Odd Rock
Odd Rock is an odd title...it relates to a gig that
Hawkwind played at a venue of that name in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin in October 1989
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Britons at Odd Rock - Milwaulkee Journal,
Depsite a dizzying series of personnel changes and
musical shifts, the band Hawkwind has been blowing
around the globe for the last two decades.  After a long
period of non-productivity, Britain's prototypical acid
rockers have forced their way back into the public
consciousness with a new album "The Xenon Codex",
and a tour that stops Sunday at the Odd Rock Cafe, 2010
S.Kinnickinnie Ave.

Founded by Dave Brock and Nik Turner in 1969 as
Group X, the band developed a small but fanatic
following.  One writer dubbed the group "Britain's
premiere stoned-freak band."

By the mid-70's Hawkwind had delved into science
fiction themes, catching the imagination of sci-fi author
Michael Moorcock, who wrote about the band in his
1976 novel, "The Time Of The Hawklords".  The current
incarnation includes two original members; lead guitarist
and vocalist Brock, and guitarist Huw Lloyd Langton.  
Since the 1985 release of the 'Live Chronicles' LP, the
lineup has also included bassist Alan Davey, keyboardist
Harvey Bainbridge and drummer Danny Thompson.

F/i opens the show at 9.30pm.  Tickets are $10 in
advance, $12 at the door
Above: a flyer for the event.  Right, the text of a
press clipping dated June 1989 for a gig at the
same venue, which does not seem to have gone ahead.  In the Time We Left This World Today interview
there is mention of the 1989 U.S. tour having been repeatedly postponed, so this is probably what occured.

Below: the first page of the contract between the band and the venue for the gig that actually went ahead, on
3rd October 1989.  There are many more pages to the contract, but most of them are legalese boilerplate.
Basically this contract commits Hawkwind to play at the venue on the specified date, for a fee of $1,500
(half payable in advance by cheque, the balance to the band on the night, in cash, before they play!) plus
80% of the takings in excess of $2,500: which would never become payable as the venue had a capacity
of 150 and tickets were $10 / $12...

But you might like to see this rider (appendix) to the contract:
Rock'n' roll debauchery all the way.  The bit about the refreshments being served by two dwarfs clad in
latex was understandably not written into the contract, but left as a verbal agreement between the parties