Photographs - Gallery 113: Memorabilia XXVII
Many thanks to Wilfried Schuesler for many of these images
Above: 2004 Spring Tour backstage pass
Above: 2004 Spring Tour venue poster
Above: this looks blinding, they ought to reissue it
on DVD!         Below: 1992 Electric Tepee ad
Above: mid-80's Reading Festival ad
Above, Right & Below: more 1980's music paper ads
Above: a very splendid 1972 poster, with yet more
ads from Sounds, NME, Melody Maker etc. right
and below
Left: a badge from
the 21/10/2000

Below: 1984
Earth Ritual scarf
Above and left: 1990
music paper ads for the
Space Bandits album and
accompanying 21st
Anniversary tour...

Right: a venue
posterfrom the
Newcastle Mayfair.  
I'm not sure of the
year, but judging by
the ticket price it
was a while ago!
Below: this 1997 video CD of Hawkwind live in the
USA was recently officially described as "effectively a
bootleg", and was withdrawn from sale in the UK
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