Neu! Sleeve Notes

Grateful thanks to Wilfried Schuelser who finally came up with this image of the sleeve notes to the first
Neu! album, which I've been seeking for ages.  They were ostensibly written by one Dave Brock, though
this is open to debate: another page on my site (see
De Wording van Hawkwind) reproduces a Dutch press
article which seems to dispute the Captain's authorship of these notes.  But here they are anyway..,
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Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother are both former members of Kraftwerk who broke away from the very
successful German group in August 1971.  (On live appearances Eberhard Ktrahnemann, also late of
Kraftwerk, joins the group.)

They chose the name NEU (New) deliberately to attract attention as with any make of detergent or
household product, although iof course they would admit themselves that there is nothing completely "new"
in music.

Klaus and Michael borrowed money from various people in oder to finance this first record themselves, and
altogether it took four nights in Hamburg's Windrose studio to complete, with the help of Conny Plank who
also engineered the two Kraftwerk albums.  Luckily, and deservedly, the album turned out to be a critical
and financial success in Germany and made "Neu" on(e) of the top three bands alongside Amon Düül II
and The Can.

On this first album "Neu" decided to stick to a multi-instrumental format using voices only as an extra

As for the future, the group says "we make no premature fixing of style, as we are very dependent on
situations and circumstances", so we must just wait and see.

By the way, you can write to the group at:- NEU, 4 Dusseldorf, im Grund 3b, Germany.

P.S. Don't forget International Reply Coupon as the group will answer themselves when they can.

-Dave Brock (Hawkwind)
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