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From the 1984 Earth Ritual and 1988 tour programmes...
Photo Gallery 103 - Into the 80's
Above: the band on stage 1984.    Below: could
this perhaps be Rick Martinez?  Anyone know?
Studies in red: Dave (above) and Huw (below)
Below: Dave with, I think, Nik Turner
Below: Kris Tait auditions for a Starbacks TV ad
Below: an archetypal Huwie shot with his Gibson
Les Paul Custom
Below: is Dave sitting on Derek Smalls' lap?!
Above left: Huw on stage (1984) with a mystery person whom I would have guessed was Nik Turner.  
However, the other photo (above right) shows Nik in red with the mystery man alongside - looking very
much like Mr. David Brock
Left: Danny snarls!  Above & Below: 1984 stage shots
Fire-eaters and Alan (above right); Dave (above);
Harvey and Clive Deamer (right); Alan and Dave
on stage (below)
Above: don't ask...
Below left: Alan trying desperately to conceal the old
banger of a car he bought from Dave Brock at
Stonehenge in 1984.  (Explained
here!).  The real
reason Alan got into Hawkwind is shown below
right: Brock counted on the young Davey's expertise
with rod and reel to feed the band between tours /
record company advances....
Above: Danny Thompson 1988