Night Hawks
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Here on this page in both text and graphical format.  I'm not sure of its provenance - this looks like a
reproduction from a fanzine, circa Spring 1984.  It was in amongst a huge haul of stuff I inherited from
Dave of the Hawkwind Museum (ta matey!)  Look out for an uncharacteristically vicious quote from
Nik "Love & Peace" Turner.
And for those with extended focal length due to the onset of middle age, here it is again in text, which
ought to be easier on the peepers...

Hawkwind's Nik Turner and Dave Brock, living proof that old rockers never die, they just keep on making
good music.

You have a new single out called "Night Of The Hawks", what's it about?

Dave: "The actual words to the song are about the Stonehenge Festival that we always play at."
Why do you always play there?

Dave: "Because we can't get any other gigs (laughs).  
It's a free gig and it's the biggest festival in England.  
I think one of the reasons we like to play there is
because it certainly is interesting.  The thing occurs
on the 21st of June, it's the Summer Solstice and it's
traditionally a celebration day.  I think that
Stonehenge is a place of mythological and religious
historical importance.  The is a movement to rekindle
the pagan religions in this country because
Christianity is going out the window.  It's very
obvious with the closing down of so many churches
in this country.  In America religion is moving on to
television and it’s one of the biggest selling things

Worshipping the box in the corner?

Nik: "I saw some fantastic article about some guy
who's got a religious TV programme who's built an
amazing crystal cathedral which he broadcasts from."

I hear that Hawkwind are mega in the States these

Nik: "We didn't hear that."
Dave: "Actually we went over there to do some radio interviews at Christmas and everybody's heard of the
band.  We haven't been over there since 1978 - there's a lot of people into the band, it’s just a matter of
us touring there really."

Huw Lloyd-Langton had a single and an album released recently, a sort of solo project and I believe you
have as well, Dave?

Dave: "Well, I had a solo single, but that was just mucking around to keep my hand in."

I take it that your heart isn't really in the solo projects and [it] really [is for] Hawkwind?

Dave: "Oh yeah, Hawkwind is the mainstay of everything.  The one that Huw's done was actually recorded
in a pub on a cassette - that's probably why the quality is none too good."
Dave: "Dead hard fans!"

...have a previous history knowledge of the band.  How did it all start?

Dave: "Funny you should mention this, on tour at the moment we have a book we're selling at the
concerts, that we've been trying to get out for years, which goes through the whole history - it's very
good.  It's a paperback, it reads like a novel.  You know the Furry Freak Brothers comic?  It reads like

How is the British tour doing at the moment?

Dave: "Only the other day Nik had his clothes torn off.  In Birmingham, belive it or not, he actually had his
clothes torn off by young ladies in the audience.  It's terrifying and it's true.  We didn't get one article in a

Nik: "No press, no nothing."

And I never saw you in the Male Sex Objects chart in Sounds, how strange!
Nik: "I thought it was recorded on 24-track at

Dave: "No, not on there, Huw's solo album was
recorded on a cassette, it's an actual bootleg."

Do people bootleg Hawkwind concerts a lot?

Dave: "Yeah, extremely - a lot."

Does that annoy you?

Dave: "Well, it does.  I mean, at the moment there
are three bootleg albums out and the guy who has
actually done the recording, we have got his address
and we will be after him because he has sold quite a
lot.  He sells them for ten quid each."

Nik: "I wouldn't mind if we got something out of it.  
We don't really mind who puts our stuff out, but if
we're getting ripped off because they're making a lot
of money out of it and we're not, we say we ought
to break their fingers and their legs."

Dave: "Well, they won't be able to walk to the bank
any more."

A lot of people will be aware of Hawkwind but only
really die-hard fans will...