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No, that's not how long Hawkwind have been going, but a reference to this being the 100th photo gallery I've
put on this site (not counting the Fan galleries, either!)  Thanks to Rod & Wilfried for some of the pics here...
Composite images from the Classic Rock and
COTBS dvd's, by Earthseeker - see his
Tribute too
Harvey (above & below) and suspicious Dave (left)
Above: the band in 1982 (L-R Harvey, Huw, Nik,
Martin Griffin & Dave Brock)       Right: Dave 1982
Below: Querulous Huw in eighty-two
Hawkwind live 82 (above) & promo shot 88 (right)
Is Dave (above right) dumbfounded by Huw's solo
(above)?  Right: Hawkwind stage lighting 1984
(Nik centre)

Below right: Huw & the Lloyd Langton Group '84
Above: Dave 76, sitting down on the job
Right and Below Right: Nik on stage, 1984
Below: Dave and Harvey, Stonehenge 1984
Above: another hot day down on the farm during the summer of 1976: but Simon King
and Bob Calvert look rather overdressed compared to everyone else
Photo Gallery 100 - A Century Of Space