Photographs - Gallery 118: Stage Pics 1986 - 1995
Above: Richard & Dave at Milwaukee Shank Hall on 22/05/1991
Right: Mrs.
wearing a
Bridgett Wishart
mask, guests
with the band

Left: the Captain
on board the
bridge on the
1989 US tour
Right: one of the
strange dancers on
the 1986 tour
Left: Alan, Huw & Dave at Preston Guildhall, 3/12/86
Below: Alan...
do not question the nature of your orders
Left: Alan again, Milwaukee Shank Hall 22/05/1991

Below: a rockist moment at Preston, 1986
Below: Harvey Bainbridge, somewhere in the USA,
Below: Nik Turner on flute and padded codpiece, on
one of his 1994-95 American tours
Alan Davey, above, Dec 1986 @ Preston
Below: Nik &; band, USA 94/95
Below: Messrs. Davey and Brock, on what looks like a fairly small stage somewhere on the 1990 tour of
Northern America
Below: Another Milwaukee Shank Hall pic from 22/05/1991, with Bridgett, presumably, semaphoring
Below: Cool Daddy Brock, jazz inflence to the fore
Richard Chadwick on his first American tour (1989)
Above: fire-eaters at Preston Guildhall, 3/12/1986,
and Danny Thompson (below) at the same gig
Above: this rather befuddled looking gent is in fact
Del Dettmar, on Nik Turner's 1994 US tour
Above: Dave and Alan provide some heads down, no-nonsense driving space rock
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