Photographs - Gallery 112: Memorabilia XXVI
Many thanks to Wilfried Schuesler for many of these images
Above: 2004 Spring Tour gig poster
Above: 2004 Spring Tour backstage pass
Below: Amsterdam gig poster
Above, left & all over the place: monochrome ads
Below: unusual 1984 Earth Ritual tour badge
Below: an unusual charity event, even for Hawkwind
Above: a 1993 ad.  How little the fans suspected
what they were about to hear...
Below: 1996 ad from HMV (re: EMI CD reissues)
Above: ads for the Acid Daze gigs in London (left) and Leeds (right), with subtly different designs for each
Above left: 2000 Hawkestra badge, with a 90's
T-shirt logo shown above right.
Left: Zones ad from 1983
Below: the re-pressed Spaced Out In London CD,
as sold at the door on the Spring 2004 Tour.
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