Photographs - Gallery 110: Mixed Bag V
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Most likely the Bob Calvert memorial concert on 5th March 1989.  L-R: Huw, Lemmy, Nik
Above: an almost useless photo of Huw which I
have decided to place before you anyway

Left: Harvey illustrates the blurring that results from
smoking suspiciously fat cigarettes
Many thanks to Hawklords of
Shields for these photos of the
Hawklords playing live at Newcastle
City Hall in 1978.

Bob waves the flag (above) in Uncle
Sam's On Mars.  Dave is visible in
the background (above right).

Right: Bob's torso shares the
limelight with the top of Simon
King's head and a bit of Adrian Shaw
Left: apparently
Dave Brock is
featured in a new
DVD called Guitar
Wizards (really!).  
Note the presence
of  his familiar, Del
Dettmar, behind the
switching telephone
exchange at bottom
right of the photo...

Right: Nik with a
dinner fork
embedded where
his hairline once
Below left: a blurry shot of the band in 1973.  (L-R)
Simon King, Lemmy, Stacia, Dave Brock, and someone,
I don't know who, but it looks like they might be wearing
a chimpanzee costume and gesticulating wildly.  Given
those facts it must be Nik Turner.
Above: Nik at the
Monmore Festival in
1982, with what looks
like Bob Calvert's head
hanging from his, er,
Right: Live 79
was an album
with balls, and
here's the band
that recorded it.

L-R: Huw Lloyd
Langton, Dave
Brock, Harvey
Bainbridge, Tim
Blake, Simon King
Here is the magnificently daft promo shot for COTBS.  Tony Crerar (or Carrera) is at the back.  
Second row, L-R: Harvey Bainbridge, Dave Brock, Kris Tait, Alan Davey.  Front row L-R: Huw Lloyd
Langton, Danny Thompson.  It's no good wearing masks, boys; if you allow yourselves to be
photographed in this kind of get up, you
will be outed.