Name That Riff

This page was originally created for purposes of shameless self-publicity: I ran a competition to boost the
number of hits on the site.  To win, you had to correctly identify the Hawkwind song from the riffs
below.  The competition has long since been won (the prize was a free Hawkwind T-shirt which I printed
up from the winner's choice of designs on the T-shirt pages of the site.)

No prizes now but see if you can guess the songs anyway. These were the first MP3's I had recorded
directly so they are a bit ropey in places.  The guitar and amp used to make these recordings was a
Yamaha SG3000S going into a Line 6 Flextone 2, set to Line 6 Crunch with a little delay.
Scroll waaaaaaay down for the answers
Riff   1 = Born To Go
Riff   2 = Quark Strangness and Charm
Riff   3 = Urban Guerilla
Riff   4 = Back on the Streets
Riff   5 = Days of the Underground
Riff   6 = Living on a Knife Edge
Riff   7 = Images
Riff   8 = You Shouldn't Do That
Riff   9 = LSD
Riff 10 = Honky Dorky
Riff 11 = Needle Gun
Riff 12 = Spirit of the Age
Riff 13 = Paradox
Riff 1       Riff 2       Riff3       Riff 4

Riff 5       Riff 6       Riff 7      Riff 8       Riff 9

Riff 10       Riff 11       Riff 12       Riff 13
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