Photographs - Gallery 116: The Dave Brock Experience, Part 1

Video capture from the Welcome To The Future DVD
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That bloke over there looks a bit like me...spooky!
Yeah, I crocheted it myself.  And I did this entire
rack of gear behind me too...
Above: Dave with interviewer Jet Martin...whose
questions eventually caused the Captain to nod off
momentarily  (below)
Hmm, that's a tough one.  I think I fired Paul
Rudolph first,
then Alan Powell and then Nik
Above: Jet, whose talking head is shown here
mostly because of what's behind it.  There's a
postcard of the Astounding Sounds design, a 1972
Rock At The Oval flyer and various other bits and
pieces tacked up.  Dave must be a frequenter of

Have a look at the booklet for Dave's 'Memos and
Demos' solo album, page 3 (Tune-ing In) and
So this bloke walks into the pub and he's got a head
the size of an orange, right....
...Well I thought it was quite funny.