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Photo Gallery 105 - Live & Rare II
Above: (L-R) Harvey Bainbridge, Dave Brock 1979
Above: (L-R) Alan Davey, Huw L-L, Dave Brock
Above: Tim Blake in Stacia's stage outfit
Left: Alan Powell, 1974
Right: a very grainy Nik Turner
Below: Harvey and Dave on the 1979 winter tour
Below: Madmen, 1993
Below: Bob Calvert and friends, 1977
Below: Huw curls one off, mid-guitar solo, 1979
Below: Well OK, this is neither live nor rare, but the
woman just
oozed sexuality, even without eyebrows
Above: another grainy one -
Ron Tree on tour in the USA,
All Dave sees is a red mist - someone's about to be fired!
Above: Nik, Huw and Gluteus Maximus
Right: Blurry Huw in '82