My ex-wife once said that Hawkwind made her feel nervous and uneasy -total artistic success!- and
also that all their songs sound the same, and that they must have been the original model for Spinal
Tap...we're divorced now.  I wonder why?
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This is me, Starfarer if you like.  My real name is Steve.  I'm English but live in Las Vegas in the USA.  
I've been a Hawkwind fan since 1975 (when I was 15) and I'm old enough to know better now.  I've
only managed to see them play live 16 times (so far), which isn't that much really...and thanks to
immersing myself in Hawkwind for the last few years I have to admit to not really looking this normal
any more, either.
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27/01/06: Hawkwind nominated as "Icons of England"
The UK government's Department for Culture, Media and Sport is sponsoring a project called "Icons - a
portrait of England", wherein members of the public can nominate and vote for those things considered
to be emblematic of England.  Early entries include things like "a cup of tea" and "the double decker bus":
nominations of  individual people are not accepted but those running the project *have* accepted a
nomination of Hawkwind .  Please click on the link to review the nomination, and more importantly,
vote for it!
03/02/2006: Something's coming
Keep your eyes open for a significant development (or two) to be announced shortly.  Voiceprint's
website tells us there's a "Hawkwind Audio/Visual Project On The Radar" while the band's official
Mission Control says "A major announcement will be made in the next few days!" (in capitals
and with extra exclamation marks, no less!)
19/02/2006: Forthcoming new Hawkwind CD's
The situation has clarified as regards the new product that's coming down the pipe.  First up is Live in
Cardiff: due for release on 13/03/2006, apparently featuring a recording from the 8th November 1980 at
Cardiff Polytechnic, with a track listing of 1. Levitation, 2. Motorway City, 3. Death Trap, 4. Shot Down
In The Night, 5. Fifth Second Of Forever / Dust Of Time, 6. World Of Tiers, 7. Solar Dance, 8. Urban
Guerilla, 9. Dangerous Visions, 10. Psi Power, 11. Brainstorm, 12. Return Of The Timelord.  This title is
being releassed on the hitherto unheard-of 'Days Of Glory' label, and seems to be of French origin: so it's
quite likely to be an unauthorised release, perhaps a bootleg.  (28/02/06:
Mission Control confirms this)

Second is
Weird Tapes 108 which at last gets a CD release.  This one has some otherwise unobtainable
material and is therefore going to be an essential purchase.  Release date: 20/03/2006.  UK purchasers
should be fine getting this directly from Voiceprint, but their dreadful overseas fulfilment company (based
in Sweden) cannot be relied upon.  Non-UK buyers are recommended to
email CD Services or use

Last but by no means least, there is a new Hawkwind album being released in late Spring, which has
audio on one side (could this include Reality Of Poverty and other material not used on Take Me To Your
Leader?) and DVD footage on t'other.  This is doubtless what Voiceprint were referring to when
announcing a "Hawkwind Audio/Visual Project On The Radar"
07/03/2006: Nik Turner guest appearance available on CD
Nik Turner contributed to two tracks appearing on The Jalapenos' new title "Proud To Be Loud", which
is actually a compilation from 2003's "Tear It Up" and predecessor "Red Hot".  Available online or at gigs!
23/05/2006: Forthcoming new Hawkwind and Bob Calvert CD's
From Mission Control: Hawkwind's new mini album "Take Me to Your Future" is released on 10th July
2006, in the new dual-sided CD/DVD format. The CD tracks are all new, and the DVD content is from
archival live shows never seen before...

Also, a slew of new Bob Calvert titles are being released by
Voiceprint.  These include rehearsals
("Rehearsals 1987 - Radio Egypt" - released 22/05/2006) and live recordings from Middlesborough
("Middlesborough 1986 - The Right Stuff" - released 22/05/2006), Cardiff ("Cardiff 1988 - Ejection" -
released 10/07/2006) and Manchester ("Manchester 1986 - In Vitro Breed" - released 10/07/2006)
08/06/2006: Take Me To Your Future content announced
Voiceprint's website carries details of Hawkwind's new mini album "Take Me to Your Future".  The
Audio side contains a re-working of Uncle Sam's On Mars, Small Boy (from the Calvert project); The
Reality of Poverty; and the Silver Machine 2005 remake with Lemmy.  The DVD side will include live
footage of Utopia and Hassan-i-Sahba...
08/06/2006: Children's book features Hawkwind
Mission Control brings news of a children's book called Kids To Space: A Space Traveler's Guide
which comes with a CD-ROM that includes an 18-minute medley called "Space Symphony". This
incorporates sections of "The Secret Knowledge of Water" "Uncle Sam's on Mars" (see news story
above) "What's That Noise?" "Mars - The Journey" and "Out Here We Are"
17/07/2006: Take Me To Your Future delayed; Space Ritual changes
Take Me to Your Future has been delayed to the end of July; and over on the Space Ritual front, there's
been a change of personnel and website.  Dave Anderson and John Greves have both left the band with
Jerry Richards filling in on bass.  Their new website is at
03/08/2006: Take Me To Your Future release date; Hawkfest 2007 confirmed
Take Me to Your Future will now be released on 14/08/2007.  The delays were due to errors on the test
pressing.  The band also confirm that there will be a Hawkfest in 2007, taking place on the weekend of
15th-17th June.  Venue and all other details to be announced on
Mission Control
16/08/2006: Hawkwind's official Myspace page is launched and TMTYF latest
Hawkwind's Official Myspace page has been launched, and features exclusive audio clips and band blogs.
On an unrelated note, Take Me to Your Future has suffered further delays - keep your eyes on  
Control for the latest on when it might appear.
01/09/2006: Vote for your favourite Hawkwind album in the Planet Rock online poll
Planet Rock is conducting an online poll with the aim of coming up with a list of the top 50 classic rock
albums, by preselected 'most influential' artists - Hawkwind features in the first week and Planet Rock
needs you to vote for what you think is Hawkwind's best album.  They are only going to include core
albums (live and studio).  The poll is open now and you have 2 weeks to vote for what you think is
Hawkwind's best album.  Planet Rock will announce the results in December.

P.S. Take Me to Your Future is now shipping!
15/09/2006: Hawkwind announce event for Passport Holders
The 14/09/06 blog entry on Hawkwind's Official Myspace page invites Hawkwind Passport Holders "to
the *private* filming of a DVD at The Face of Steel at Magna in Rotherham on 18th Dec 2006."  This is
going to be a behind-closed-doors gig with a limited number of tickets available to Passport Holders for
£25 including a copy of the DVD...
19/09/2006: London Astoria under threat of demolition
It seems that the London Astoria has been sold by the former owners (who'd leased it to the Mean Fiddler
through 2008) to a property developer.  The latter plan to demolish the Astoria and replace it with flats for
the 2012 Olympics.  The Astoria is probably the last mainline venue in London that embraces alternative
culture and, of course, has a significance for Hawkwind fans.  Please check out the following links and
sign the petiton if you want to...

11/10/2006: Tim Blake benefit - "Gong Live In
The 70s"
The very excellent Planet Gong website carries full
details of a new title "Gong In The 70s", which has
been released as a benefit for Tim Blake, who is
facing a possible jail sentence in France after a
terrible car crash in which Tim himself was badly
injured.  There isn't space for me to go into the ins
and outs of the case here, but my personal view is
that the French legal system may be about to wreak
a weighty revenge on Tim for having long hair and
being English - in this day and age.  Anyway, the
album consists of all 'new' (as in previously
unheard) Gong recordings by the band's strongest
lineup, recorded in 1972-73- this is a must-have, as
well as benefitting the worthiest of causes.  It's also
available direct from
09/11/2006: Tickets available for Passport Holders event
Hawkwind Passport Holders can now buy their tickets for the private filming of a DVD at The Face of
Steel at Magna in Rotherham on 18th Dec 2006 - go to to do so.  
If you've already prebooked, all you have to do is pay.  If you didn't prebook, there are a few tickets still
left for purchase, but you'll need to move quickly to get any of them.  For full details, see the 15/09/06
blog entry on
Hawkwind's Official Myspace page
20/11/2006: Hawkfest 2007 tickets go on sale
Purchaseable by cheque now and by credit card soon, Hawkwind's Official Myspace page (20/11/06
blog entry) carries details of tickets for next year's Hawkfest.  They're £60 each and there's an
attendance limit of 1,000 - the venue is Castle Donington in Derbyshire, UK (of course)...on the weekend
of 15th-17th June 2007.
21/11/2006: Xitintoday, Captain Lockheed and Lucky Lief CD / download reissues
New label Eclectic Discs have lined up for release (on January 29th 2007) Nik Turner's Xitintoday, plus
Bob Calvert's Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters and Lucky Leif and the Longships.  These CD's
have been repackaged and remastered, with bonus tracks, and will also be available for download from for the Calvert albums, and from iTunes for the Nik Turner title.

In these days of widespread piracy of Hawkwind and related material, I was initially sceptical about the
legitmacy of these releases.  But no less a personage than Uncle Nik Turner (whom I contacted) vouches
for these releases as being fully authorised - so there you go!
05/03/2007: Hawkfest 2007 tickets now available on-line
Go to to buy tickets by credit (or debit) card.  The site has full details of
the where, the when and the how (there's a map, details of public transport may follow...)  It's £63 per
ticket inclusive of the booking fee, and there's an overall attendance limit of 1,000 so
do not delay your
purchase!  You can also purchase by cheque, which is very slightly cheaper.  Full details are at the
Hawkfest 2007 website
25/03/2007: new Alan Davey solo album & website
Alan Davey has a new solo album coming out at the end of this month, called 'Human on the Outsideâ
€™.  It can be ordered from his website, which is well worth
checking out for this and a load of Bedouin-related content: all the pages from the original Bedouin
website live on at Alan's new site, along with links to order currently available Bedouin recordings from
29/03/2007: Hawkwind documentary on BBC4, 9pm Friday 30/03/2007
UK fans who get digital channels via satellite / cable will be able to see an hour-long documentary on
Hawkwind at 9pm on Friday 30th March 2007.  In fact it will be shown several times.  Nobody from the
present-day line-up has participated in the programme, so let the buyer beware!
28/04/2007: Forthcoming "Space Ritual Alive" reissue
EMI are reissuing "Space Ritual Alive" in a 2-CD / 1-DVD package in June 2007.  However, mention of
the DVD is somewhat misleading because the content is high-definition *audio* (5:1 surround sound
formats) and not *video*.  It seems as though this may be just the first of a number of early-70's titles to
be reissued by EMI - they own the rights to everything from Hawkwind (1970) through Hall Of The
Mountain Grill (1974) and have previously reissued all of them on CD...
28/04/07: New Hawkwind Radio interview to air on Total Rock
Shamelessly filched from the new website....well done Dave!.....  Total Rock radio will
be interviewing Dave Brock on Saturday 5th May as part of DJ Malcolm Dome's show.  Precise time of
broadcast TBA.
09/08/07: New stuff at Mission Control
Lots of new things over at the band's official website... The annual Christmas London
date is confirmed, there's a new online shop and a new media page with a video clip from the recent
Devon gig.  The band are also canvassing fan's opinions on the idea of doing a mini-Hawkfest in
13/08/07: The Brock / Calvert Project CD goes on sale
Voiceprint have set up a special website to sell the Brock / Calvert Project CD, which consists of the
former's synths providing a backdrop to the latter's spoken-word readings of some of his own poetry.  
(See the most recent album Take Me To Your Future for a preview.)  There will apparently be only
1,000 copies available and only from that website.  It costs £12.99 plus P&P
21/08/07: Centigrade 232 to be reissued
Voiceprint have just announced that they are releasing Bob Calvert's Centigrade 232 poetry as a book/CD
in October, in a limited edition of 500 copies.  Click
here to see details and to pre-order
23/08/07: complete Greasy Truckers to be reissued
Another reissue on CD that promises to surpass the original vinyl - this one is a complete unexpurgated
version of Greasy Truckers, due for release on 15/10/2007.  Much of this Hawkwind has never been
available previously.  Details are over at the
Freak Emporium website....
21/12/07: New UK dates / trading ban news
It's on Mission Control and so it's official...the band have relaxed their ban on audience trading.  Plus,
they've also announced a handful of UK dates for March 2008, one of which is to replace the Manchester
Academy gig that was just cancelled at very short notice (by the venue).  More dates may be added!
04/04/08: John Perrin
John Perrin, who was a member of Liquid Len and the Lensmen, and subsequently Hawkwind's lighting
technician in his own right on the 1979 UK winter tour, has died.  Click
here to read his obituary.  R.I.P.
25/06/08: Hawkfest 2008 approaches
See below for the flyer advertising the event.  Tickets can still be obtained by Hawkwind Passport
Holders from
Mission Control and you won't find a better value festival anywhere at £60 for three
days (kids free!) quite apart from the fact that the world's best rock band are headlining it.  Some of the
other bands playing are what you might call "the usual suspects", with Bruise (not Briuse!), Relentless,
Tribe of Cro, Tarantism etc. all being Hawkfest veterans and none the less still very welcome additions.  
The Hawkwind-Friends-and-Relations theme continues wiith Tim Blake, Huw Lloyd-Langton T.O.S.H.
and Spacehead being part of it.  And as always there are intriguing new additions such as Wind of
Change, led by the mighty Hawklord of Shields, and The Starfighters, Bob Calvert's last band.  Throw in
a host of other attractions like the  worskhops etc. (see flyer) and the value for money becomes
apparent.  But what the flyer can't convey is the amazing 'free festival' atmosphere of the occasion
(though this year's superior facilities are well above what you'd expect to find find at any festival,
commercial or free, I'm told).

The Spirit still lives in all of our hearts, and where else can you commune with so many fellow loonies,
eh?  I'm travelling from 5,000 miles away to come to this, so you lazy gits who are only at the other end
of a motorway (yes I mean you, Ali) have no excuse.  So buy your tickets now because who knows
when or if the chance will come again...  See you there :-)
05/08/08: Back Catalogue to be reissued
News has leaked out that Cherry Red Records have acquired the right to reissue the entire Hawkwind
back catalogue spanning the years 1976 through 1997.  The full detail can be found
here (reproduced  
from information emailed out by CD Services).  However, an official press release is still awaited...
13/08/08: Back Catalogue press release issued
I have a Cherry Red Records press release confirming the reissue of the 76-97 Hawkwind back
catalogue. The exact same copy is also on the newly created
Atomhenge Records website...
14/08/08: Bob Calvert memorial concert
It was twenty years ago today...that Bob Calvert died of a heart attack at his home.  A memorial concert
takes place at the Kings Hall in Herne Bay, Kent on Sunday 28/09/2008.  This includes a fan convention
from 3pm onwards, with the show starting at 8pm: Nik Turner and friends playing the music of Robert
Calvert featuring Nik Turner, Harvey Bainbridge, Martin Griffin, Steve Swindells, Adrian Shaw, Ron
Tree, Alan Davey, Jerry Richards and Nick Calvert.  Full details of the day and a poster (above) are on
Nik's site, and tickets (£9.00) are available here
24/08/08: Bob Calvert plays to be premiered and restaged
The Pentameters Theatre in Hampstead celebrates its.40th anniversary, and honours the 20th anniversary
of Robert Calvert's passing, by staging a double bill of two of Robert's one-act plays, Cattle at Twilight
and The Stars that Play with Laughing Sam's Dice.  The latter has been staged before, but this will be the
premiere of Cattle at Twilight, which conjures a meeting between Noel Coward and Jimi Hendrix in the
hereafter.  See the poster (below) and check out
press release for details of where and when
the plays are to be staged.
30/08/08: Hawkwind give birth to Heavy Metal (in Chicago!)
On the 29/08/08 'Dawn of Metal' episode of Chicago Public Radio's 'Sound Opionions' show,
Chicago-based author and rock critic Jim DeRogatis cited Silver Machine as the "first heavy metal
song."  This was accompanied by a brief description of Hawkwind and an excerpt of Silver Machine was
played.  The Hawkwind reference starts at 15:40 and the show is available to
stream and for download
08/09/08: Jason Stuart passes away
Hawkwind's keyboard player Jason Stuart was rushed to hospital on Friday 5th September, with an
aneurysm which unfortunately lodged in his brain and caused a haemorrhage. Tragically, doctors were
unable to save him and Jason died earlier today.  He was only 39 years of age.

This is without a doubt the saddest and most shocking news to have hit the band in many years.  A
Condolence Book has been placed on the Hawkwind Forum.  R.I.P. Jason
18/10/08: Another Calvert play to be restaged
Because of the success of the run of Robert's plays "Cattle at Twilight" and "The Stars That Play ..." at
Pentameters Theatre in Hampstead last month and at the Robert Calvert memorial concert in Herne Bay,
as part of Pentameters' 40th anniversary, the theatre is producing Robert's play "Mirror Mirror" for two
weeks starting a week on Tuesday, 28 October. This is a funny and futuristic play, originally written for
Helen Mirren in 1979.  PS Cattle at Twilight is getting another run along with it...
31/10/08: Addition to the ranks
In a surprise move, Hawkwind have sort-of replaced Jason Stuart with...a guitarist.  Niall Hone was
formerly a member of Tribe Of Cro and you might say he is a bit of an Alex Lifeson lookalike...  The
current setup, with two guitars and Tim Blake on synths echoes the 1979 tour programme's estimation
of the band's potential as "loose yet strong".  The December tour promises to be even more intriguing
than expected, as a result.  They never do the obvious things, do they?
12/02/09: Hawkwind on the cover of Record Collector
Record Collector magazine's March issue 360 (in the shops Thursday 12th February) features a major
Hawkwind and Space Rock cover and article...

"We were electronic Barbarians!" - Dave Brock, Hawkwind co-founder

Silver Machines and Iron Dreams! Those Psychedelic Warlords Hawkwind and their respective offshoots
have been so prolific that it seems reissues have been soaring our way since the edge of time began. To
celebrate 40 years of the group's existence, RC had a pow-wow with Hawklords Dave Brock, Nik Turner,
Michael Moorcock and co, who took us through some of the rarest Hawkwind releases commanding
prices up to £400. If that's not enough astounding sounds and amazing music, we give you another 40
space rock rarities. Set controls for the heart of the stunned!

Record Collector can be bought at WHSmiths, Borders, good newsagents, large supermarkets,
independent record shops and online (even after it has gone off sale in the shops) at

21/02/09: New performances of Robert Calvert's plays for 2009
Continuing the revival of Robert Calvert's written work, there will be further performances of two of his
plays in the coming weeks.  It starts with three performances of
The Stars That Play With Laughing
Sam's Dice
on 7, 8 and 9 March by Pentameters Theatre :

- Saturday 7 March at 2.00p.m. at Pentameters Theatre, Hampstead, London.

- Sunday 8 March at the Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London at 6.30p.m., as part of the Barney Bubbles
memorial event [which is to say, Nik Turner's show under the Hawklords name]....Barney designed
the set for the first production of The Stars at Pentameters in 1976.

- Monday 9 March at 8.00p.m. at Pentameters Theatre.

Then, in May, as part of the Brighton Festival, the newly formed
Iambic Arts Theatre will be staging
two of Robert's plays from Thursday 7 to Saturday 10 May:
Cattle at Twilight and The Stars That Play
With Laughing Sam's Dice

Full details can be found on the appropriate websites given above.
17/02/10: Hawkfest 2010 announced
Well, it was actually announced officially a week ago to be honest :-)  There is going to be a Hawkfest in
2010, and it continues the theme of, and closes out, Hawkwind's 40th year of existence.  Their first
major festival was on the Isle of Wight in August 1970, and 40 years on they are going back to Afton
Down on the island to put on a 5th Hawkfest.  It will be over the August Bank Holiday weekend (Friday
27th  to Monday 30th August) - more details to follow...
30/04/10: New studio album and Hawkfest 2010 tickets on sale
Hawkwind's brand new studio album, their first since 2005's Take Me To Your Leader, is called Blood
Of The Earth and is released on June 21st, 2010 by Eastworld Recordings...Details
here and sound
samples can be heard

Now officially confirmed, Hawkfest 2010 will be held on the Isle of Wight on 27th-29th August. Tickets,
costing £73 each, are available from  The band also mention that "In order
to secure the use of this iconic site which is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty we have agreed to
make a substantial donation to local charities, so would ask all ticket holders to contribute £2 (or more!)
on entry to the site.".
04/05/10: Hawkwind win Mojo's 2010 Maverick award
Under the heading "Space Mavericks", the BBC reported that 'Space rock band Hawkwind will be
honoured with the 2010 Mojo maverick award. "Despite the fact that they have rarely flirted with the
mainstream, their music and their attitude has inspired so many different areas of modern music," said
Mojo's editor-in-chief, Phil Alexander.'
19/07/10: Huw Lloyd-Langton's  LLG band to release new album
Huw Lloyd-Langton recently debuted a revamped Lloyd-Langton Group at Hawkwind's Psychedelic
Sundae bash on May 2nd.  They've recorded a new LLG album, to be released on 27/08/2010 and titled
"Hard Graft".  Full details are available on the
press release kindly provided by none other than Marion
Lloyd-Langton.  Cheers!