The Nick Randles Gallery
sprayed inks.  They all look better in their original colours rather than the washed out grey tones of the
inner pages.  My pages were Star Cannibal, Fall of Earth City, part of Looking in the Future (the inset bit),  
Experiment with Destiny
[above right] and the back page.  For the record, the back page was inspired by
'Lord of Light' and 'Experiment with Destiny' was inspired by 'Space is Deep'
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Thanks to Nick Randles for the text and images on this page.  He explains how it came to be, so I won't.
no desire for remuneration, thinking at best they might get used in a concert programme.  I perhaps hoped
it would kick-start a career in illustration. ('This picture was used by the famous rock group Hawkwind
'....'Who ?')

Anyway I found out they had been used in the Church of Hawkwind book when an acquaintance bought
the album, and showed it to me, and there were my pictures....credited to Tim. (John Coulthard's work on
the same album was credited to 'John Coulthard', fortunately for him, and he's gone on to be a reasonably
famous artist.)

I contacted Dave - again through the record company, and he sent me a free copy of the album with an
autograph and 'Sorry' scrawled in a sort of speech bubble emanating from his picture on the back cover.  
Apparently the 'Tim' thing was the record company's fault.  Oh well.  He also returned the originals, which
I still have, and after all this time I was planning to scan them...
"You have me down on your
site as compiling the Hawkwind
lyric book
[left] with John
Coulthard, but I actually only
contributed a couple of pictures
and had nothing to do with
compiling it.

Furthermore I think I was only
included, and named, in the
Hawkwind lyric book to make
up for the fact that I had
contributed some paintings to
the Church of Hawkwind album
lyric book
[right] but my work
had been credited to 'Tim'. At
the time I was a naive hippy
who had sent some pictures to Dave via the record company, with
They were mainly delicate watercolours, with some
outline work, except for the back cover
[above] in
The Star Cannibal picture [left] was based on a
Dave/Lemmy clone, but I realised later that I'd
drawn him left-handed.
'Fall of Earth City' [above] was actually inspired by
'Transdimensional Man' (still IMHO a vastly
underrated song), and 'Looking in the Future'
by a book about the Holy Grail by Geoffrey Ashe,
along with the general feel of Warrior on the Edge of
Time.  (I always think it's weird how my picture and
John Coulthard's drawing on the same double page
have similarities, unless of course we were both just
tuning into the sword and sorcery imagery that's
inherent WOTEOT's lyrical content...)
Since then I've moved on as an artist, been to art
college etc, and while my day job is in design, I've
continued to paint and draw.  There's a selection of
my other work
here. As you'll see it's quite different
from the Church of Hawkwind stuff.
My grateful thanks to Nick for the excellent
pictures and interesting background info :-)  His
stuff is well worth checking out