Photographs - Gallery 111: From The Vaults VI
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and this isn't a Barn
Dance despite Dame
Vera Lynn's rustic
apparel.  This is in
fact the finale to the
Anti-Heroin gig at
Crystal Palace in
1985, with all the
performers joing Vera
on stage for a
rendition of Auld
Lang Syne.  Dave
Brock and Alan
Davey are in the
centre and Harvey is
on the right.
Right: Down On
The Farm in 1972.
If it looks familiar,
I have a smaller
version of this in
an earlier gallery
(and there are a
couple of similar
photos knocking
about too.)

L-R: Nik Turner,
Del Dettmar, dog
(on ground),
DikMik, Simon
King, Lemmy and
Dave Brock.

Below: no, we're
not still on the farm
Below: Huw Lloyd Langton in
the early-to-mid 80's, going by
the mullet and the digital watch!
Right: Nik puckering
up, just like when he
kissed Cyberfaery.

The only time that
Nik had a haircut like
this was in 1982.  
Makes him look
almost boyish....
Below: another fairly
duff photo.  it's
Harvey Bainbridge on
the US tour of either
1989 or 1990
Below: Robert Newton Calvert in
action, 1976
Left: mugshots from 1984: Brock,
Deamer, Davey, Bainbridge (what was
he thinking?!) and Lloyd Langton

Right: Ron Tree in the USA, 1995
Hawkwind 1979.  Tim Blake looks so ridiculous here that I was trying to find a photo of Timmy Mallett
with which to pair it on the Lookey-Likey page.  But I couldn't find a bad enough one of Timmy Mallett.
Bob Calvert (above):
Brock, Tait and Elric (right)
Hawkwind playing live at the World Science Fiction Convention in Brighton, 1987.  They ran through
the Black Sword set, to the bemusement of some of the Convention attendees.