daze 97

156.Miss Fantastic's Midi Vault has ...been emptied...

157.DPRP has a Tim Blake interview

158.Woronzow Records, sadly departed, had an Adrian Shaw biography which is **
archived here **

159.Hippyland has Hawkwind album reviews & comments.

160.SearchHippo has no Hawkwind connection but they did give me a free ad :-)

161.Huw Lloyd-Langton Interview on the MusicStreetJournal site

162.Omnivoid's Hawkwind Page - 2 nice photos but no other content

163.Captain Cloud's Strange Daze 98 pics, with Strange Daze 99 pics being here

164.Star-Pix has a scan of a December 2002 article in Classic Rock magazine, about the xHawkwind saga

165.The Hawkwind Auction page is brought to you by the Hawkwind Network Webring

166.Hawke In Space - Hawkfan who produced the Hawkfriends/Orbit fanzine in the 80's

167.Electric Basement used to have a brief review of the Chronicle of the Black Sword DVD

168.Hawkzone, a French-language site, might be dead but lives on in archived form **
here **

169.The Sonic Rock Solstice website has ...disappeared!

170.Wibble2 was once Hawkwind-related for about 3 hours but isn't any longer

171.BrightonLife has an up-to-date history of the band,with contact details and trivia

172.Classic Rock Productions marketed the Live in Nottingham 1990 / Bedrock / Classic Rock DVD but seeing
as they never paid the band any royalties, how fitting it is that they have disappeared up their own firmament

173.StonerRock looks very tasty whether or not it has much Hawkwind content...

174.Gale Warning - The Guardian's review of the Epoch-Eclipse 30th anniversary compilation album

175.Q Magazine had some unenthusiastic Hawkwind album reviews, which are now gone...

176.Croydon 14/11/99 photos - hidden away on Zeitgeist, where no search will find them!  Especially as
they've vanished - but all bar three are **
archived here **

177.Alien Dream -  Hawkwind-inspired high quality space rock, on which Keith Kniveton has played

178.North German Hawkfans...well, they used to be here...

179.The Hawkwind Museum has now opened its' doors to visitors and is a great way to spend the day!

180.The Bickershaw Festival (5th-7th May 1972) Official Programme had this to say about Hawkwind

181.Simon's Rock'n'Roll Klick-O-Rama has a review of the 1977 UA 'Master of the Universe' compilation

182.Gigwise has this review of the 8/12/02 gig at Liverpool and some unique good quality photos

183.Universal Wheels have a Hawkwind interview from 1995 (link reinstated 22/03/04)

184.Tony Hill's website has pics of Huw at the Standard, April 2002 - well, it used to...

185.WSVN Radio's review of the Church of Hawkwind album - and of the In Search Of Space album

186.MSN Entertainment has sound samples of many Hawkwind tracks (requires IE 5.0 or higher and
Windows Media Player 7.0 or higher)

187.Tash's Photography has 3 Hawkwind & Nik Turner pics, and many other great Festival photos

188.Rock City has a brief review of a November 2001 gig in Nottingham

189.Xmas 2000 Astoria fan pics...er, slightly *grainy* :-)

190.Chaos Illumination are doing the stage lighting for Hawkwind and Bedouin these days

191.Dumpy's Rusty Nuts has some Hawkwind photos - check the galleries

192.Expose Newsletter has an excellent Dave Brock interview from 1996-97.  Er, no it doesn't...

193.Hawkwind Rare Record Price Guide - so rare it's invisible -
**but an archived copy is here**

194.Music Street Journal again - this link has different HW content than link number 81 above

195.Spacefood are a new Hawkwind tribute band operating in Cheshire...their site will make you chuckle

196.Stephan Forstner used to have scans of Pete Frame's Hawkwind Family Tree - but that was then and this is

197.Neo-Quark is a former audience recording trading forum who've suspended all such activities at the
request of the band.  But their Photos section is well worth checking out for posters, programs and t-shirts

198.Yahoo Music has this page on Hawkwind.

199.Dr Oz Hardwick's Hawkwind photos, which used to be on the Voiceprint site, are *excellent*

200.Psychotropic Zone has this interview with Adrian Shaw

201.Twilight has descended on Merseymouth's Celtic Twilight but it's **
archived here **

202.Ozric's Psychedelic Site has a Hawkwind page with a few graphics, a discography and Sonic Attack
playing in the background

203.Drakir and his Darkness has an uncomplimentary review of a Hawkwind gig at a Brixton Academy All

204.Ian Simpson's Hawkwind Discography 1970-75

205.Apeshit reviews Space Ritual Sundown V2
206.Novadrive did come back at one point, but has since absented itself again

207.Hawkwind on 8-track cartridge - courtesy of Johan Edlundh

208.A.D. Jensen's CD Reviews - well, where did he go, I wonder?

209.Jon Hinchliffe's Hawkestra review- written by a guy who suffers from ME (chronic fatigue syndrome)
but he still made it to the gig...Scroll 80% of the way down to find it

210.Drum Solo! - Prog Rock's most painful moments has gone again but is **
archived here **

211.SPV Records were once (24/04/03) claimed to be Hawkwind's new record label.  But...they're not!

212.Hawkwind Auction sites (similar to E-Bay, but lower-volume) can be found at
Ebid.co.uk, Amazon.com

213.Andy Cobley's Sonic Attack *was* a Graphic-intensive page with 1980's stage photos and background
sounds.  Hopefully it will reappear somewhere and somewhen

214.VIP-24 used to retail Hawkwind CD's, vinyl & memorabilia.  They're wholesale only now.

215.Borderland has intelligent reviews of 2 Hawkwind compilations.  Scroll 40% of the way down the page.

216.Motorway City was a Hawkwind forum that never really got into gear, unfortunately.

217.BBC Radio Newcastle has an audio interview from the Winter 2002 tour and an acoustic session!!

218.Grandfather Rock Ticks On from the New Zealand Herald.  They've got more here

219.Pete Pracownik's artwork is being used for just about all Hawkwind promotional material now

220.SSP Stonehenge Music claims a contribution by Dave Brock to a track called Psychedelic Sunrise.  This is
archived here **

221.Season In Hell is a write-up of Hawkwind's ill-starred 2000 New Zealand tour

222.A fan's gig review from The Metro, Sydney, Australia in Feb 2000 **
archived here **

223.Opprobrium's Review of the Assassins of Silence/100 Watt Violence tribute album is **
archived here **

224.Pattaya Mail's review of the Yule Ritual CD by Mott the Dog...can be accessed from link 409 below

225.Orbit Archives provides scans of the early 80s Orbit / Hawkfriends fanzine
Chats & Interviews <|> Gig/Tour/Festival Reviews <|> CD/DVD/Book Reviews <|> Photo Galleries
Free Hawkwind Downloads <|> Resources <|> Other Features
News <|> Links <|> Search <|> Site Map <|> Home
226.Get Ready To Rock has a review of 'Oscillations' (May 2003 compilation album)

227.Review Index UK had all the customer reviews of Hawkwind albums from the Amazon.co.uk site.  Once.

228.Review Index USA was the same thing but from the American Amazon.com site.  Nothing there now.

229.Sam's Bring It On Home page is not here any more...

230.LV15's Hawkwind Remixes - no idea where these went

231.Music Street Journal's review of the Classic Rock DVD written by Bruce Stringer.  They want money
in order for you to read it.  He reviewed the Out Of The Shadows DVD there too.

232.Michael Moorcock interview with Hawkwind relevance from Orbit fanzine

233.Rat Bastard's review of Space Ritual *can't* be found here

234.Progressive Ears has a number of very well-written Hawkwind albums reviews.

235: Deb E is the website for SpaceRitual.Net's sexy dancer

236: An Online Tribute to Stacia - content withdrawn voluntarily by the webmaster :-( (December 2003)

237: Harvey Bainbridge pages on Jim Lascko's Strange Trips site

238: Leeds Music Scene's review of the 9th December 2002 gig at the Leeds Irish Centre

239: Fretplay has some proper guitar tablature for The Fifth Second Of Forever

240: Feesch ICQ group devoted to Hawkwind

241: Gonkulator's reviews of In Search Of Space / Doremi Fasol Latido are gone but
**archived here**

242: Mark Flowers Photography had a page of photos of SpaceRitual.Net, which is now gone

243: Expose Progressive Music has a brief review of the (essential!) Golden Void 1969-79 compilation album

244: Live4Metal has an
archived review of the May 2003 Cambridge gig and...

245: ...they also have an exclusive
Alan Davey interview from July 2003...which is also archived

246: ...and a review of Canterbury Fayre 2001 - scroll 2/3rds of the way down the page.  It's archived, too

247: FREQ's review of the 1999 Party live CD - gone, but
**archived here**

248: Another Artwwweb review of a Nov 2001 Swindon gig has been ** archived here **

249: Wind Horse Photography - seems to have ridden off into the sunset

250: Hawkwind Year By Year - gone now (6/12/03)
ALL Links on this page were last verified on: Saturday 30th August 2008
Links numbered 1 through 100 were reverified on Sunday 17th April 2011
251: Mr. Quimby's Beard have a new site - Mackem space rockers who've played both HawkFests

252: Jon Levicke's Hawkwind photos - large-scale high quality prints on sale

253: Wolf Moon has a couple of free-to-download Hawkwind wallpapers

254: Moonshake Music had photos of the 17/08/03 Melkweg (Amsterdam) gig - they're gone now

255: FMSound had this rather good review of the 25/10/03 Hawkwind gig at Exeter which is now

256: Lemmy The Terrible - whoops, I had this in twice.  See Link no. 150 above

257: The Album Cover Art Gallery has this page on Hall Of The Mountain Grill

258: Zabzone has 1 photo each of Dave Brock and Bob Calvert

259: The Space Ritual Appreciation Portal is another fledgling site worth watching

260: Gullbuy's review of Hall Of The Mouintain Grill is worth a read (New URL 18/09/04)

261: Rate Your Music has a Hawkwind page with a very comprehensive listing.  Get rating!

262: Dave Anderson's Biography tells his side of the story of his days in Hawkwind

263: FMSound's review of Space Ritual at Exeter, on Nov 1st 2003 is no longer there but is

264: Prog Archives has a biography, an extensive discography and some album ratings

265: Fye Music has Hawkwind albums for sale online with streaming sound samples

266: Hawkfanfare - excellent site, thankfully **
archived here **

267: Nightshift Live has an uncomplimentary gig review from December 1999

268: Mark Flowers Photography - Hawkwind at the 2003 Rock'n'Blues festival **
archived here **

269: Rockbeast interviewed Dave Brock and Pete Pracownik in October 2003 -
**archived here**

270: TutorGig has a link-ridden biography of Hawkwind which is now vanished

271: Arkyn of Law had this page on Robert Calvert which is **
archived here **

272: Henry Griggs has an illustrated discography and a "Choppy History"

273: Hawkwind on the Danny Baker Show - thanks to the BBC...recorded 12/12/2002

274: ViewReview had an review of the Chronicle Of The Black Sword album - at one time

275: Get Ready to Rock has quite a bit of Hawkwind content: use the Search feature to find it.

276: Jurgen Staal's Alternative Musicguide has some pics

277: Cheezus sells Doremi T-shirts!  New ones!

278: Gary Williams painted up this
Hawkwind tribute bike

279: Detroit Metro Times had a review of Year 2000: Codename Hawkwind ** archived here **

280: Fat Reg reviewed the Anti-Heroin gig at Crystal Palace Bowl in 1985

281: Yaz and Flo's Hawkfest 2003 pictures - they lit the Barn Stage & created the mushroom tree, BTW!

282: Tom Byrne's Soundclick site has mp3's and more relating to his Celtic- and Prog-tinged space rock

283: World of Tiers 1980 video footage and Master Of the Brainverse - both now vanished
284: RockDetector has an excellent biography split in three parts, namely 1970-79, 1980-90, and 1991-2006

285: From the Dave Brock interview on the Welcome To The Future CD/DVD - never mind.  They're gone.

286: Arthurs Brown's Gig History has a number of photos and some video clips of Arthur performing with
Hawkwind, from December 2002 through October 2003

287: Clientelle, support on the Spring 1983 tour, had some kind words to say and a tour diary *
archived here *
288: Chronoglide - you have to like a site named after a Hawkwind song and Bill, the webmaster tells me he'll
soon have some more Hawkwind content, too.

289: Glasgow 22/4/2004 photos, taken by Andy Cobley from a mobile phone - gone!  Bugger!

290: Aberdeen 23/04/04 photos and commentary by Kev V, excellent!  (and huge...may be slow to load)

291: The Belfast Telegraph carried this briefest of interviews as pre-gig publicity for the 2004 Spring Tour
date there

292: icWales has a brief review of the Cardiff gig (29/04/04) **
archived here **

293: Alacrity's Dublin 04/05/04 photos are excellent

294: The Super Seventies Rocksite has
Hall of the Mountain Grill reviews

295: Mark Flowers' Hawkwind page has a history / discography

296: Music Dish has a review of the Classic Rock DVD

297: Progography has reviews of
Independent Days Vols 1 & 2, In The Beginning and Palace Springs

298: Welcome To Northamptonshire, but keep driving as they've no Hawkwind stuff any more

299: Monolith's Hall Of Respect has brief but appreciative biographies of Dave Brock, Lemmy and Simon

300: Ork Alarm! formerly reproduced a 1975 review of a gig in Dijon, France.  As they no longer do, I've
OCR'd a clipping and it's

301: Cold Comfort's review of Thrilling Hawkwind Adventures - scroll 40% of the way down the page

302: Wonderland Promotions has one of those artist encyclopadeia things, with a Hawkwind entry

303: Rock'n'Roll Coasters used to flog unofficial merchandise on E-Bay.  They don't now.  Hmmmm!.

304: MiC (Lost In Music), for those who can read Greek, reviews the 20/5/04 gig at Thessaloniki, Greece

305: http://www.rocking.gr, also in Greek, reviews the 20/5/04 Thessaloniki and 21/05/04 Athens gigs

306: http://www.soundmag.gr, reviews the 20/5/04 gig and has photos and fan comments (in Greek...)

307: Sonique's Hawkwind Universe came back and went away again but is **
archived here **

308: Bright Eyes, a German rock site, has photos of Hawkwind at Sweden Rock 2004

309: NetSoundsMusic has an extensive Hawkwind marketplace that is well worth checking out

310: Metal Realm had a review in English of Hawkwind's 21/5/04 gig in Athens, Greece.  Gone now.

311: Soneraplaza had a review in Finnish, and photos in any language, from Ruisrock 10/07/04.  Not any more

312: Enter the
Finnish Psychtropic Zone for an English-language article / review of Ruisrock, with photos

313: Duchyparade Films have an excellent page about the making of the forthcoming Spirit of the Age video

314: Adrian Wagner's Mediaquest has an excellent piece on the making of the 'Cricket Star' single with Bob

315: Frédéric Loridant's Burg Herzberg 2004 photos are well worth a look

316: Knut Gerwer's brilliant
Spirit of the P/age is back, hosted by Aural Innovations

317: Polarizer was where you could see John Chase's Hawkwind photos.  Some are now
here instead

318: Tyries'  pics from Nottingham May 2003 and London December 2002 are gone now

319: Zabzone have a secret
Hawklords gallery (on Flickr) as well as the one listed above (link 258)

320: Vintage Prog had Robert Calvert album reviews.  They've been removed, which seems somewhat churlish

321: K-Tan's
Spiral Galaxy 28948 offers a detailed Hawkwind discography

322: Monolith has a review in English, with photos, of the May 2004 gig in Athens.  Jollyhawker found this!

323: Keyed Out - an essay on influential noise merchants.  Guess who's included
324: Check out the Exorium website for Hawkwind covers...actually, don't bother

325: Don Falcone's essay on Bob Calvert with much else to see on this site

326: Logo magazine's review of Space Ritual 2 is **
archived here **

327: Music Recensions carried a piece about Hawkwind **
archived here **

328: DME Let It Rock has a couple of Hawkwind album reviews (scroll halfway down)

329: DTM Gallery reviews of Hawkwind CD reissues (scroll halfway down)

330: One Foot In The Grove - interesting history of Ladbroke Grove's musical past

331: Brotherlordacid's review of the Space Ritual album ...is gone

332: Utter Trash has a Nik Turner interview

333: The Alien Online had a Hawkwind piece, about the use of fantasy themes in rock, which is no more

334: Berliner Krimisalon has a multimedia page in German about the Kid From Silicon Gulch.  Worth seeing!

335: Cheltenham 23/10/04 - pics of Dumpy's guest spot with Hawkwind

336: Coffee with Hawkwind - watch out, you might get what you ask for!  Text only **
archived here **

337: The Second Ether *was* a new discussion forum for all matters Hawkwind & Moorcock - didn't last long

338: Cosmic Chant - Space Ritual newsletter portal

339: Angelflame - website of Space Ritual's evocative dancer Miss Angel

340:  BBC Tyne's review of the 4/12/04 Newcastle gig - thanks to Dave Museum for this one :-)

341: What's That Song?  Identify the Hawkwind numbers as quickly as you can.  What a shame this has gone.

342: Hawkwind at the Glasgow Apollo - ticket scans, setlists and memories

343: BBC Tyne Dave Brock interview from December 2004

344: This Is Wirral profiled Hawkwind ahead of their Birkenhead gig on 21/12/04.  Long gone.

345: This Is Wiltshire reviewed Hawkwind's gig at Swindon Oasis on 10/12/04, but it's gone too.

346: Hawkwind - The Music Street Journal Files was a compilation of all the articles MSJ has done on
Hawkwind, available to purchase as a book.  For some reason it isn't any longer.

347: The Guardian's review of the Manchester Academy gig on 22/12/04

348: Hawkthings - never really got going...

349: TangledWoof is a brand new site for Hawkwind photos - definitely worth a visit now, and more coming

350: Uncle Sam's On Mars recalled 12+ years of seeing Hawkwind and others playing live.  But not for long.

351: American Synthesizer Magazine's "All Time Classics" page included a WOTEOT review *
archived here *

352: Netlive Online has Yann Lecouty's excellent Burg Herzberg 2004 photographs

353: Sun Ra meets Hawkwind in the form of Pulsar SRH7090!

354: Arthur Brown Gig History - scroll 4/5ths of the way down to see photos and video of Arthur appearing
with Hawkwind in 2003-2003

355: Scott's Rock and Soul Album Reviews include an appraisal of the Space Ritual album
356: El Tequila's Hawkwind Site has scans of 45rpm 7" single picture sleeves.  Vanished.

357: Hawkwind Polyphonic Ringtones - well, they have one, and it's "Silver Machine" (of course).  Also
being offered free
here (and you can listen to it too...)

358: Hawkwind Tribe - a bulletin board devoted to, er....

359: Popsters' Clocks were made from old Hawkwind vinyl records and sleeves but they have none now

360: Secret Records has a couple of Hawkwind products for sale

361: Newcastle City Hall Memorabilia - from 12/12/74: text only **
archived here **

362: Music-Sites.net reviews the Classic Rock DVD.  I am veracious prog-rock enthusiast!

363: Deeply Vale profiles Nik Turner

364: Chico News & Review has a surprising amount of Hawkwind content

365: Connolly & Co's Hawkwind discography boasts a few album reviews

366: Grande Rock reviews In Search Of Space

367: Rockfoto.se has 4 good photos from Swedenrock 2004

368: Creem's 1973 review of In Search Of Space is gone, so I put it
here instead

369: Sweet Effay is a blogger's site which has a Hawkwind related entry worth reading

370: Hawkwind in concert at the Effenar, Holland - photos and audio

371: P.H.U.K.'s review of Ian Abrahams' 'Hawkwind - Sonic Assassins' is **
archived here **

372: Mad Scientist Images has some Spring 2004 tour photos of Hawkwind

373: Ciao! Shopping Intelligence has 3 good and 1 bad reviews of Hawkwind, plus a few grainy live pics

374: The Alien Online's Gates of Elysium column - whoops.  This is the same as link 333, above...

375: Prog Organ has some rather atypical reviews of early UA albums

376: The Story of HawXtar, or how DarXtar backed Nik Turner in Sweden...¦use the link on the left

377: Vibrations of Doom carries a fairly short interview with Nik Turner from 1994

378: (Almost) All The Bear's Music contains reviews of some, if not almost all, of Hawkwind's albums.  
Including at least one of mine, I see :-)  There's a separate review of the
Hawklords album too

379: Moorcock's Miscellany explains MM's position with regard to Hawkwind collaborations.  It must still be
buried in there somewhere but I can't find the article since they changed the site structure.

380: Steve Johnson's Hawkwind petrol cap.  I've seen it all now.

381: MP3.com has some very good album reviews and streaming audio of tons of Hawkwind songs.

382: WRC Updates has this well-written but damning review of Hawkwind's first album

383: Channel 4 Card Wars - do the Hawkwind quiz.  Well I would if they "had enough cards".  <Sulk>

384: GAOKs Pics from Bergenfest May 2005 - added on 6th May and may not stay up for long.  (They didn't)

385: Welcome to Planet Hawkwind was an article on a "what's on in Croydon" website ** archived here **

386: Lowcut is a Danish web-based rock mag and has a review of Hawkwind at Bergen, by Scott Heller
387: PopFrontal (sounds pretty exciting, eh?!) has photos from the "3 days of Love & Peace" festival of June
2005, including 4 of Hawkwind and a couple of Arthur Brown.

388: Mott The Dog's review of Warrior On The Edge Of Time is accessible from link 409 below

389: Space Ritual at Burg Herzberg 2005 - photos by Frédéric Loridant

390: Voiceprint Web Radio has interviews with Hawkwind and Bridgett Wishart in Real Player format

391: Musketeer Of Death had photos from the 15/07/05 Dour Festival which are sadly gone

392: Your Captain Is Dead - blog by Kek-w extolling the virtues of ISOS, Hawkwind & Dave Anderson

393: Mad Scientist Images of Hawkwind, by Mr.K.Sommers.  Excellent, but already linked (see 372 above)

394: Hawkwind Gig Pix 1999 - a handful of shots from the gig at St Austell Coliseum on 12th Nov 1999

395: Emusic's review of the Voiceprint Dawn Of Hawkwind album

396: Kevin and Sean's review of the Quark Strangeness and Charm album

397: TMTYL Launch Party Profile - needs the Quicktime plug-in for your browser

398: The Burg Herzberg 2005 website has a couple of decent photos

399: PsychCentral has a Hawkwind profile.  Gone!  This site is now all about f***ing psychiatry!

400: Ran Prieur's Guide to Hawkwind is just one of many interesting things on his site

401: Metal UK carries a review of Take Me To Your Leader by Dave Law

402: Wright On Productions has a page about the Matthew Wright / Hawkwind connection - check out the
photo gallery link too

403: Efestivals has some details about Hawkwind at the Off The Tracks festival

404: Tort has some more Off The Tracks / Hawkwind shots here (scroll 3/4 of the way down)

405: Musicnaut had 2 large images from Ruisrock 2004.  But he and they have vanished into the ether

406: Cambridge Junction had a brief Hawkwind biography in association with the May 2003 gig there...once...

407: Dr.Photo's Flickr page had many pics from the Spirit of The Age launch party on 1st Sept 2005, but as I
can't now find them on Flickr's f***ing stupid website I have to assume this is a dead link

408: Lexicon Devil's excellent review of Space Ritual incorporates an acute assessment of the early 70's
Hawkwind's place in the cosmos.  Scroll 20% of the way down.

409: Mott The Dog has reviewed Take Me To Your Leader, and it's now accessible with all his other
Hawkwind reviews from one place!

410: Ciao Shopping Intelligence has a review of Take Me To Your Leader that is well worth a look

411: Lowcut's TMTYL review is here - scroll 1/3rd of the way down

412: Live 4 Metal also has a TMTYL review - scroll 1/2 way down the page **
archived here **

413: BBC Suffolk's Hawkwind interview with Alan and Dave includes an audio clip

414: Carey Wilson's Chico News & Review column on TMTYL gives it a thumbs-up, see link 364 above
415: Metalzone Oct 2005 Hawkwind Interview contains a written transcript as well as an MP3

416: Rocking.gr's review of the 5/11/05 Athens gig is admittedly in Greek, but the photos aren't!

417: Andy Anderson's website...never got very far and isn't around any more

418: Rockpages.gr has another review of the 5/11/2005 Athens gig, in English **
archived here **

419: Do Not Panic - Hawkwind on Film and TV does what it says on the tin.  Well worth checking out!

420: Hashtronaut is a new synth artist: think of TD meets Tim Blake meets Klaus Schulz meets Hawkwind...

421: Windwizard's site has a dual-interest theme: bikes and Hawkwind!  Check out the chop...

422: RoJaRo's index of Hawkwind articles lists almost everything published about them in the last 15 years

423: Exposé magazine's review of Spacebrock is online

424: Rockbeast has an Exeter 25/10/03 gig review and photos

425: Rough Guides has this piece on Hawkwind

426: The Dayum Xmas Party *was* something to do with Steve Swindells Simon House & Jerry Richards...

427: Psibernautical's Photos of various Hawkwind and Spacehead live performances are...gone

428: The East Devon Midweek Herald reports a Hawkwind news story, with photo...

429: Ego Prime were a band featuring Harvey Bainbridge, who lasted for about half an hour but made a CD

430: Lastwind Music is the website of Paul Hayles (ex-ARK, Sonic Assassins and Hawkwind 1978!)

431: Antithesis had photos from Hawkwind's appearance at the April 2006 Roadburn festival, which arne't on
the site now, but some of Hawkwind and Bedouin 1996-98 are
here instead

432: VPRO's streaming audio webcast of Hawkwind's set at the 2006 Roadburn festival was 74 minutes long
but is now 0 minutes long

433: Earthlab is Jerry Ricahrd's new venture, and includes Ron Tree, Steve Swindells & Simon House too!

434: Trevor Hughes' Hawkfrendz now has its own (long overdue!) website

435: PhotoHorizons has an Eastern Haze festival gallery with photos of Hawkwind & others who played there

436: Hawkwind's Official Myspace page has just launched - includes exclusive audio clips & band blogs!

437: Counter Culture Portobello Psychogeographical History seems to have used some of my stuff for
background research!

438: Jeff's Rockfield Studios Book Blog is well worth checking out for the Hawkwind & related content

439: Hawkwind on Last.fm.  Well this is part of the 2nd generation internet, they tell me...

440: ...as is
Hawkwind on YouTube.  Lots of, er, creativity from the fans, here!

441: Barney Bubbles, artist and designer is a great entry on Jon Coulthart's Feuilleton blog page...

442: Hawkwind: they're still feeling mean is an article by Tim Cummings in The Independent on 30/03/07

443: Alan Davey Music has all Alan's solo material and he has a blog on his Myspace page too!

444: Hawkwind Forum - the band's own official forum site

445: Hawkfest 2007 on Flickr is where several fans have pooled their pics

446: Pitchfork has a very good review of the Space Ritual 2007 Collector's Edition CD / DVD

447 Music Street Journal has an
illustrated review of the NEARfest gig that took place in June 2007.  But
they want your money before you can read it

448: Blogger News Network has a November 2007 interview with Dave Brock

449: Mournblade were Hawkwind's labelmates on Flicknife and frequently played the same free festivals...

450: Robots For Peace is the curiously-named home page of Jonathon Smeeton a.k.a. Liquid Len

451: Dizzler has free streaming Hawkwind audio...

452: Atomhenge Records is the new subsidiary of Cherry Red / Esoteric on which Hawkwind's back
catalogue from 1976 through 1997 is to be reissued

453: Live Music Scene has this Alan Davey interview dating from September 2008

454: Komodo Rock has an audio interview from Hard Rock Hell, recorded on 6th December 2008

455: The BBC's /music page has reviews of the
Greasy Truckers & Spirit of the Age 76-84 Anthology CDs

456: This
interview with Jim Lascko of the Solar Fire Lightshow dates from 1999 or 2000

457: Metal To Infinity's Gunslinger interview (with Alan Davey) appeared on 13th January 2009

458: Metaliville has another, even more vituperative interview with Alan Davey

459: How many Hawkwind fans read the Financial Times?  
Michael Moorcock's October 2008 diary piece
might induce you to register (for free)..

460: Aylesbury Friars' Hawkwind pages are well worth a look.  Thanks Jimski!

461:  The BBC celebrates
Hawkwind's 40-year space trip and also has a live clip from the studio...

462: ...in addition to
a sort-of interview with the band, in the studio...

463: ...and a clip of
Kris Tait talking about Hawkwind Holidays

464: Psychedelic Warrior is the title of an Alan Davey interview on Blistering.com

465: Legal Hawkwind Tabs on TabLibrary are much more detailed than my chords and lyrics doggerel!

466: Dave Brock interview in the Guardian from Friday 28th August 2009

467: Classic Rock magazine's Hawkwind news is sort of a blog

468: STV's Dave Brock online video interview dates from December 2009

469: Tim Blake interview (Dec 2009) on the roland.co.uk website

470: BritRock By The Bay recollects a Stateside appearance by Hawkwind in 1974

471: Live Music Scene has an interview with Nik's crew..and some familiar photos!

472: Goldmine's appreciation of the 25 Years On album dates from Nov 2009

473: All About Jazz has an interview with Nik Turner!
474: Hawkwind at the Roundhouse in 1970, on YouTube

475: Freq.org.uk has this
review of the Alien4 reissue by the ever estimable Manfred Scholido

476: Obelisk's 2010 Dave Brock interview is excellent and also links to a BotE review on the same site

477: Hawkzine rises from the ashes like a phoenix

478: Rush On Rock interviewed Dave Brock in Dec 2010

479: Local press coverage ahead of the Dec 2010 tour dates comes from the
Littlehampton Gazette, the
Oxford Mail and the Bournemouth Echo

480: The Quietus interviews Dave Brock (Jan 2011)

481: Uberrock has
a gig review from 17/12/2010 at the London HMV forum

482: Blistering
interviewed Dave Brock in August 2010

483: Metal Express Radio interview with Dave Brock (Dec 2010)

484: Australia's
Sludge Factory interview with Dave Brock (Feb 2011)

485: Dave Brock talks to
The Australian (I thought there was more than one...)

486: Dave Brock
interviewed on Melbourne radio station RRR 28/02/2011

487: Hawkfan
1990's newsletters & flyers , courtesy of Jimski

The Blackmail (?!) has another Austalian Brock interview

Aussie Beat magazine covers Hawkwind ahead of their 2011 tour dates there

NemesisDancer Hawkwind Onward is the website of Hawkwind's dancer 1988-90, then known as Julie
Murray.  There's lots to check out here, 2 Hawkwind pages and don't miss the Photos and Sundries pages...

The Bucks Herald carries a brief discussion with Dave Brock, May 2011

The Aylesbury Friars website interviews Dave Brock May 2011

493: ...they also have
a review, set list, photos, comments and videoclip from the gig on 28/05/2011

Photos of Nik Turner's Space Ritual, An Spailpín Fánach, Cork, Ireland, 01.08.11

Manfred Scholido's review of Leave No Star Unturned is jolly good

Metallica Plays Hawkwind is a new blog by Alan (Nov 2011)

Hawkwind FanArt has high-res album covers, logos, banners and more

Solquinox (cool name) is a musical collective made up largely of hairy-arsed Hawkwind fans!

499: Digital Fix has
a review of the WOTEOT reissue

500: The Quietus has a very good review of the Space Ritual Alive album