Photographs - Gallery 119: Miscellaneous 70's - 90's
Two rather different drummers: Danny Thompson
(above) and Ginger Baker (right)
...and two rather different Alans.  With Dave (above)
and finding the sweet spot (right).  Not to mention
laughing at Bridgett's singing (below)
Below: Preston, December 1986.  Right: Huwie
Below: Richard Chadwick on stage 1990 (USA tour)
Left: Nik 1994

Below: Bob
Calvert 1972
Above: Dave on the 1989 USA tour

Below: This lot are called Glee Club and
hail from Bath.  Clive Deamer on the right.
Nik 1974
Harvey (above), Dave (right and below) and Alan
(below right) - all at the Preston Guildhall on 3rd
December 1986
Above: Harvey, 1989
Below: those handsome young devils Chadwick
and Davey live in 1989
Above: Roadies setting up? Or this just a sparsely
attended gig (& is the bloke on the left peeing on
the stage)?  From Nik Turner's 1995 US tour.
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