Lookey - Likey

Hawkwind lookalikes!

Do you know anyone who looks like Harvey Bainbridge?  Send me a pic if so (but warn me first, eh?  
I'm not looking to have a coronary any time soon)
It's amazing that Ali didn't get chased out of the HawkFest.  Are they, by any chance, related?

Thanks to
Vulcan Foundry & Linuxchaos for the animated gif and the caption...
Nik Turner
1.  Nik Turner and Gordon's little brother

Has anyone noticed the astonishing resemblance between Nik Turner and my mate Ali, whose
mugshot appears all over this website?  Ali features on the Hairy Arsed Hawkwind Fans page, the
Camping at Canterbury page and on the HawkFest Pics (Fans) page...
2.  Simon House and Robert Graves

In the past I have struggled to adequately describe Simon House, variously likening him to a Roman
Emperor or a College Professor.  Both of these lifestyle choices are, however, personified in one
individual, an eminent member of the English Literati of the 20th Century.  Author of many books
such as Count Belisarius, Wife To Mr. Milton, They Hanged My Saintly Billy, and most famously, "I,
Claudius"; Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you the amazing Cuban Heels and glissando violin solos of
Mr. Robert von Ranke Graves!
Robert Graves
Simon House
3.  Richard Chadwick and Isambard Kingdom Brunel

The first time I drew this comparison was in an article I wrote for Urban Guerilla, a fine Hawkwind
website run by my mate Rob (listed on the Links page as Dreamworker.co.uk).  He censored it,
possibly on account of not knowing the actual meaning of the term "bugger's grips", and prey to
uneasy feelings that Hawkwind and homoerotica do not mix.  I should say not, old boy!!   I meant
nothing of the kind, after all, we're all clean-limbed, handsome, fresh-faced young men here... But if
you dressed Richard Chadwick up as a 19th Century Victorian engineer, he'd probably turn round and
invent the steam engine or build you rather a nice iron bridge at the bottom of your garden.
Richard Chadwick, in
the chill-out tent at the
Isambard Kingdom
Brunel, explaining his
blueprint for the SS Great
4.  Huw Lloyd-Langton and Vera Duckworth

Only in this one photo.  Bad, bad haircut, Huw.
Miniature Huw
The larger-than-life Vera
Duckworth, gob open as usual
5.  DikMik and Albert Einstein

An undoubted visual similarity.  But the does the likeness end there?  Maybe not - they were both
explorers of space and time (and pharmaceuticals)
Developed the Theory
of General Relativity
Consumed vast
amounts of drugs
6.  Nik Turner and Catweazle

Nik in long haired hippie mode this time.  Catweazle was a character from a children's TV show in the
70's, who had an 11th century hippie lifestyle, hanging out in the woods, doing magic mushrooms
and taking the piss out of the straight Normans, who all had proper jobs like being Accountants, and
living in castles.
Was given the sack
Wears a sack
Nik: Cheer up, it's not
    such a bad world.
Ali: Fuck off, I'm from
7.  Harvey Bainbridge & Dr. Who

Two mad scientists...of course, the photo is of Tom Baker but it's an uncanny fact that Harvey
intensely resembles everyone who's ever played Dr.Who, including William Hartnell, Patrick
Troughton, Jon Pertwee etc etc.  Plus a few of the monsters.  (Just kidding Harv, I think you're
lovely really...)
8.  Mick Slattery & Compo

A disreputable old fraudster living on past glories, or an artist who's keeping alive the spirit of the
golden years?  Compo divides opinion like nobody else...
X-rated lust for Batty
Xhawkwind blast away badly
9.  Del Dettmar & A. Gnome, esq.

Despite the suffix "esq." being understood by Americans to denote a lawyer, in British usage it's just a
form of address replacing the prefix "Mr."  So don't think I'm accusing this poor innocent creature of
being an attorney!  (I had to say that in case he comes after me with his axe shaped like a Theremin.)
Played on the Migration of the
Plagued by the migration of the
9.  Martin Griffin & Lord Kitchener

Hey Kitchener, don't you know that moustaches went out with the Beatles?  Martin Griffin once said
that Calvert resented his presence as another extrovert in the band.  The truth is to do with quite
another sort of going Over The Top:  Biggles evidently took exception to having to share the limelight
with another World War One archetype, and no less a person than a Field Marshall, at that...
Covered a French Hotel with soil
Defended French soil
10.  Alan Davey & Rory McGrath

The 10th Lookey-Likey already - we're into double figures.  This one was wittily suggested by Mr.
Milo Black of the
Assassins of Silence.  Thank you, sir!
Plays bass
Is base
11.  Terry Ollis & Harry Redknapp

It's a game of two halves, Trevor...  I thought we looked good going forward, then we've made a silly
mistake at the back and Brock's got the ball in the net.  I thought their keeper played a blinder, mind
you.  We dominated the game and didn't get the result we deserve.  It's going to take hard work for
us to move up the table, but we've got the players, and we've got the belief in ourselves.  We've got
some youngsters coming through, too,  the boy Calvert's a smashing lad, etc. etc.
Hammers Kit...
...Hammers Kit
12.  Dave Brock & Dave Brock

Well this has been a tough one, trying to find a doppelganger for Dave Brock.  But finally, here he is,
and his name is...Dave Brock!  (If you don't believe me, check it out
Dave Brock
Dave Brock
12.  Osama Rudolph & Paul Bin Laden

Should have spotted this one years ago, given Rudolph playing alongside Al 'Quaeda' Powell  and the
fact that both of them made themselves scarce before Bob Calvert penned the 'Hassan-i-Sahba' exposé
Pink Fairy
Mass Murderer
13.  Captain Bl@ck & Ian Dury

There ain't half been some clever bastards...
I Wanna Be Straight
Sex and
Drugs and
Rock and Roll
14.  Bob Calvert & Andrew Ridgeley

Andrew Who? I hear you say...Well once there was a band called Wham, with a fat bloke and a
skinny bloke, and they sang about girls but really came across as a gay couple.  One of them had
talent and the other one...well... I met Andrew Ridgeley once and he was an almighty tosser
Wake Me Up Before You
Go Go
Floating in a sack of
fluid dark and clear...
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15.  Alan Davey & Anthony Worrall-Thompson

Thanks go to Mrs. Dave Museum for spotting this uncanny resemblance between the No. 2 Bass
Assassin and the touchy-feely BBC TV chef who gropes any woman unfortunate enough to come
within 18 inches of him (that's the extent of his reach)...
Mastered the bass
Master bates
16.  Michael Moorcock & Saddam Hussein

CAPTURED AT LAST!  News today (Sunday December 14th 2003) came that U.S. Armed Forces
had at last succeeded in capturing this hirsute criminal.  Michael Moorcock was run to earth in his
hidey hole in Lost Pines, Texas.  There was apparently jubilation on the streets of nearby cities such
as Baghdad, Mosul and Austin...
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Novels of Mawkish Construction
17.  Jez Huggett and Toht

Who??  I hear you say... Well, Jez Huggett etc. etc..  I know, you meant the other bloke... Jez was the
sax player who guested with Hawkwind despite looking like he'd come straight from the set of The
Blues Brothers.  But that would be too easy, so instead here he is with his alter-ego, Toht: the Gestapo
agent from Raiders Of The Lost Ark.  If you remember, Jez plays in a jazz outfit called Band of Gold,
and in the film, Toht seared the palm of his hand by foolishly grabbing a headband of gold.  And they
both wield instruments of torture!  Surely they are one and the same.
18.  Steve Swindells and Ringo Starr

They're both pretty good on a quick roll of the skins.  Actually that's a lie - Ringo's rubbish!
Yellow Submariner
19.  Dave Brock and Saruman

Thanks to Nick Randles for the suggestion, and to Mike Holmes for reminding us all that both of 'em
are leaders of Orcwind, arf arf.
Bred orcs
Led Hawks
20.  Keef Barton and Cameron

Now I don't want you to think for a minute that I waste my time watching crap like reality TV.  This
was suggested by Dave "Soap Opera" Museum who tells me this scrofulous Cameron character
appeared on the most recent series of Big Brother
21.  Nik Turner and Albert Steptoe

Thanks and credit goes to Graham, who not only spotted the resemblance but came up with the photos
too.  I believe the shot of Nik (or Albert) is a recent addition to
the Space Ritual website
Wilfred Bramble - Rag and
Thunder Rider - 'Blood
and Bone'
22.  Danny Thompson and Alfred E. Neumann

Alfred E. Neumann?  That would be the little feller from Mad magazine.  Actually any ventriloquist's
dummy would have done just as well...
23.  Dave Museum and Gnaeus Pompey

This bust of Pompey, one of the Roman Republic's most successful generals, is housed in the Ny
Carlsberg Glyptoteket museum in Copenhagen.  The headgear of this well-known Hawkwind
webmaster, by contrast, was purchased at K-Mart if I remember correctly...
Copenhagen Museum
Hawkwind Museum
24.  Alan Davey and Christopher Meloni

Currently appearing as the Jesus Freak in "Harold and Kumar Get The Munchies" (in the UK - "Harold
and Kumar Go To White Castle" in the USA) is our very own Alan Davey, in his alter-ego guise as
Christopher Meloni...thanks to Mango Steve for the pic and the idea...
Above: Freakshow
Left: Hawkshow
25.  Dave Brock and Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey  in "The Mask", that is...the plot goes something like this: an unassuming apprentice capstan
fitter by day, and humble plucker of banjos by night, our hero stumbles across a strange mask among the
rubbish bins round the back of the Eel Pie Island Hotel.  He pulls the mask on and finds he can do all these
hitherto undreamt of power chords and cosmic spacey stuff.  The rest is history.
Above: Smokin!
Been smokin'
26.  Bob Calvert and the so-called "Bob Calvert"

This page is perhaps a strange place to put this, but thanks anyhow to Graham Pierce for the information I
place before you here...and the photo, and the link, and the whole idea of posting it...
On the left: Oor Bob, madman of this parish, Biggles of Arabia etc. etc..  A question that occasionally
arises is whether this is the same Bob Calvert as has played with Gong, and you would of course assume
so, given the number of connections between Hawkwind and Gong.  But this is not the case - that was
an entirely different Robert Calvert (pictured right) whose contribution was to play tenor and soprano
saxophones.  According to
http://home.primus.com.au/zogwolf/trio.html he is a "Musician
extraordinaire, a powerfully lyrical saxophonist with a plaintive and seductive sound. Calvert rejects
categorization and is concerned mainly with the spirit and meaning of music.

For four years starting in the 70's, he studied improvisation in London with Maggie Nichols and John
Stevens. Between 1976 and 1980 he was a member of the critically acclaimed, freely improvising band
John Stevens Away.  During the 1990's extensive tours followed in Britain, Europe and the USA, with
cult bands Mothergong and Gong.

Since 1994 Robert has pursued his passion for collective improvisation within the Howley Calvert
George Trio, which, in 1998 and 1999 toured Poland.  Robert made his first recording with the British
progressive rock band Catapilla in 1970 and since then has been recorded with just about
every group he has played with.

There was also another Bob Calvert who apparently was responsible for an "unfortunate incident" and
had to resign from the brass band of which he was a member.  It may have been this same brass band
(somewhere in the North of England or anywhere they have coalmines and working men's clubs) that
included musicians called Dave Brock and Alan Bravey - but I doubt it.
27.  Dave Brock and Kevin Turvey

OK, now we've got that Calvert imposter person out of the way, we can resume our normal service,
which brings you the amazing likeness between Captain Dave Brock and Kevin Turvey, the first of many
woefully unfunny characters brought to the small screen by Rik Mayall...the BBC describe Kevin Turvey
thus: "A self-appointed investigative journalist, Turvey was a wide-eyed berk from Redditch with a
disjointed outlook on life which was nostly a cover for his pathetic existence."  Well, I'm only saying they
look alike...
"Nostrils flare a while / it makes
you want to smile" - Brock (left)
and Turvey (above)
28.  Steve Swindells and Richard Branson

Virgin on the ridiculous...
Shot Down In The
Flopped Down In
Northern Canada
29.  Dave Brock and Asterix The Gaul

"Asterix, the hero of these adventures, is a shrewd, cunning little warrior; all perilous missions are
immediately entrusted to him. Asterix gets his superhuman strength from the magic potion brewed by the
druid Getafix..."
This image (c) John Chase 2004 - formed part of a
collage on the
2004 Winter Tour page
30.  Sam Ollis and Tintin

Sticking with the theme of Francophone cartoon characters, I have previously accused the poor
beleaguered figure of Tintin (who's actually Belgian, not French) of resembling Mr. Sam Ollis from Space
Ritual... Actually it's easy to tell them apart because Tintin is 76 years old and Sam is nearly 14!
Sam (above) and Tintin (right)
31.  Zaphod Beeblebrox and Bob Calvert

Hornetlord chimes in with this: "I just watched the new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie, and
couln't help thinking I had seen the Zaphod Beeblebrox (president of the galaxy, played by Sam Rockwell)
character before..."
Master Of The Universe
President Of The Galaxy
32.  Bob Calvert and Patrick McGoohan

Another one (well, 3-in-1, actually) courtesy of Hornetlord.  It is said that every person has a
doppleganger: here we see that Bob Calvert's is Patrick McGoohan - the actor who was in cult 60’s
TV series "Danger Man" (shown in the USA as "Secret Agent") and "The Prisoner....
Elbows linked at tavern tables.........heads lolling in song
...Danger Man
...Sonic Assassin...
...Secret Agent...
32.  Jason Stuart and Jim Tavare

Thanks to Tony for this... if you ever wondered why Jason was scraping away at that appalling
instrument between his legs, now you know.
Musician Jason Stuart
Comedian Jim Tavare
33.  Ian Kilmister and Al Swearengan

We all know Lemmy is mystifyingly popular with the ladies, and Ian McShane is apparently also widely
fancied.  There's no accounting for women's
taste in men...
unless it's got nothing to do with
what they look like...
Above: Deadwood...              Right: ...Dick?
34.  Tim "Bend It Like Gollum" Blake and David "Dive Of The Century" Beckham

Who'd ha' thunk it?  An icon of male beauty like Tim mistaken for a raspy-voiced psychedelic veteran
like Becks.  The Spice Boy and the Space Man...
Golden Balls...                                 ...Temple Balls
35.  Dave Brock and Bernie Scripps
Cleverly suggested by Ami, who hails from Finland but seems to watch UK TV...which is more than I
do.  So I had to go to the ITV website to check out the background to "Heartbeat" (in which the Bernie
Scripps character features).  And here is what they have to say about him:

n amazing combination of timidity and inflexibility, impatience and procrastination, Bernie is a
complete pessimist.  He is increasingly aware of his age, but thinks if he pretends not to notice, the clock
will stop.   He relies increasingly on Rosie to manage his unruly business, though he never acknowledges
it unless circumstances force him to. Despite all this, he is an engaging and quite lovable creature.
Above: mine's a pint         Right: I'm getting robots,
spaceships, failed life support systems...reminds me of PXR5, you know...cheeky little number...
36.  Nik Turner and Squidward
Squidward (left) & Nik (above)
This one was put forward by Dave Dignum (cheers!) who says "Anyone else see the likeness, has the
world gone mad or is it me?"  Well, probably both, actually.  Or maybe not, because there's more than
just a visual resemblance: both Nik and Squidward make doleful honking sounds on wind instruments!
37.  Trevor Hughes and John Peel
Trevor Hughes
Now, you all ought to know who Trevor Hughes is...purveyor of the Hawkfrendz newsletters over the
years and all that.  This John Peel bloke is a bit more problematic, I know, but it was he who urged Doug
Smith to sign them up to Clearwater Productions, and then suggested shortening 'Hawkwind Zoo' to just
'Hawkwind'.  Another little known fact: both Trev Hughes and John Peel qualify as irascible denizens of
the Wirral, with Mr. Hughes hailing from Wallasey, just down the road from Mr.Peel's birthplace of
John Peel
38.  Freewheelin' Franklin and Dave Brock
Above: Dave Brock
Right: Freewheelin' Franklin

Thanks to Jimski for spotting this one and to John
Chase for the photo.  Of course  the resemblace is
visual only, pay no attention to the drugs reference!
39.  Nik Turner and J.D.Salinger
Nik Turner
The creator of Holden Caulfield, camera-shy author JDSalinger, is most famous for Catcher In The Rye.  
But he has written other books, and like some of Nik's solo efforts, they're complete pants!  The only
other thing they have in common, apart from catering to brooding adolescents, is Orgone Accumulators...