Hawkwind Band Members & Solo Projects

"Who's in the band these days?"

It's sometimes difficult to know who exactly is in Hawkwind.  Quite apart from the
well-known fluidity of the band, some people are core members and some are technically
only guests.  Here's a who's who.
Dave Brock

Core member.

Vocals, rhythm guitar (see details on
Dave Brock's Guitar Stuff), and
synthesizer (Korg 01RW, M1, Analog Synthi, EMS Synthi 'A', Roland
Jupiter 8, Roland GR50 guitar synthesizer).
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Danny Thompson


Drums, percussion

Danny also played in Bedouin with Alan Davey.  He was said to have rejoined
Hawkwind at the time of the 1st Hawkfest (July 2002) but has not been seen
with them since!
Keith Barton

Occasional guest, 2003

Spacehead guitarist, Hawkwind crew member, and now an occasional guest
who appeared with the band extensively during the latter half of 2003.  I'm
sick with jealousy.  He deserves to have that photo posted here.
Jez Huggett

Occasional guest.


Jez fronts his own jazz band,
Band of Gold
Huw Lloyd Langton , RIP

Occasional guest.  Huw left the permanent ranks of the band in December
2002, and sadly passed away in December 2012

Lead guitar (Gibson Nighthawk semi-acoustic, Gibson Les Paul Custom,
Peavey combo), vocals.

Official website -
Keith Kniveton  

Occasional guest, 2001-2003

EMS Synthi synthsizer.

Keith's alter-ego is Captain Bl@ck of the space rock band Starfield.
Arthur Brown

Regular guest (Dec 2002 - August 2003).


Arthur has been widely known in the UK since 1967 when he had a No.1 hit
with 'Fire'.  He has a fantastic voice and is an old friend of the band, having
contributed to Bob Calvert's 'Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters' album
way back in 1974.  He's also mad enough to be a brilliant frontman.  A very
welcome addition to the ranks!  
http://www.arthurbrownmusic.com is the
official Arthur Brown website.  Arthur has resumed his solo career since the
2nd Hawkfest in August 2003.
Simon House


Violin, keyboards (Kawai K1, version 2).

Simon had been a core member of the band from 2001 through the middle of
2003, when he appeared at the 2nd Hawkfest.  He's not been seen with
Hawkwind since then, and it seems likely that he's moved on.
Alan Davey

Ex-member (with effect from 10th June 2007, according to Alan's own
website - also the source of the photo to the left, cheers!).

Bass (Rickenbacker 4003S custom, Fender 1971 50-watt power amp [head],
8x10" speakers, vocals, keyboards (Korg Wavestation & others)
Dead Fred Reeves

Core member

Synthesizer, keyboards, violin.

Graduated from Inner City Unit to Hawkwind membership in 1984, rejoined
the mothership 2012.
Tim Blake

Core member

Synthesizer (Roland D-110, Yamaha KX5, Apple Mac), vocals.

Tim needs no introduction, having been a member of Gong and Hawkwind,
and a highly successful solo artist in his own right.  His website is at
Niall Hone

Core member

Well, the band put out a press release on 29/10/2008 saying he'd become a
member of Hawkwind - without serving an apprenticeship as a guest.  An
intriguing development...Niall joins from Tribe Of Cro and his acquisition
surely heralds another (always to be welcomed!) change of direction.
Mr. Dibs

Core member

Bass, cello & vocals

Previously of Krel and Spacehead, Mr. Dibs became the latest person to
uphold the longstanding Hawkwind tradition of recruiting band members
from the ranks of the road crew, in 2007.
Jason Stuart, RIP

Core member

Keyboards & Synthesizer

Jason, who previously played with Captain Rizz, appeared on all the dates of
the band's Oct/Dec 2004 UK winter tour, and ever since.  According to the
Voiceprint website, by July 2005 he had become a permanent member of the
band and so he remained until his untimely passing away in September 2008
Richard Chadwick

Core member.

Drums, percussion, sequencers.

Richard has participated in various other ventures away from Hawkwind,
notably space rock band Star Nation and techno criminals Little Big Men.  He
looks like a befuddled owl in that photo.